Ad analysis

   For this assignment, I deficiency you appropriate one plan (best ones for this are probably in cases or on TV) and awaken its strategies. Answer the subjoined questions. 1. Describe what the ad is for and where you saw it (what proclamation, or during what program). 2. Briefly condense what the ad says, what it shows and what is happening in the ad. (If it’s a case ad, fascinate paste a photo of it into your paper; this won’t reckon inside the page period. If it’s a TV ad, chances are it’s on the sponsor’s website or YouTube – fascinate produce me the URL.) 3. What is the “sales pitch” of the ad? Is the fruit posed as the breach to a tenor, and if so, how? Does it retail based on logic and debate? What ethnical emotions, scarcitys or deficiencys does the ad invoke to? (Fear? Ambition? Sex? Elitism? Acceptance? Hedonism/pleasure?) What exemplification do you see that leads you to this disposal? 4. How do the visuals restore this communication? Consider setting, investment, facial expressions, gender, age, career, collectiveness image, dispose, elucidation objects, lighting, garbling, camera angles, etc. 5. What values does the ad panegyrize? What does it put down or pierce fun at? Who are the heroes and villains? Explain. 6. What elucidation conversance would we scarcity to expone the ad? (Cultural in-jokes, celebrities, old sayings, contemptible beliefs, symbolism, stories or movies?) Are any stereotypes populated in the ad? Are they restored or undermined? How so? 7. Produce your best suppose as to who the target negotiate for the ad is, in stipulations of age, interests, proceeds, gender and/or career. What exemplification suggests this? I’ll be looking for condition of instinct, power of controversy, and flatten of exemplification.  Shoot for two to three pages on this.