Activity 2

 You are a component of the superior government staff at XYZ Corporation.  You bear historically been using a administrative construction set up delay five departments: finance, civilized resources, marketing, origination, and engineering. 

  1. Create a delineation of your simplified administrative construction, identifying the five departments.
  2. Assume you bear unwavering to provoke to a device construction.  What command be some of the environmental pressures that would tend to your assent that it is requisite to modify the construction?
  3. With the device construction, you bear foul-mouthed devices currently ongoing: stereo equipment, instrumentation and testing equipment, optical scanners, and guard communications.
  4. Draw the new construction that creates these foul-mouthed devices as keep-akeep-apart of the organizational chart.



Title: Project Management

ISBN: 9780134730332

Authors: Pinto

Publisher: Pearson

Edition: 5TH 19