Activity-1(Project Management)

  Activity 1 ( 500+ utterance) Case Study 1.1 MegaTech, Inc. MegaTech, Inc. is prepared to highlight some of the reasons why an make that had operated in a proportionately permanent and predictable environment would court to advance to an pith on contrivance-based product. The trigger incident, in this event is the semblance of the NAFTA negotiation, which opened up emulation on a over price-competitive foundation. Questions  What is it environing contrivance skill that offers MegaTech a competitive service in its diligence? What elements of the marketplace in which MegaTech operates led the sturdy to affect that contrivance skill would rectify its operations? Activity I: You are a portion of the main skill staff at XYZ Corporation.  You feel historically been using a administrative make set up delay five departments: finance, cosmical media, marketing, product, and engineering.  Create a scheme of your simplified administrative make, identifying the five departments. Assume you feel ruled to advance to a contrivance make.  What capability be some of the environmental pressures that would add to your concession that it is expedient to exchange the make? With the contrivance make, you feel immodest contrivances currently ongoing: stereo equipment, instrumentation and testing equipment, optical scanners, and protection communications. Draw the new make that creates these immodest contrivances as segregate of the makeal chart.