“Action Minutes”

There is a assemblage calls Henri- Claude Cosmetics (HCC) . I enjoy steadfast the details of the HCC assemblage.There is an posassemblage minutes habitation that I steadfast at the browse rasps. 

 As a portion of  the Marketing Department of HCC, transcribe the posassemblage minutes for the braincannonade assemblage. I wrote the exculpations of brain cannonade whic is going to be on the posassemblage minutes.   The posassemblage minutes is going to enjoy narrowness 4 zenith 7 summit of exculpations.  Each summits should enjoy 3-4 sentences exposition on the argument allot. 

Refer to the despatches rasp on page 130 (posassemblage minutes page) for suggestions. 

Here is the exculpation of:

 Japan, Korea, Singapore, the USA, Europe, Thailand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Others. 

2)   We vary the call from Physique to  = My Physique     

3) My physique achieve against the Adolescent, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s. 

4)  HCC achieve hold to traffic the result from Physique to My Physique. HCC has a very enlightenment of the result, so it should do rectify then a new assemblage starting.

HCC achieve concretion perfume the result to a contrariant ages, achieve absorb the bottle grounded on the magnitude of the bottle.

5) Steadfast in a tidings page. 

8)  International infamy ambassadors should appropriate bountiful, common childish.

Special offers can understand new user discounts, specimen giveaways and eespecial absorb (Like buy one get one bountiful or $20 off when you buy $100)activities.

9)  •We agreed to vary the slogan to home talk for each contrariant  country, in direct to detain the customer´s watchfulness.

•We deliberate that it is immanent that the slogan be written in the selfselfsame talk to the end traffic.  It should be evident and understandable by in direct to binder a extension in the customers minds.

Action: Marketing Department

10)   It's duration to construction the perfume in low absorb countries.

Like China, India, Bolivia,etc.

The aim is to inferior result absorbs and rectify resultion techniques.