Accounting Equations

ACCOUNTING EQUATIONS 1. Show the entiretyitying equation for the aftercited occurrence (i) Ram inaugurated affair delay coin 20000, hoard 50000, construction 30000 (ii) Sold chattels to Amit for coin 20000 and security 15000 (iii) Compensated solution 500 and solution unappropriated 150 (iv) Sold chattels absorbing 12000 for Rs. 15000 (v) Accrued delegation 2000 (vi) Result purchased from Lalit 12000 and compensated 3000 in coin (vii) Common from Amit 13500 in bountiful location (viii) Security compensated 15000 for 15 months (ix) Delegation common in trice 400 (x) Coin deposited into wary bank a/c 7000 xi) Construction purchased and compensated by cheque 5000 (xii) Compensated to Lalit Rs. 8500 in bountiful location 2. Ashita began a affair as wholesaler of gloves, scarves and caps. The aftercited events possess occurred: (i) On January 1 2003, she invested Rs. 1,50,000 in coin in her new affair denominated “Winter Gifts” (ii) Acquired Rs. 20,000 chattels for coin. (iii) A liberal vend store in Chandigarh, which she hoped would be a big customer, reserved its affair. (iv) Gloves that absorb Rs. 300 in occurrence (ii) were of crime name. She returned them and obtained a bountiful coin reimburse. (v) She sold her identical warys testament for Rs. ,000 to reach machinery for “Winter Gifts”. (vi) She compensated two months’ solution in trice for her station Rs. 5,000 Show the consequence of the over occurrences on the entiretyitying equation. 3. A digest of the occurrences of the affair of Suresh are as follows:- Please expound the corresponding in mould of equations. 2008 March 1) Suresh began affair delay Rs. 50,000 in coin. 2) Took a mortgage of Rs. 20,000 from Manish. 3) Purchased for coin, two computers each absorbing Rs. 29,000. 4) Purchased arrangement of floppy disks and stationery for Rs. 6,000/- on security. 19) Common a rate of Rs. 12,000 in coin for software services. 1) Compensated securityor for arrangement of Rs. 2,000 29) Compensated salaries to employees Rs. 4,000/- and station solution Rs. 1,200/- 30) Deposited Rs. 10,000 in Bank. 31) Withincrease Rs. 3,500 in coin for identical use. 31) Compensated Rs. 2,000 in coin for employees unconcealed security. 4. Ram inaugurated affair delay 10,000, compensated into bank 7000, bought chattels for coin 500, increase coin from bank for security 100, sold chattels to Krishna chattels on security 150, bought from Shyam chattels on security 225, common from Krishna 145 recognized him abatement 5, compensated Shyam coin 215 abatement recognized 10, coin sales for the month 800, compensated solution 50 and compensated remuneration 100. . Ramgopal inaugurated affair delay coin 8000. He bought chattels for coin 5000. He sold chattels rate Rs. 300 for Rs. 400 to Mr. Manoharlal. Compensated into bank Rs. 3000. Bought chattels from Mr. Hari Rs. 225. Compensated coin to Hari Rs. 215, abatement recognized by him Rs. 10 Sold chattels rate Rs. 400 for Rs. 450 for coin to Mr. Murali. Common coin from Manohar lal Rs. 360 in bountiful & decisive location, Compensated for immovable Rs. 30 Compensated for station result Rs. 200, Sold chattels rate Rs. 90 to Mr. Kailash for Rs. 100. electricity mandible Rs. 150. Common from Kailash Rs. 95. 6. Raju commenced affair delay coin Rs. 30000 Deposited Rs. 5000 into bank Purchase chattels for coin Rs. 12000, security from Mr. X Rs. 18000 Sold chattels for coin Rs. 24000 absorbing Rs. 18000 Compensated solution 300 and solution unappropriated Rs. 60 Bought result Rs. 3000 on security from Durian Furniture. Bought refrigerator for identical use Rs. 3000 Purchase construction Rs. 12000 Withincrease Rs. 9000 in coin from bank and invested Rs. 4500 in shares of XY & Co. Purchase a remedy-influence two wheeler for staff Rs. 9000 giving Rs. 3000 in coin and counteract through a mortgage. Sold shares absorbing Rs. 600 for Rs. 900 Compensated Rs. 300 for mortgage and Rs. 180 for cause Common coin for dividends on shares Rs. 20. 7. Shriram commenced affair delay coin Rs. 30000, hoard Rs. 5000 and construction Rs. 50000 Compensated solution in trice Rs. 1200 Purchase typewriter Rs. 4200 Bought result from Mohan on security Rs. 1800 Purchase chattels from Sohan for coin Rs. 21000 Sold chattels to Shyam for coin Rs. 30000 absorbing Rs. 24000 Bought chattels from Ramesh Rs. 28000 Shyam compensated Rs. 23500 in bountiful & decisive location. Purchase result for Rs. 9000 giving Rs. 1500 in coin and counteract through a mortgage Chattels destroyed by feeling absorb Rs. 300 sale rate Rs. 360 Compensated half the entiretyity owing to Mohan Sold chattels to Ramu for coin Rs. 30000 absorbing Rs. 4000 Withincrease chattels for identical use absorb Rs. 300 sale rate Rs. 360 Common Rs. 29700 from Ramu in bountiful location of his entiretyity Compensated Rs. 27820 to Ramesh in bountiful location Charge derogation Rs. 180 on result 8. The afterciteds are the effects of a affair certain 10 years tail on 1 April 2010: Coin Rs. 1200, Bank Rs. 40800, Hoard Rs. 24000, Machinery Rs. 60000, Result Rs. 6000 Narayan Bros Rs. 9000, B K Bros Rs. 15000, The aftercited are the liabilities as on that date: Mortgage Rs. 30000, JK Bros Rs. 12000 The aftercited occurrences occurred during the year: Bought chattels on security from SN & Co. Rs. 6000 Sold chattels for coin to Dhiraj Rs. 2400 Sold chattels to Narayan Bros on security Rs. 6000 Common from Narayan Bros in bountiful location of the entiretyity due Rs. 8700 Reimbursement made to JK Bros by cheque Rs. 5850. They recognized them abatement Rs. 150 Old result sold for coin Rs. 600 Bought chattels for coin Rs. 4500 B K Bros compensated by cheque. Cheque was deposited into the bank Rs. 15000 Compensated for repairs to machinery Rs. 600 Bought chattels from JK Bros Rs. 6000. Compensated gait on these chattels Rs. 300 Common cheque from Narayan Bros. Deposited in the bank Rs. 5700, abatement recognized to them Rs. 00 Compensated cheque to JK Bros Rs. 6000. Bank intimated that the cheque of Narayan Bros has returned unpaid. Sold chattels rate Rs. 2000 for coin Rs. 3000 Withincrease for peculiar use Rs. 150 9. On December 1, Mr. X purchased remedy influence machinery from Mr J 30000 resisting a cheque and departed Rs. 300 on its cartage and Rs. 700 on its installation and Rs. 4000 on its repairs December 3 Compensated proceeds tax Rs. 2000 December 16 compensated security in trice Rs. 1600 December 18 Compensated solution of construction Rs. 12000, half of the construction is used by the resident for residential use December 20 Compensated personality security reward Rs. 000 December 26 Chattels rate Rs. 2000 and coin Rs. 1000 taken loose by the resident. December 31 Solution due to plant master Rs. 1000 December 31 Due to clerk Rs. 500 Dece,ber 31 Provide derogation on the corresponding machinery on 20% pa. 10. April 1 Mr. Singh owes Mr. Robert 15000. On the corresponding day Mr. Harmeet owing Mr. Singh 20000. April 4 Mr. Robert sold chattels rate 60000 on dealing abatement 10% to Mr. Singh. April 6 Mr. Singh sold chattels rate Rs. 27,000 to Mr. Harmeet rated at Rs. 30000. April 17 Purchase of Rs. 25000 rate of chattels from Robert which was sold to Harmeet at a use Rs. 5000. April 18 Mr. Singh uncommon 10% of Robert’s chattels for nature wanting. April 19 Mr. Singh issued a coin charges of Rs. 10000 to Mr. Harmeet who came identically for this assignment of chattels urgently needed by him. April 22 Mr. Harmeet cleared half his entiretyity by cheque, due to Mr. Singh enjoying a half % coin abatement April 26 Roberts’s entirety dues were cleared by cheque enjoying a coin abatement of Rs. 1000 on the reimbursement made. April 29 Reserved Harmeet’s entiretyity to annals the truth that all but Rs. 5000 was cleared by him by cheque accordingly he was visible bankrupt Evaluate the occurrences in the books of Mr. Singh using entiretyitying equation.