Accounting | BUS 508 Contemporary Business | Strayer University


Step 1: Financing

The younger accounting team has assembled a Financing Report that (a) offers three discretions for securing the affixed funds required to as the new dispose; and (b) details the criteria Shaun, the possessor of SunsTruck, would affect you to reflect when choosing one of the discretions. Based on this report:

  • Identify which financing discretion you conceive is the best discretion for SunsTruck to hunt absorbed Shaun’s constraints. Explain the rationale for your determination.

Note: You should entire Steps 2,3 & 4 following balbutiation the embodied in Week 5.

Step 2: Accounting Cycle

A younger accountant is launched to get anything in dispose for the new financing and has end to you delay a inquiry environing what do instant in the accounting cycle.

  • Read the email the younger accountant sent you and warrant the best instant step to follow in the accounting cycle. Explain your rationalistic.

Step 3: Financial Statements

A undeveloped endueor has been attested, but precedently it is voluntary to assign, it has requested advice environing SunsTruck’s running debit from the younger accountants.

  • Identify the redress financial assertion for your younger accountants that achieve prepare the endueor delay the advice it has requested. Explain to your younger accountants why you are giving them this financial assertion and where the debit advice is located.

Step 4: Financial Analysis

If you were the model of financier clarified in Step 1, would you endue in SunsTruck? Explain the rationale for your determination.