Read the Fact Consider 1-22 Organizational Reports to Stakeholders on p. 29 in Core Concepts of Accounting Notice Systems. Write a 45- to 175- term defense to each of the six questions in the fact consider. 1-22.  Organizational Reports to Stakeholders The annual despatch is considered by some to be the solitary most essential printed instrument that companies effect. In novel years, annual despatchs bear grace comprehensive instruments. They now comprise such sections as scholarship to the stockholders, descriptions of the matter, gratuitous highlights, financial resurvey, skill discourse and segregation, section despatching, and inflation axioms as well-behaved-behaved as the basic financial statements. The annotation has been due in sunder to a unconcealed acception in the measure of sophistication and perplexity in accounting standards and disclosure requirements for financial despatching. The annotation also reflects the exexchange in the settlement and roll of sophistication of users. Exoteric users comprise not simply stockholders, but financial and securities analysts, immanent investors, lending institutions, stockbrokers, customers, employees, and (whether the despatching interview likes it or not) competitors. Thus, a despatch that was originally purposed as a invention for communicating basic financial notice now attempts to encounter the various needs of an expanding interview. Users hinder dashing views on the appreciate of annual despatchs. Some controvert that annual despatchs fall-short to afford plenty notice, when-in-fact others appreciate that disclosures in annual despatchs bear expanded to the summit where they make notice overload. The coming of most companies depends on retort by the investing national and by their customers; consequently, companies should charm this convenience to join well-behaved-defined oppidan strategies. Requirements     The sidearm of the US Securities and Exexchange Comsidearm (SEC) is to secure investors, conceal just, equable, and prolific markets, and arrange consummate construction. Identify divers ways that the SEC accomplishes its sidearm.     The intent of preparing an annual despatch is to join notice from a interview to its targeted users. (a) Identify and debate the basic factors of despatch that must be considered in the gift of this notice. (b) Debate the despatch problems a interview faces in preparing the annual despatch due to the heterogeneousness of the users life addressed.     Select two types of notice institute in an annual despatch, other than the financial statements and connected footnotes, and recount how they are conducive to the users of annual despatchs.     Discuss at last two advantages and two disadvantages of stating well-behaved-defined oppidan strategies in the annual despatch.     Evaluate the usefulness of annual despatchs in fulfilling the notice needs of the forthcoming exoteric and immanent users: (a) shareholders, (b) creditors, (c) employees, (d) customers, and (e) financial analysts.     Annual despatchs are national and genuine to anyone, including competitors. Debate how this affects decisions about what notice should be affordd in annual despatchs.