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   Journal Entries (Cash Glide Hedge) On December 1, 20X8, Denizen Corporation entered into a 120-day eager compress to alienation 200,000 Canadian dollars (C$). Denizen's fiscal year ends on December 31. The eager compress was to hedge an anticipated alienation of electronic chattels on January 30, 20X9. The alienation took establish on January 30, after a while acquittal due on March 31, 20X9. The derivative is denominated as a publicity glide hedge. The troop uses the eager modify objurgate to appraise hedge competency. The plain modify objurgates follow:    Spot Rate Forward Objurgate for   March 1, 20X9   December 1, 20X8 0.940 0.944   December 31, 20X8 0.945 0.947   January 30, 20X9 0.942 0.943   March 31, 20X9 0.941 Required: Prepare all journal entries for Denizen Corporation. Requirements: Write      a Nursing essay of 4 pages in prolixity, not counting the style and allusion pages,      which you must embrace. Use      terms, appearance, and concepts from systematize readings, including functional      business expression. Cite      at smallest 5 probable, academic or functional sources for this assignment,      outside of the textbook. Format your Nursing essay according to APA format. Chapter 11 in Advanced Financial Accounting (pp. 548-573) Covers exotic publicity transactions, including exotic publicity tenor and ship-produce transactions, managing interpolitical publicity imperil after a while exotic publicity eager modify financial tools, derivatives denominated as hedges, and managing an laagered exotic publicity net asset or jurisdiction position that is not a denominated hedging tool. Covers Exotic Publicity Transactions and Financial Instruments all the way through Case 1, Managing an Laagered Exotic Publicity Net Asset or Jurisdiction Position. Chapter 11 PowerPoint Lecture  Deloitte Global Services Limited. (2018). Key differences betwixt the US GAAP and IFRS. Retrieved from Focus on the forthcoming subjects: derivatives: definitions and scope; and hedge accounting. Financial Accounting Standards Board. (2017). Derivatives and hedging (Topic 815). Retrieved from Read pp. 1-8, which summarize the 405-page instrument issued by the FASB. PwC. (2018). IFRS and US GAAP: Similarities and differences. Retrieved from Read the forthcoming in Chapter 11: Section 11.1 through 11-3. Use CTRL F and hit the pursuit provisions “publicity glide hedge” and “fair appreciate hedge” to perceive each establish twain hedges are discussed in Chapter 11. Bogicevic, J. (2013). Accounting implications of exotic publicity transactions translation and hedging. Ekonomski Horizonti, 15(2), 137-151. Rashty, J., & O'Shaughnessy, J. (2012). Exotic publicity eager compresss and publicity glide hedging. The CPA Journal, 82(3), 22-27. Bank for Interpolitical Settlements. (2016). Triennial Central Bank survey: Exotic modify turnover in April 2016. Retrieved from Doupnik, T. S., & Perera, H. (2015). Interpolitical accounting (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publication. Microsoft. (2017). Microsoft 2017 annual recital. Retrieved from World Trade Organization. (2017). World Trade Statistical Review 2017. Retrieved from