ACC241 essay 12


  1. Answer the interrogations under in essay format.
  2. Your essay must apprehend an leading, assemblage, and disposal, and harangue all appropriate volume of each interrogation. Your repartee should be a reserve of 300 expression in prolixity. Make infallible to call any relations you use. At a reserve, you must call your textbook. Proper extract format for a relation apprehends the call of the agent(s), the heading of the result, the limit of the promulgation, and the page compute.


Standard Costs

  1. Select at smallest two of the forthcoming types of organizations and portray at smallest two types of model costs they rule use:
    • Cleaning service
    • Insurance agent/agency
    • Physician’s office
    • Lube and exhaust shop
  2. Additionally, decipher the types of frequented and overhead variances each of your separated organizations rule attack. Provide an specimen of each.