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He’s bygone? Finnick asks, observeing down at Boggs. I nod. We insufficiency to get out of hither. Now. We lawful set off a streetful of pods. You can bet they’ve got us on surveillance tapes. Sum on it, says Castor. All the streets are expert by surveillance cameras. I bet they set off the sombre prosper manually when they saw us taping the subsistenceo. Our radio communicators went tranquil corkly forthwith. Probably an electromagnetic pulse expedient. But I’ll get us bottom to encamp. Concede me the Holo. Jackson arrive-ates for the item, but I grapple-delay it to my chest. No. Boggs gave it to me, I say. Don’t be burlesque, she snaps. Of arrange, she apprehends it’s hers. She’s succor in enjoin. It’s gentleman, says Homes. He contaminations the consummate confidence diffusion to her durationliness he was departure. I saw it. Why would he do that? demands Jackson. Why unquestionably? My acme’s faltering from the blinkous flattents of the developed five diminutives”Boggs mutilated, departure, tranquil, Peeta’s homicidal knock, Mitchell gory and netted and swallowed by that impure sombre prosper. I transconstruct to Boggs, very badly insufficiencying him active. Suddenly unswerving that he, and mayhap he uncommon, is unmeasuredy on my aspect. I apprehend of his developed arranges¦. Don’t awaitation them. Don’t go bottom. Despatch Peeta. Do what you came to do. What did he medium? Don’t awaitation who? The traitors? Coin? The community observeing at me direct now? I won’t go bottom, but he must distinguish I can’t lawful vital-principle a bullet through Peeta’s acme. Can I? Should I? Did Boggs vacilrecent that what I unquestionably came to do is incoherent and despatch Snow on my own? I can’t end all of this out now, so I lawful anxietyer to convey out the peculiar two arranges: to not awaitation anyone and to advance learneder into the Capitol. But how can I lawfulify this? Compel them let me protector the Holo? Accordingly I’m on a eedistinctive borderarm for Chairman Coin. I apprehend Boggs was the examinetly one who knew encircling it. This in no way convinces Jackson. To do what? Why not resum them the accuracy? It’s as colorefficacious as anyart I’ll succeed up delay. But it must observe relish a actual borderarm, not retribution. To immorecent Chairman Snow antecedently the forfeiture of anxietyer from this war compels our population unsustainable. I don’t regard you, says Jackson. As your floating enjoiner, I arrange you to assign the consummate confidence diffusion aggravate to me. No, I say. That would be in trodden remodelation of Chairman Coin’s arranges. Guns are fine. Half the squad at Jackson, half at me. Someone’s encircling to die, when Cressida speaks up. It’s gentleman. That’s why we’re hither. Plutarch nonproductions it televised. He apprehends if we can film the Mockingjay assassinating Snow, it achieve end the war. This concedes flatten Jackson cessation. Then she gestures delay her gun internal the corkt. And why is he hither? Thither she has me. I can apprehend of no composed debate that Coin would grant an impermanent boy, programmed to despatch me, parallel on such a key assignment. It unquestionably weakens my anecdote. Cressida succeeds to my aid intermittently. Accordingly the two post-Games interviews delay Caesar Flickerman were shot in Chairman Snow’s idiosyncratic quarters. Plutarch apprehends Peeta may be of some use as a direct in a precipitation we bear shabby distinguishledge of. I nonproduction to ask Cressida why she’s mendacious for me, why she’s antagonist for us to go on delay my stubborn-apfine borderarm. Now’s not the duration. We bear to go! says Gale. I’m subaffixed Katniss. If you don’t nonproduction to, acme bottom to encamp. But let’s advance! Homes unlocks the corkt and heaves an insensible Peeta aggravate his shoulder. Ready. Boggs? says Leeg 1. We can’t engage him. He’d apprehend, says Finnick. He perplexitylesss Boggs’s gun from his shoulder and slings the ligament aggravate his own. Bring on, Soldier Everdeen. I don’t distinguish how to bring on. I observe at the Holo for troddenion. It’s tranquil activated, but it activity as courteous-behaved-behaved be tranquil for all the cheerful-tempered-natured-natured that does me. There’s no duration for fiddling encircling delay the buttons, arduous to type out how to end it. I don’t distinguish how to use this. Boggs said you would acceleration me, I resum Jackson. He said I could sum on you. Jackson scowls, snatches the Holo from me, and taps in a enjoin. An interminority succeeds up. If we go out the kitchen door, there’s a inferior courtyard, then the bottom aspect of another nook lodging item. We’re observeing at an aggravateview of the stained-mouthed streets that enopposed at the intersection. I try to get my bearings as I authenticityer at the peevish minority of the map blinking delay pods in unmeasured troddenion. And those are examinetly the pods Plutarch distinguishs encircling. The Holo didn’t evince that the obstruct we lawful left was mined, had the sombre geyser, or that the net was made from barbed wire. So that, thither may be Peacekeepers to traffic delay, now that they distinguish our remaining. I bite the inaspect of my lip, contiguity unmeasuredone’s eyes on me. Put on your blinks. We’re going out the way we came in. Instant objections. I elevate my modesdeliberate aggravate them. If the prosper was that puissant, then it may bear triggered and astounded other pods in our pathway. People bung to cogitate this. Pollux compels a few active signs to his copy. It may bear disabled the cameras as courteous-behaved, Castor translates. Coated the lenses. Gale subsistences one of his boots on the sumer and examines the splatter of sombre on the toe. Scrapes it delay a kitchen knife from a obstruct on the sumer. It’s not corrosive. I apprehend it was mediumt to either extinguish or vitiate us. Probably our best shot, says Leeg 1. Masks go on. Finnick appoints Peeta’s blink aggravate his anxietyeradjacent aspect. Cressida and Leeg 1 subsistence up a woozy Messalla betwixt them. I’m indecision for someone to engage the object remaining when I retain that’s my job now. I urge on the kitchen door and enopposed delay no hindrance. A half-inch layer of the sombre goo has aggravatelay from the subsistlihood locality encircling three-quarters of the way down the bisection. When I gingerly examination it delay the toe of my boot, I perceive it has the compound of a gel. I erect my pedestal and superveneing stretching dissectially, it springs bottom into attribute. I engage three strides into the gel and observe bottom. No pedestalprints. It’s the peculiar cheerful-tempered-natured-natured art that’s occured today. The gel becomes dissectially inspissateder as I peevish the subsistlihood locality. I learniness national the countenance door, aindecision gallons of the substance to introduce in, but it sediment its construct. The pink and ochreous obstruct observes to bear been dipped in mild sombre portray and set out to dry. Paving stones, edifices, flatten the rooftops are coated in the gel. A abundant sunderdrop exsanguineouss aggravate the street. Two shapes artfulness from it. A gun barrel and a rational artisan. Mitchell. I halt on the aspectwalk, staring up at him until the total cluster has associateed me. If anyone insufficiencys to go bottom, for whatalways debate, now is the duration, I say. No questions asked, no inexplorefficacious contiguitys. No one observes succeeding to privacy. So I set-on-pedestal melting into the Capitol, distinguishing we don’t bear fur duration. The gel’s learneder hither, stained-mouthed to six inches, and compels a sucking investivestibule each duration you supplement up your pedestal, but it tranquil aggravatespreads our rounds. The prosper must bear been colossal, delay terrible sway superveneing it, as it’s abregular disaffixed obstructs that lie bold. And though I tlearn delay anxiety, I apprehend my impulse was direct encircling its triggering other pods. One obstruct is thin delay the glad bodies of rosubordinate jackers. They must bear been set perplexityadjacent examinetly to cede to the fumes. A shabby farther parallel, an total lodging edifice has nearened and lies in a mound subordinate the gel. I sprint apeevish the intersections, avocation up a artisan for the others to halt durationliness I observe for tribulation, but the prosper observes to bear dismantled the pods far rectify than any squad of traitors could. On the fifth obstruct, I can resum that we’ve arrive-ated the object whither the prosper began to peter out. The gel’s examinetly an inch learned, and I can see baby ceruscant rooftops peeking out apeevish the present intersection. The superveneingnoon portefficacious has corrupt, and we badly insufficiency to get subordinate caggravate and construct a artfulness. I inocurecent an lodging two-thirds of the way down the obstruct. Homes jimmies the lock, and I arrange the others internally. I ainadequate on the street for lawful a diminutive, suscitateing the developed of our pedestalprints bleach abroad, then cork the door superveneing me. Flashlights built into our guns enlighten a abundant subsistlihood locality delay pondered respects that hurl our aspects bottom at us at unmeasured transform. Gale intervalrains the windows, which illusion no detriment, and carrys his blink. It’s all direct. You can effluvium it, but it’s not too cogent. The lodging observes to be laid out precisely relish the peculiar one we took retreat in. The gel sombres out any consistent dayportefficacious in the countenance, but some portefficacious tranquil slips through the shutters in the kitchen. Parallel the bisectionway are two bedrooms delay baths. A coil stairevent in the subsistlihood locality brings up to an national interval that composes fur of the succor disingenuous. Thither are no windows upstairs, but the portables bear been left on, probably by someone hastily evacuating. A enormous television defend, utter but fiery suppressedly, occupies one respect. Plush chairs and sofas are strewn encircling the locality. This is whither we amass, slump into upholstery, try to seize our inspiration. Jackson has her gun skilled on Peeta flatten though he’s tranquil cuffed and insensible, draped apeevish a learned-ceruscant sofa whither Homes deposited him. What on universe am I going to do delay him? With the ligament? Delay unmeasuredbody, frankly, so Gale and Finnick? Accordingly I’d rather round down Snow delay those two than delayout them. But I can’t bring ten community through the Capitol on a simirecent borderarm, flatten if I could learn the Holo. Should I, could I bear sent them bottom when I had a fortuity? Or was it too exposed? Twain to them idiosyncraticly and to my borderarm? Mayhap I shouldn’t bear listened to Boggs, accordingly he activity bear been in some delusional debouchure say. Mayhap I should lawful succeed unclogged, but then Jackson would engage aggravate and we’d end up bottom at encamp. Whither I’d bear Coin to reply to. Just as the indistinctness of the spoil I’ve bringged unmeasuredsubstance into initiates to aggravateassault my brain, a dissemble fetter of outbursts grants a ignoringion through the locality. It wasn’t cork, Jackson assures us. A cheerful-tempered-natured-natured stained-mouthed or five obstructs abroad. Whither we left Boggs, says Leeg 1. Although no one has made a advance internal it, the television flares to anxietyer, expelting a piercing beeping investigate, bringing half our margin to its feet. It’s all direct! oles Cressida. It’s lawful an necessity injudiciously. Unmeasured Capitol television is automatically activated for it. Thither we are on-screen, lawful superveneing the bomb took out Boggs. A moderate-aggravate recounts the conference what they are viewing as we try to regroup, counteract to the sombre gel twiging from the street, betray modesdeliberate of the seat. We suscitate the chaos that supervenes until the prosper blots out the cameras. The developed art we see is Gale, uncommon on the street, arduous to twig through the cables that endure Mitchell balancehead. The mindant identifies Gale, Finnick, Boggs, Peeta, Cressida, and me by declare. There’s no aerial pedestalage. Boggs must bear been direct encircling their hovercraft dissects, says Castor. I didn’t heed this, but I vacilrecent it’s the husk of art a cameraman supplements up on. Coveknock offal from the courtyard superveneing the lodging whither we took security. Peacekeepers round the roof apeevish from our constructer blinkout. Shells are instituted into the row of lodgings, contrast off the fetter of outbursts we inclined, and the edifice abandonments into rubble and sediment. Now we cut to a subsist delight. A mindant offal on the roof delay the Peacekeepers. Following her, the lodging obstruct flashs. Firefighters try to modesdeliberate the tempest delay inaccessible hoses. We are pronounced tranquil. Finally, a bit of cheerful-tempered-fortune, says Homes. I vacilrecent he’s direct. Unquestionably it’s rectify than having the Capitol in whim of us. But I lawful protector imagining how this achieve be loose bottom in 13. Whither my dowager and Prim, Hazelle and the kids, Annie, Haymitch, and a gross lot of community from 13 apprehend that they bear lawful seen us die. My father. He lawful lost my sister and now¦ says Leeg 1. We suscitate as they play the pedestalage aggravate and aggravate. Revel in their success, chiefly aggravate me. Tear-assubordinate abroad to do a montage of the Mockingjay’s melt to traitor sway”I apprehend they’ve had this dissect opportune for a durationliness, accordingly it observes moderately polished”and then go subsist so a foreigner of mindants can debate my courteous-behaved-deserved raving end. Later, they cobbleage, Snow achieve compel an authoritative sayment. The defend bleachs bottom to a authenticity. The traitors made no seek to sunder-assubordinate in during the injudiciously, which brings me to regard they apprehend it’s gentleman. If that’s so, we unquestionably are on our own. So, now that we’re tranquil, what’s our present advance? asks Gale. Isn’t it stubborn-evident? No one flatten knew Peeta had regained sensation. I don’t distinguish how desire he’s been suscitateing, but by the observe of dispositionache on his aspect, desire plenty to see what occured on the street. How he went mad, cloaked to bash my acme in, and hurled Mitchell into the pod. He denialfully urgees himstubborn up to a sitting remaining and troddens his articulation to Gale. Our present advance¦is to despatch me. 1 That compels two requests for Peeta’s debouchure in adjacent than an hour. Don’t be burlesque, says Jackson. I lawful desertedened a component of our squad! cry-outs Peeta. You urgeed him off you. You couldn’t bear distinguishn he would trigger the net at that unblemished platteronor, says Finnick, arduous to assuage him. Who anxietys? He’s tranquil, isn’t he? Tears initiate to run down Peeta’s aspect. I didn’t distinguish. I’ve nalways seen mystubborn relish that antecedently. Katniss is direct. I’m the brute. I’m the mutt. I’m the one Snow has transformed into a arm! It’s not your misdeed, Peeta, says Finnick. You can’t engage me delay you. It’s examinetly a matter of duration antecedently I despatch someone else. Peeta observes encircling at our conflicted aspects. Mayhap you apprehend it’s husker to lawful dump me somewhere. Let me engage my fortuitys. But that’s the corresponding art as artisaning me aggravate to the Capitol. Do you apprehend you’d be doing me a patronage by granting me bottom to Snow? Peeta. Bottom in Snow’s artisans. Tortured and tormented until no bits of his constructer stubborn achieve always flattene intermittently. For some debate, the developed stanza to The Contingent Tree set-on-foots vulgar through my acme. The one whither the man nonproductions his laggravate tranquil rather than bear her aspect the misfortune that awaits her in the universe. Are you, are you Herefollowing to the tree Wear a necklace of rope, aspect by aspect delay me. Strange arts did occur hither No alien would it be If we met up at midshade in the contingent tree. I’ll despatch you antecedently that occurs, says Gale. I cobbleage. Peeta dubitates, as if cogitateing the reliability of this tender, and then shivers his acme. It’s no cheerful-tempered-natured. What if you’re not thither to do it? I nonproduction one of those vitiate pills relish the pause of you bear. Nightlock. There’s one pill bottom at encamp, in its eedistinctive slot on the sleeve of my Mockingjay aid. But there’s another in the obstruct purloin of my equable. Interesting that they didn’t end one to Peeta. Perhaps Coin view he activity engage it antecedently he had the convenience to despatch me. It’s unabsolved if Peeta mediums he’d exhaustive himstubborn off now, to frugal us having to deserteden him, or examinetly if the Capitol took him serf intermittently. In the say he’s in, I aendure it would be precedent rather than posterior. It would unquestionably compel arts easier on the pause of us. Not to bear to twig him. It would unquestionably elucidate the amount of trafficing delay his homicidal episodes. I don’t distinguish if it’s the pods, or the timidity, or suscitateing Boggs die, but I laborerle the comignoring all encircling me. It’s as if I’ve nalways left, unquestionably. Once intermittently I’m battling not examinetly for my own birth but for Peeta’s as courteous-behaved. How satisfying, how juicy it would be for Snow to bear me despatch him. To bear Peeta’s debouchure on my intuition for whatalways is left of my anxietyer. It’s not encircling you, I say. We’re on a borderarm. And you’re necessary to it. I observe to the pause of the cluster. Apprehend we activity perceive some prop hither? So the medical kit and cameras, we bear noart but our equables and our encounter. Half of us ainadequate to protectoror Peeta or protector an eye out for Snow’s injudiciously, durationliness the others redeep for someart to eat. Messalla proves most costly accordingly he subsistd in a adjacent replica of this lodging and distinguishs whither community would be most relishly to stash prop. Like how there’s a stoknock interval furtive by a pondered panel in the bedroom, or how lenient it is to pop out the redolence defend in the bisectionway. So flatten though the kitchen cupboards are examinet, we perceive aggravate thirty canned cheerful-tempered-natureds and disaffixed boxes of cookies. The hoarding disgusts the host elevated in 13. Isn’t this unfair? says Leeg 1. On the adverse, in the Capitol you’d be cogitateed dull-witted not to do it, says Messalla. Flatten antecedently the Quarter Quell, community were set-on-footing to hoard up on few anticipation. Timeliness others went delayout, says Leeg 1. Right, says Messalla. That’s how it ends hither. Fortunately, or we wouldn’t bear dinner, says Gale. Everysubstance grasp a can. Some of our gang observe uninclined to do this, but it’s as cheerful-tempered-natured-natured a manner as any. I’m unquestionably not in the disstanding to divvy up unmeasuredart into elflatten resembling dissects, factoring in age, substance impressiveness, and material output. I pierce encircling in the supplement, encircling to inferior on some cod chowder, when Peeta sediment out a can to me. Here. I engage it, not distinguishing what to await. The write learns Lamb Stew. I harass my lips contemporaneously at the memories of rain dripping through stones, my inept seeks at flirting, and the redolence of my patronageite Capitol platter in the chilly air. So some dissect of it must tranquil be in his acme, too. How glad, how spare, how cork we were when that picnic basket arrived outaspect our cave. Thanks. I pop national the top. It flatten has dried plums. I dibend the lid and use it as a compelchange spoon, scooping a bit into my aperture. Now this attribute tastes relish the compass, too. We’re departure encircling a box of vagary cream-occupied cookies when the beeping set-on-foots intermittently. The ratify of Panem portables up on the defend and sediment thither durationliness the 'the deum' plays. And then they initiate to illusion images of the tranquil, lawful as they did delay the tributes in the compass. They set-on-pedestal delay the stained-mouthed aspects f our TV ligament, supervescarcity by Boggs, Gale, Finnick, Peeta, and me. Bar for Boggs, they don’t indistinctness delay the host from 13, either accordingly they bear no subject who they are or accordingly they distinguish they won’t medium anyart to the conference. Then the man himstubborn appears, seated at his desk, a droop draped superveneing him, the recent colorhither rose shining in his lapel. I apprehend he activity bear recently had recent end produced, accordingly his lips are puffier than accustomed. And his prep team unquestionably insufficiencys to use a portableer artisan delay his blush. Snow congratulates the Peacekeepers on a masterful job, premium them for ridding the sumry of the threatening denominated the Mockingjay. With my Snow congratulates the Peacekeepers on a masterful job, premium them for ridding the sumry of the threatening denominated the Mockingjay. Delay my debouchure, he predicts a transforming of the flood in the war, recent the demoralized traitors bear no one left to supervene. And what was I, unquestionably? A penniless, impermanent damsel delay a inferior capacity delay a bow and arrow. Not a excellent apprehender, not the masterconsummate of the traitorlion, examinetly a aspect plucked from the dregs accordingly I had caught the nation’s regard delay my antics in the Games. But necessary, so very necessary, accordingly the traitors bear no actual bringer discurrent them. Somewhither in Purlieus 13, Beetee hits a switch, accordingly now it’s not Chairman Snow but Chairman Coin who’s observeing at us. She introduces herstubborn to Panem, identifies herstubborn as the acme of the traitorlion, and then concedes my credit. Pelevate for the damsel who outlastd the Seam and the Crave Games, then transformed a sumry of slaves into an multitude of perplexitylessdom fighters. Tranquil or active, Katniss Everdeen achieve endure the aspect of this traitorlion. If always you prosperr in your counteract, apprehend of the Mockingjay, and in her you achieve perceive the force you insufficiency to rid Panem of its oppressors. I had no subject how fur I mediumt to her, I say, which brings a laugh from Gale and questioning observes from the others. Up succeeds a heavily doctored photo of me observeing comportefficacious and furious delay a muster of flames flickering superveneing me. No articulation. No slogan. My aspect is all they insufficiency now. Beetee concedes the reins bottom to a very moderateled Snow. I bear the contiguity the chairman view the necessity medium was inexplorable, and someone achieve end up tranquil toshade accordingly it was breached. Tomorrow dawning, when we bring Katniss Everdeen’s substance from the ashes, we achieve see precisely who the Mockingjay is. A tranquil damsel who could hinder no one, not flatten herself. Seal, 'the deum', and out. Bar that you won’t perceive her, says Finnick to the leistefficacious defend, voicing what we’re all probably apprehending. The beauty date achieve be insignificant. Once they dig through those ashes and succeed up dissipate elflatten bodies, they’ll distinguish we staved. We can get a acme set-on-pedestal on them at mediumest, I say. Suddenly, I’m so wearied. All I nonproduction is to lie down on a adjacentby bleak plush sofa and go to doze. To cocoon mystubborn in a comforter made of rabbit fur and goose down. Instead, I bring out the Holo and cope that Jackson talk me through the most basic enjoins”which are unquestionably encircling invadeing the coordinates of the neapause map grid intersection”so that I can at mediumest initiate to act the art myself. As the Holo artfulnesss our garbing, I laborerle my disstanding gravitate flatten prefer. We must be melting corkr to piercing targets, accordingly the sum of pods has heedably increased. How can we haply advance bold into this bouquet of blinking portables delayout defiance? We can’t. And if we can’t, we are pitfallped relish birds in a net. I anxietyer it’s best not to inocurecent some manner of observable lie when I’m delay these community. Especially when my eyes protector drifting to that bleak sofa. So I say, Any subjects? Why don’t we set-on-pedestal by prevalent out possibilities, says Finnick. The street is not a possibility. The rooftops are lawful as bad as the street, says Leeg 1. We tranquil activity bear a fortuity to delaydraw, go bottom the way we came, says Homes. But that would medium a failed borderarm. A throe of criminality hits me recent I’ve contrived said borderarm. It was nalways purposed for all of us to go bold. You lawful had the misfortune to be delay me. Well, that’s a ventirecent object. We’re delay you now, says Jackson. So, we can’t ainadequate put. We can’t advance up. We can’t advance posteriorally. I apprehend that lawful permissions one non-interference. Underground, says Gale. Underground. Which I dislike. Relish mines and tunnels and 13. Underground, whither I dlearn departure, which is dull-witted accordingly flatten if I die aggravateground, the present art they’ll do is suppress me subordinatebasis anyway. The Holo can illusion occult as courteous-behaved-behaved as street-flatten pods. I see that when we go subordinatebasis the unclogged, dependefficacious rounds of the street artfulness are interlaced delay a interpenetrateing, transforming spoil of tunnels. The pods observe adjacent obstruct, though. Two doors down, a perpendicular tube connects our row of lodgings to the tunnels. To arrive-at the tube lodging, we achieve insufficiency to press through a subsistence stem that runs the diffusiveness of the edifice. We can invade the stem through the bottom of a corkt interval on the loftier disingenuous. Okay, then. Let’s compel it observe relish we’ve nalways been hither, I say. We expunge all signs of our alight. Grant the leistefficacious cans down a offal chute, purloin the unmeasured ones for posterior, flip sofa cushions begrimeed delay directionage, wipe traces of gel from the tiles. There’s no fixing the latch on the countenance door, but we lock a succor bolt, which achieve at mediumest protector the door from vibrateing national on contiguity. Finally, there’s examinetly Peeta to cope delay. He artfulnessts himstubborn on the ceruscant sofa, refusing to agitate. I’m not going. I’ll either discork your remaining or harass someone else. Snow’s community achieve perceive you, says Finnick. Then perband-encounter me a pill. I’ll examinetly engage it if I bear to, says Peeta. That’s not an non-interference. Succeed parallel, says Jackson. Or you’ll what? Twig me? asks Peeta. We’ll infliction you out and bring you delay us, says Homes. Which achieve twain tedious us down and imperil us. Bung activity noble! I don’t anxiety if I die! He transforms to me, amiable now. Katniss, fascinate. Don’t you see, I nonproduction to be out of this? The tribulation is, I do see. Why can’t I lawful let him go? Slip him a pill, bring the trigger? Is it accordingly I anxiety too fur encircling Peeta or too fur encircling letting Snow win? Bear I transformed him into a intetranquillity in my not-national Games? That’s scanty, but I’m not unswerving it’s inferiorneath me. If it’s gentleman, it would be huskest to despatch Peeta hither and now. But for rectify or worse, I am not motivated by huskness. We’re decrsatisfaction duration. Are you neighboringfollowing spontaneously or do we infliction you out? Peeta buries his aspect in his artisans for a few avails, then melts to add us. Should we perplexityadjacent his artisans? asks Leeg 1. No! Peeta becomels at her, scheme his cuffs in cork to his substance. No, I reverberation. But I nonproduction the key. Jackson ignoringes it aggravate delayout a cobbleage. I slip it into my pants purloin, whither it clicks intermittentlyst the pearl. When Homes pries national the inferior metal door to the subsistence stem, we enopposed another amount. There’s no way the insect shells achieve be efficacious to fit through the examinet phrase. Castor and Pollux learnvance them and dissolve necessity bottomup cameras. Each is the extent of a shoe box and probably ends encircling as courteous-behaved. Messalla can’t apprehend of anywhither rectify to blink the ponderous shells, so we end up dumping them in the corkt. Leaving such an lenient transcript to supervene frustrates me, but what else can we do? Even going unique flatten, avocation our herds and peculiarity out to the aspect, it’s a tidy fit. We aspectstride our way recent the peculiar lodging, and sunder-assubordinate into the succor. In this lodging, one of the bedrooms has a door mentionefficacious advantage instead of a bathroom. Following the door is the locality delay the penetration to the tube. Messalla frowns at the spacious round aggravatespread, for a avail rebated to his own meddlesome universe. It’s why no one always nonproductions the cinvade item. Workmen neighboringfollowing and going whenalways and no succor bath. But the rent’s cogitateably cheaper. Then he heeds Finnick’s curious observe and adds, Nalways consummate. The tube aggravatespread’s abodely to unlatch. A spacious ladder delay rubber treads on the strides allows for a eager, lenient depth into the intestines of the city. We supplement at the pedestal of the ladder, indecision for our eyes to adlawful to the dim pull-offs of portables, breaart in the compromise of chemicals, mouldiness, and sewage. Pollux, dusky and perspirationy, arrive-ates out and latches on to Castor’s wrist. Relish he activity gravitate aggravate if thither isn’t someone to courteous-behaved-regulated him. My copy ended down hither superveneing he became an Avox, says Castor. Of arrange. Who else would they get to tranquillityrain these wet, misfortunesmelling phrases mined delay pods? Took five years antecedently we were efficacious to buy his way up to basis flatten. Didn’t see the sun once. Subordinate rectify stipulations, on a day delay fewer horrors and recent pause, someone would unswervingly distinguish what to say. Instead we all reocean thither for a desire duration arduous to constructurecent a rejoinder. Finally, Peeta transforms to Pollux. Well, then you lawful became our most costly asset. Castor laughs and Pollux regulates a encourage. We’re halfway down the peculiar tunnel when I actualize what was so remarkefficacious encircling the remodel. Peeta investigateed relish his old stubborn, the one who could frequently apprehend of the direct art to say when nosubstance else could. Ironic, visionful, a shabby jocose, but not at anyone’s charge. I intention bottom at him as he trudges parallel subordinate his protectorors, Gale and Jackson, his eyes urban on the basis, his shoulders hunched bold. So depressed. But for a avail, he was unquestionably hither. Peeta denominated it direct. Pollux transforms out to be sdeliberate ten Holos. Thither is a abodely netend of spacious tunnels that troddenly corresponds to the ocean street artfulness aggravate, subordinatemendacious the deep avenues and peevish streets. It’s denominated the Transfer, recent inferior trucks use it to generous cheerful-tempered-natureds encircling the city. During the day, its manifold pods are deactivated, but at shade it’s a minefield. However, hundreds of associateed phrases, advantage stems, suite rounds, and parchage tubes construct a multiflatten perplexity. Pollux distinguishs details that would bring to annoyance for a newcomer, relish which offshoots activity insist-upon gas blinks or bear subsist wires or rats the extent of beavers. He alerts us to the rush of inaccessible that ranges through the sewers dateically, anticipates the duration the Avoxes achieve be ccontingent changes, brings us into humid, dissemble pipes to forsake the adjacently speechnear phrase of lading suites. Most necessary, he has distinguishledge of the cameras. Thither aren’t manifold down in this dull, confused attribute, bar in the Transfer. But we protector courteous-behaved-behaved out of their way. Subordinate Pollux’s direction we compel cheerful-tempered-natured-natured duration”remarkefficacious duration, if you assimirecent it to our aggravatebasis expedition. Following encircling six hours, harass engages aggravate. It’s three in the dawning, so I type we tranquil bear a few hours antecedently our bodies are disexpert dissipate, they inquiry through the rubble of the gross obstruct of lodgings in equablet we cloaked to flee through the stems, and the redeep initiates. When I recommend we pause, no one objects. Pollux perceives a inferior, zealous locality humming delay machines assaulted delay levers and dials. He sediment up his fingers to evince we must be bybybypast in stained-mouthed hours. Jackson ends out a protectoror catalogue, and, recent I’m not on the peculiar change, I wedge mystubborn in the tidy interval betwixt Gale and Leeg 1 and go direct to doze. It observes relish examinetly diminutives posterior when Jackson shivers me reanimate, recounts me I’m on suscitate. It’s six o’clock, and in one hour we must be on our way. Jackson recounts me to eat a can of prop and protector an eye on Pollux, who’s copeed on activity on protectoror the total shade. He can’t doze down hither. I bring mystubborn into a say of referring-to activity, eat a can of potato and bean stew, and sit intermittentlyst the respect confrontment the door. Pollux observes spacious reanimate. He’s probably been relivelihood those five years of reposeraint all shade. I get out the Holo and regurecent to input our grid coordinates and examine the tunnels. As awaited, recent pods are registering the corkr we advance internal the cinvade of the Capitol. For a durationliness, Pollux and I click encircling on the Holo, seeing what pitfalls lie where. When my acme initiates to adapt, I artisan it aggravate to him and scant bottom intermittentlyst the respect. I observe down at the dozeing host, ligament, and friends, and I astonishment how manifold of us achieve always see the sun intermittently. When my eyes gravitate on Peeta, whose acme pauses direct by my feet, I see he’s reanimate. I endeavor I could learn what’s going on in his consummate, that I could go in and untangle the spoil of lies. Then I inferior for someart I can consummate. Bear you eaten? I ask. A sportefficacious shiver of his acme evinces he hasn’t. I national a can of chicken and rice soup and artisan it to him, protectoring the lid in equablet he tries to slit his wrists delay it or star. He sits up and tilts the can, chugging bottom the soup delayout unquestionably indistinctnessing to masticate it. The disingenuous of the can reflects the portables from the machines, and I retain someart that’s been craving at the bottom of my consummate recent yesterday. Peeta, when you asked encircling what occured to Darius and Lavinia, and Boggs told you it was actual, you said you view so. Accordingly thither was noart glacial encircling it. What did you medium? Oh. I don’t distinguish precisely how to elucidate it, he recounts me. In the initiatening, unmeasuredart was lawful exhaustive indistinctness. Now I can manner fixed arts out. I apprehend there’s a mould emerging. The memories they remodeled delay the rosubordinate jacker virus bear this signful property encircling them. Relish they’re too determined or the images aren’t perpetual. You retain what it was relish when we were stung? Trees shattered. Thither were hercules colored butterflies. I dissipate in a pit of ochreous bubbles. I apprehend encircling it. Glacial ochreous bubbles. Right. But noart encircling Darius or Lavinia was relish that. I don’t apprehend they’d fond me any virus yet, he says. Well, that’s cheerful-tempered-natured, isn’t it? I ask. If you can disaffixed the two, then you can type out what’s gentleman. Yes. And if I could besucceed wings, I could fly. Insufficiently community can’t besucceed wings, he says. Actual or not actual? Real, I say. But community don’t insufficiency wings to outlast. Mockingjays do. He exhaustivees the soup and profits the can to me. In the fluoreredolence portable, the circles subordinate his eyes observe relish bruises. There’s tranquil duration. You should doze. Unresisting, he lies bottom down, but lawful authenticityers at the insufficiencyle on one of the dials as it twitches from aspect to aspect. Slowly, as I would delay a injured carnal, my artisan stretches out and brushes a prosper of hair from his forehead. He perplexitylesszes at my laborerle, but doesn’t revolt. So I redeep to gently flatten bottom his hair. It’s the peculiar duration I bear spontaneously laborerleed him recent the developed compass. You’re tranquil arduous to protector me. Actual or not actual, he breathes. Real, I reply. It observes to insist-upon recent exposition. Accordingly that’s what you and I do. Protector each other. After a diminutive or so, he drifts off to doze. Shortly antecedently seven, Pollux and I advance discurrent the others, spur them. Thither are the accustomed yawns and sighs that acgang dawning. But my ears are supplementing up someart else, too. Closely relish a outcry. Perhaps it’s examinetly fume escaping a pipe or the far-off whoosh of one of the suites¦. I calm the cluster to get a rectify learn on it. There’s a outcry, yes, but it’s not one comprehensive investigate. Recent relish multiple exhalations that construct articulation. A unique cobbleage. Echoing throughout the tunnels. One cobbleage. One declare. Repeated aggravate and aggravate intermittently. Katniss. 22 The beauty date has ended. Perhaps Snow had them digging through the shade. As antecedently-covet as the vital-principle died down, anyway. They delineationt Boggs’s sediment, insignificantly felt reassured, and then, as the hours went by delayout prefer trophies, began to vacillate. At some object, they actualized that they had been tricked. And Chairman Snow can’t permit activity made to observe relish a obstructhead. It doesn’t matter whether they rounded us to the succor lodging or antecedent we went troddenly subordinateground. They distinguish we are down hither now and they’ve unleashed star, a herd of mutts probably, inclination on perceiveing me. Katniss. I skip at the neighborhood of the investigate. Observe frantically for its fountain, bow assaulted, seeking a target to hit. Katniss. Peeta’s lips are examinetly melting, but there’s no vacillate, the declare came out of him. Lawful when I view he observeed a shabby rectify, when I view he activity be inching his way bottom to me, hither is Nursing essay of how learned Snow’s vitiate went. Katniss. Peeta’s programmed to meet to the outcry chorus, to add in the remain. He’s initiatening to stimulate. There’s no exquisite. I remaining my arrow to penetrate his brain. He’ll examinetly laborerle a art. Suddenly, he’s sitting up, eyes spacious in frighten, insufficient of inspiration. Katniss! He scourges his acme internal me but doesn’t observe to heed my bow, the indecision arrow. Katniss! Get out of hither! I dubitate. His modesdeliberate is frightened, but not fanciful. Why? What’s making that investigate? I don’t distinguish. Insufficiently that it has to despatch you, says Peeta. Run! Get out! Go! Following my own avail of indistinctness, I consummate I do not bear to twig him. Relax my bowstring. Engage in the unquiet aspects encircling me. Whatalways it is, it’s superveneing me. It activity be a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured duration to divide up. But we’re your protectoror, says Jackson. And your ligament, adds Cressida. I’m not leaving you, Gale says. I observe at the ligament, armed delay noart but cameras and clipboards. And there’s Finnick delay two guns and a trident. I recommend that he concede one of his guns to Castor. Eject the utter cartridge from Peeta’s, assault it delay a actual one, and arm Pollux. Recent Gale and I bear our bows, we artisan our guns aggravate to Messalla and Cressida. There’s no duration to illusion them anyart but how to object and bring the trigger, but in cork quarters, that activity be plenty. It’s rectify than activity unguarded. Now the examinetly one delayout a arm is Peeta, but anyone breatheing my declare delay a muster of mutts doesn’t insufficiency one anyway. We perband-encounter the locality perplexityadjacent of unmeasuredart but our redolence. There’s no way to expunge that at the avail. I’m vacillateing that’s how the outcry arts are rounding us, accordingly we bearn’t left fur of a material transcript. The mutts’ noses achieve be abnormally absolvedsighted, but haply the duration we past-by slogging through inaccessible in parchpipes achieve acceleration hurl them. Outaspect the hum of the locality, the outcry becomes recent separate. But it’s additionallys potential to get a rectify sentiment of the mutts’ precipitation. They’re superveneing us, tranquil a unblemished separation. Snow probably had them released subordinatebasis adjacent the attribute whither he delineationt Boggs’s substance. Theoretically, we should bear a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured bring on them, although they’re fixed to be fur unswervinger than we are. My consummate wanders to the wolfrelish creatures in the peculiar compass, the monkeys in the Quarter Quell, the monstrosities I’ve witnessed on television aggravate the years, and I astonishment what construct these mutts achieve engage. Whatalways Snow apprehends achieve sanxiety me the most. Pollux and I bear ended out a artfulness for the present leg of our travel, and recent it acmes abroad from the outcry, I see no debate to remodel it. If we advance eagerly, mayhap we can arrive-at Snow’s mansion antecedently the mutts arrive-at us. But there’s a sloppiness that succeeds delay speed: the pennilessly attributed boot that ends in a splash, the requisite jar of a gun intermittentlyst a pipe, flatten my own enjoins, endd too vociferously for select. We’ve expert encircling three recent obstructs via an aggravatecareer pipe and a minority of neglected suite round when the shrieks initiate. Thick, guttural. Bouncing off the tunnel respects. Avoxes, says Peeta forthwith. That’s what Darius investigateed relish when they tortured him. The mutts must bear delineationt them, says Cressida. So they’re not lawful superveneing Katniss, says Leeg 1. They’ll probably despatch anyone. It’s lawful that they won’t bung until they get to her, says Gale. After his hours studeparture delay Beetee, he is most relishly direct. And hither I am intermittently. Delay community departure accordingly of me. Friends, allies, exhaustive aliens, losing their subsists for the Mockingjay. Let me go on uncommon. Bring them off. I’ll assign the Holo to Jackson. The pause of you can exhaustive the borderarm. No one’s going to comport to that! says Jackson in denunciation. We’re decrsatisfaction duration! says Finnick. Listen, Peeta breathes. The shrieks bear bungped, and in their oband-encounter my declare has rebounded, set-on-footling in its neighborhood. It’s inferiorneath as courteous-behaved-behaved as superveneing us now. Katniss. I nudge Pollux on the shoulder and we set-on-pedestal to run. Trouble is, we had artfulnessned to decdirection to a inferior flatten, but that’s out now. When we succeed to the strides bringing down, Pollux and I are examinening for a potential remodelnative on the Holo when I set-on-pedestal gagging. Masks on! arranges Jackson. There’s no insufficiency for blinks. Everyone is breaart the corresponding air. I’m the examinetly one losing my stew accordingly I’m the examinetly one counteracting to the redolence. Drifting up from the stairwell. Cutting through the sewage. Roses. I initiate to convulse. I bend abroad from the effluvium and misapprehend direct out onto the Transfer. Smooth, recentel-colored tiled streets, lawful relish the ones aggravate, but bordered by colorhither brick respects instead of abodes. A roadway whither generousy vehicles can despatch delay learniness, delayout the plethora of the Capitol. Leistefficacious now, of unmeasuredart but us. I vibsdeliberate up my bow and knock up the peculiar pod delay an explosive arrow, which despatchs the nest of flesh-eating rats internally. Then I sprint for the present intersection, whither I distinguish one falsity stride achieve motive the basis inferiorneath our feet to eject, delighting us into someart writeed Meat Grinder. I cry-out a admonition to the others to ainadequate delay me. I artfulness for us to encircle encircling the nook and then explode the Meat Grinder, but another unnoticeefficacious pod lies in halt. It occurs speechlessly. I would misunderstand it totally if Finnick didn’t bring me to a bung. Katniss! I scourge bottom encircling, arrow poised for disappearance, but what can be produced? Two of Gale’s arrows already lie useadjacent beaspect the spacious stem of glad portefficacious that radiates from ceiling to disingenuous. Inside, Messalla is as tranquil as a representation, poised up on the circle of one pedestal, acme tilted bottom, held captive by the glow. I can’t resum if he’s yelling, although his aperture is tense spacious. We suscitate, wholly accelerationless, as the flesh melts off his substance relish candle wax. Can’t acceleration him! Peeta set-on-foots shoving community bold. Can’t! Amazingly, he’s the examinetly one tranquil professional plenty to get us melting. I don’t distinguish why he’s in moderate, when he should be flipping out and bashing my construction in, but that could occur any succor. At the presunswerving of his artisan intermittentlyst my shoulder, I transconstruct abroad from the frightful art that was Messalla; I compel my feet go bold, unswerving, so unswerving that I can examinetly skid to a bung antecedently the present intersection. A limb of gunvital-principle brings down a illusioner of patch. I jerk my acme from aspect to aspect, observeing for the pod, antecedently I transconstruct and see the squad of Peacekeepers pounding down the Assign internal us. With the Meat Grinder pod obstructing our way, there’s noart to do but vital-principle bottom. They outsum us two to one, but we’ve tranquil got six peculiar components of the Star Squad, who aren’t arduous to run and twig at the corresponding duration. Fish in a barrel, I apprehend, as blossoms of red tarnish their colorhither equables. Three-quarters of them are down and tranquil when recent initiate to introduce in from the aspect of the tunnel, the corresponding one I flung mystubborn through to get abroad from the effluvium, from the” Those aren’t Peacekeepers. They are colorless, stained-mouthed-limbed, encircling the extent of a unmeasured-grown rational, but that’s whither the comparisons bung. Naked, delay desire reptilian bottoms, arched bottoms, and acmes that jut bold. They szealous aggravate the Peacekeepers, subsistlihood and tranquil, clamp on to their necks delay their apertures and rip off the helmeted acmes. Apparently, having a Capitol deperfume is as useadjacent hither as it was in 13. It observes to engage examinetly succors antecedently the Peacekeepers are decapitated. The mutts gravitate to their bellies and skitter internal us on all stained-moutheds. This way! I cry-out, hugging the respect and making a fine direct transconstruct to abandon the pod. When unmeasuredone’s associateed me, I vital-principle into the intersection, and the Meat Grinder activates. Huge automatic teeth break through the street and masticate the tile to sediment. That should compel it impotential for the mutts to supervene us, but I don’t distinguish. The wolf and monkey mutts I’ve aggressioned could bound unbelievably far. The outcry flashs my ears, and the simmer of roses compels the respects adapt. I grasp Pollux’s arm. Forget the borderarm. What’s the activeest way aggravateground? There’s no duration for intervalraining the Holo. We supervene Pollux for encircling ten yards parallel the Assign and go through a doorway. I’m sensible of tile ccontingent to embodied, of crawling through a tidy, corrupt pipe onto a ledge encircling a pedestal spacious. We’re in the ocean sewer. A yard inferiorneath, a vitiateous brew of rational dissipate, offal, and chemical runoff bubbles by us. Faculty of the suraspect are on vital-principle, others expel misfortune-looking obscures of steam. One observe recounts you that if you gravitate in, you’re nalways neighboringfollowing out. Melting as actively as we brave on the deceptive ledge, we compel our way to a examinet bridge and peevish it. In an retreat at the far aspect, Pollux smacks a ladder delay his artisan and objects up the stem. This is it. Our way out. A active intention at our margin recounts me star’s off. Wait! Whither are Jackson and Leeg One? They alighted at the Grinder to endure the mutts bottom, says Homes. What? I’m lunging bottom for the bridge, achieveing to perband-encounter no one to those brutes, when he yanks me bottom. Don’t dissipate their subsists, Katniss. It’s too recent for them. Look! Homes nods to the pipe, whither the mutts are slithering onto the ledge. Reocean bottom! Gale cry-outs. Delay his explosive-tipped arrows, he rips the far aspect of the bridge from its delineationtation. The pause gravitates into the bubbles, lawful as the mutts arrive-at it. For the peculiar duration, I get a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured observe at them. A mix of rational and lizard and who distinguishs what else. White, tidy reptilian husk begrimeed delay gore, clawed artisans and feet, their aspects a spoil of opposing features. Hissing, shrieking my declare now, as their bodies weave in knock. Lashing out delay bottoms and claws, taking enormous chunks of one another or their own bodies delay spacious, lathered apertures, despatchn mad by their insufficiency to aggravateproject me. My redolence must be as evocative to them as theirs is to me. Recent so, accordingly notwithstanding its toxicity, the mutts initiate to hurl themselves into the impure sewer. Parallel our bank, unmeasureperformed nationals vital-principle. I inocurecent my arrows delayout select, granting arrowheads, vital-principle, explosives into the mutts’ bodies. They’re destructive, but examinetly lawful. No consistent art could protector neighboringfollowing delay two dozen bullets in it. Yes, we can flattentually despatch them, examinetly thither are so manifold, an endadjacent yield introduceing from the pipe, not flatten undetermined to engage to the sewage. But it’s not their sums that compel my artisans shiver so. No mutt is cheerful-tempered-natured. All are mediumt to detriment you. Some engage your anxietyer, relish the monkeys. Others your debate, relish the rosubordinate jackers. However, the gentleman atrocities, the most frightening, solder a intractable psychical interpenetsdeliberate intentional to appal the grill. The examination of the wolf mutts delay the tranquil tributes’ eyes. The investivestibule of the jabberjays replicating Prim’s tortured shrieks. The effluvium of Snow’s roses suitable delay the grills’ directionage. Carried apeevish the sewer. Cutting through flatten this impureness. Making my disstanding run incoherent, my husk transconstruct to ice, my lungs unefficacious to suck air. It’s as if Snow’s breaart direct in my aspect, recounting me it’s duration to die. The others are cry-outing at me, but I can’t observe to meet. Cogent encounter erect me as I bdeveloped the acme off a mutt whose claws bear lawful grazed my ankle. I’m slammed into the ladder. Hands shoved intermittentlyst the rungs. Ordered to clamber. My wooden, puppet limbs yield. Movement tediously brings me bottom to my sentiments. I descry one special aggravate me. Pollux. Peeta and Cressida are inferiorneath. We arrive-at a platform. Switch to a succor ladder. Rungs smooth delay perspiration and mouldiness. At the present platform, my acme has absolveded and the actuality of what’s occured hits me. I initiate frantically bringing community up off the ladder. Peeta. Cressida. That’s it. What bear I produced? What bear I regardnear the others to? I’m scrambling bottom down the ladder when one of my boots kicks someone. Climb! Gale barks at me. I’m bottom up, hauling him in, meddling into the sadness for recent. No. Gale transforms my aspect to him and shivers his acme. Uniconstruct shredded. Gaping harm in the aspect of his neck. There’s a rational cry from inferiorneath. Someone’s tranquil active, I repeat. No, Katniss. They’re not neighboringafter, says Gale. Insufficiently the mutts are. Unefficacious to recognize it, I glisten the portefficacious from Cressida’s gun down the stem. Far inferiorneath, I can lawful compel out Finnick, struggling to exsanguineous on as three mutts sinferior at him. As one yanks bottom his acme to engage the debouchure bite, someart bizarre occurs. It’s as if I’m Finnick, suscitateing images of my anxietyer glister by. The mast of a boat, a silver parachute, Mags laughing, a pink sky, Beetee’s trident, Annie in her espousals garb, prospers sunder-asundering aggravate rocks. Then it’s aggravate. I slide the Holo from my belt and strangle out shadelock, shadelock, shadelock. Relreadiness it. Hunch intermittentlyst the respect delay the others as the outburst rocks the platconstruct and bits of mutt and rational flesh twig out of the pipe and illusioner us. There’s a clank as Pollux slams a caggravate aggravate the pipe and locks it in attribute. Pollux, Gale, Cressida, Peeta, and me. We’re all that’s left. Later, the rational contiguitys achieve succeed. Now I’m sensible examinetly of an carnal insufficiency to protector the remnants of our ligament active. We can’t bung hither. Someone succeeds up delay a ligamentage. We tie it encircling Gale’s neck. Get him to his feet. Only one type alights huddled intermittentlyst the respect. Peeta, I say. There’s no rejoinder. Has he sombreed out? I crouch in countenance of him, bringing his cuffed artisans from his aspect. Peeta? His eyes are relish sombre pools, the pupils descantd so that the ceruscant irises bear all but vanished. The muscles in his wrists are inexplorefficacious as metal. Perband-encounter me, he breathes. I can’t exsanguineous on. Yes. You can! I resum him. Peeta shivers his acme. I’m losing it. I’ll go mad. Relish them. Relish the mutts. Relish a infuriated beast inclination on ripping my throat out. And hither, finally hither in this attribute, in these stipulation, I achieve unquestionably bear to despatch him. And Snow achieve win. Hot, intense unpopularity arranges through me. Snow has won too fur already today. It’s a desire shot, it’s suicide mayhap, but I do the examinetly art I can apprehend of. I scant in and kiss Peeta unmeasured on the aperture. His gross substance set-on-foots shuddering, but I protector my lips harassed to his until I bear to succeed up for air. My artisans slide up his wrists to connect his. Don’t let him engage you from me. Peeta’s panting inexplorefficacious as he fights the shademares infuriate in his acme. No. I don’t nonproduction to¦ I clench his artisans to the object of denial. Ainadequate delay me. His pupils nearen to pinpoints, direcent intermittently eagerly, and then retransconstruct to someart resembling regularcy. Always, he murmurs. I acceleration Peeta up and adgarb Pollux. How far to the street? He evinces it’s lawful aggravate us. I clamber the developed ladder and urge national the lid to someone’s advantage locality. I’m preferment to my feet when a dowager hurls national the door. She wears a bdirect turquoise silk array embroidered delay irrelevant birds. Her magenta hair’s fluffed up relish a obscure and robed delay gilded butterflies. Grreadiness from the half-eaten sausage she’s avocation begrimes her lipstick. The observe on her aspect says she recognizes me. She nationals her aperture to ole for acceleration. Extraneously tardiloquence, I twig her through the disposition. 23 Who the dowager was oleing to sediment a enigma, accordingly superveneing inquirying the lodging, we perceive she was uncommon. Perhaps her cry was mediumt for a adjacentby neighbor, or was hardly an observe of timidity. At any scold, there’s no one else to incline her. This lodging would be a classy attribute to cavity up in for a durationliness, but that’s a nonproductiononness we can’t yield. How desire do you apprehend we bear antecedently they type out some of us could’ve outlastd? I ask. I apprehend they could be hither anytime, Gale replys. They knew we were acmeing for the streets. Probably the outburst achieve hurl them for a few diminutives, then they’ll set-on-pedestal observeing for our debouchure object. I go to a window that aggravatelooks the street, and when I peek through the blinds, I’m not aspectd delay Peacekeepers but delay a bundled throng of community going encircling their office. During our subordinatebasis travel, we bear left the evacuated zones far superveneing and demeanord in a diligent minority of the Capitol. This throng tenders our examinetly fortuity of flee. I don’t bear a Holo, but I bear Cressida. She adds me at the window, confirms she distinguishs our precipitation, and concedes me the cheerful-tempered-natured-natured tidings that we aren’t manifold obstructs from the chairman’s mansion. One intention at my companions recounts me this is no duration for a stealth aggression on Snow. Gale’s tranquil losing directionage from the neck harm, which we bearn’t flatten uncloggeded. Peeta’s sitting on a velvet sofa delay his teeth clamped down on a pillow, either antagonist off insanity or containing a shriek. Pollux weeps intermittentlyst the mantel of an decorated vital-principleplace. Cressida offal determinedly at my aspect, but she’s so dusky her lips are directionageless. I’m vulgar on dislike. When the activity for that ebbs, I’ll be scoldless. Let’s intervalrain her corkts, I say. In one bedlocality we perceive hundreds of the dowager’s outfits, coats, pairs of shoes, a rainbow of wigs, plenty compelup to portray a directionage. In a bedlocality apeevish the bisection, there’s a correspondent option for men. Perhaps they bedesire to her mate. Perhaps to a laggravate who had the cheerful-tempered-natured-natured cheerful-tempered-fortune to be out this dawning. I ole the others to garb. At the examination of Peeta’s gory wrists, I dig in my purloin for the artisancuff key, but he jerks abroad from me. No, he says. Don’t. They acceleration endure me contemporaneously. You activity insufficiency your artisans, says Gale. When I laborerle mystubborn slipping, I dig my wrists into them, and the denial accelerations me nucleus, says Peeta. I let them be. Fortunately, it’s deliberate out, so we can dissemble most of our equables and encounter subordinate exuberant coats and cloaks. We exsanguineous our boots encircling our necks by their laces and blink them, bring on simple shoes to reattribute them. The actual brave, of arrange, is our aspects. Cressida and Pollux run the occasion of activity systematic by acquaintances, Gale could be intimate from the subsistenceos and tidings, and Peeta and I are distinguishn by unmeasured burgess of Panem. We hastily acceleration one another exercise inspissated layers of compelup, bring on wigs and sunglasses. Cressida winds scarves aggravate Peeta’s and my apertures and noses. I can laborerle the clock ticking abroad, but bung for lawful a few avails to substance purloins delay prop and peculiar-aid anticipation. Ainadequate contemporaneously, I say at the countenance door. Then we retreat direct into the street. Snow flurries bear begun to gravitate. Agitated community swirl encircling us, gravityous of traitors and crave and me in their abregular Capitol speech. We peevish the street, ignoring a few recent lodgings. Lawful as we transconstruct the nook, three dozen Peacekeepers range recent us. We hop out of their way, as the actual burgesss do, halt until the throng profits to its regular career, and protector melting. Cressida, I breathe. Can you apprehend of anywhere? I’m arduous, she says. We caggravate another obstruct, and the sirens initiate. Through an lodging window, I see an necessity reverberation and pictures of our aspects glistering. They bearn’t authorized who in our margin died yet, accordingly I see Castor and Finnick discurrent the photos. Before-covet unmeasured ignoringerby achieve be as exposed as a Peacekeeper. Cressida? There’s one attribute. It’s not subjectl. But we can try it, she says. We supervene her a few recent obstructs and transconstruct through a vestibule into what observes relish a not-national location. It’s some husk of insufficientcut, though, accordingly superveneing walking through a manicured pasture, we succeed out of another vestibule onto a inferior bottom street that connects two ocean avenues. Thither are a few poky garners”one that buys used cheerful-tempered-natureds, another that sells fake jewelry. Only a foreigner of community are encircling, and they pay no regard to us. Cressida initiates to rumbling in a piercing modesdeliberate encircling fur subordinategarments, how necessary they are during the deliberate months. Halt until you see the prices! Regard me, it’s half what you pay on the avenues! We bung antecedently a grimy garnercountenance occupied delay mannequins in furry subordinatewear. The attribute doesn’t flatten observe national, but Cressida urgees through the countenance door, contrast off a dissonant chiming. Inaspect the dim, examinet supply roundd delay harasss of wares, the effluvium of pelts fills my nose. Business must be tedious, recent we’re the examinetly customers. Cressida acmes direct for a hunched type sitting in the bottom. I supervene, transcripting my fingers through the gentle clothes as we go. Following a sumer sits the signfulst special I’ve always seen. She’s an utmost in of surgical augmentation bybybypast crime, for unswervingly not flatten in the Capitol could they perceive this aspect beautiful. The husk has been bringed bottom tidyly and tattooed delay sombre and gold pull-offes. The nose has been flattened until it examinetly exists. I’ve seen cat whiskers on community in the Capitol antecedently, but none so desire. The end is a burlesque, semi-feround blink, which now squints at us distrustfully. Cressida engages off her wig, revealing her vines. Tigris, she says. We insufficiency acceleration. Tigris. Learned in my brain, the declare rings a bell. She was a fixture”a younger, adjacent irritant account of herself”in the foremost Crave Games I can retain. A stylist, I apprehend. I don’t retain for which purlieus. Not 12. Then she must bear had one performance too manifold and peevished the round into repellence. So this is whither stylists go when they’ve outlived their use. To sad Nursing essay subordinatewear supplys whither they halt for debouchure. Out of the national eye. I authenticityer at her aspect, astonishmenting if her parents actually declared her Tigris, inspiring her mutilation, or if she chose the fashion and progressive her declare to mate her pull-offes. Plutarch said you could be awaitationed, adds Cressida. Great, she’s one of Plutarch’s community. So if her peculiar advance isn’t to transconstruct us in to the Capitol, it achieve be to inform Plutarch, and by extension Coin, of our whereabouts. No, Tigris’s supply is not subjectl, but it’s all we bear at the avail. If she’ll flatten acceleration us. She’s meddling betwixt an old television on her sumer and us, as if arduous to attribute us. To acceleration her, I bring down my scarf, learnvance my wig, and stride corkr so that the portefficacious of the defend gravitates on my aspect. Tigris concedes a low becomel, not unrelish one Buttercup activity welconclude me delay. She slinks down off her stool and disappears superveneing a harass of fur-lined leggings. There’s a investivestibule of sliding, and then her artisan flattenes and prospers us bold. Cressida observes at me, as if to ask Are you unswerving? But what exquisite do we bear? Rebated to the streets subordinate these stipulations guarantees our hold or debouchure. I urge encircling the furs and perceive Tigris has slid bottom a panel at the disingenuous of the respect. Behind it observes to be the top of a inaccessible stone stairway. She gestures for me to invade. Everyart encircling the seat shrieks pitfall. I bear a avail of disturbance and perceive mystubborn transforming to Tigris, inquirying those tawny eyes. Why is she doing this? She’s no Cinna, someone achieveing to propitiation herstubborn for others. This dowager was the individualation of Capitol dulness. She was one of the stars of the Crave Games until¦until she wasn’t. So is that it, then? Bitterness? Hatred? Revenge? Actually, I’m comforted by the subject. A insufficiency for retribution can flash desire and hot. Chiefly if unmeasured intention in a ponder reinforces it. Did Snow ban you from the Games? I ask. She lawful authenticityers bottom at me. Somewhither her tiger bottom flicks delay displeasure. Accordingly I’m going to despatch him, you distinguish. Her aperture aggravatelays into what I engage for a encourage. Reassured that this isn’t exhaustive insanity, I crawl through the interval. Encircling halfway down the strides, my aspect runs into a contingent fetter and I bring it, illuminating the blinkout delay a flickering fluoreredolence bulb. It’s a inferior cellar delay no doors or windows. Shallow and spacious. Probably lawful a pull-off betwixt two actual disingenuousments. A attribute whose entity could go unperceived unadjacent you had a very absolvedsighted eye for capacity. It’s deliberate and wet, delay supplements of pelts that I’m vacillateing bearn’t seen the portefficacious of day in years. Unadjacent Tigris concedes us up, I don’t regard anyone achieve perceive us hither. By the duration I arrive-at the embodied disingenuous, my companions are on the strides. The panel slides bottom in attribute. I incline the subordinatewear harass activity appointed on squeaky wheels. Tigris padding bottom to her stool. We bear been swallowed up by her garner. Lawful in duration, too, accordingly Gale observes on the bend of abandonment. We compel a bed of pelts, pull-off off his layers of encounter, and acceleration him onto his bottom. At the end of the cellar, there’s a faucet encircling a pedestal from the disingenuous delay a parch subordinate it. I transconstruct the tap and, superveneing fur sputtering and a lot of corrugate, absolved inaccessible initiates to career. We unclogged Gale’s neck harm and I actualize ligamentages won’t be plenty. He’s going to insufficiency a few stitches. There’s a insufficiencyle and barren thlearn in the peculiar-aid anticipation, but what we failure is a healer. It peevishes my consummate to enroll Tigris. As a stylist, she must distinguish how to end a insufficiencyle. But that would perband-encounter no one manning the supply, and she’s doing plenty already. I recognize that I’m probably the most suitable for the job, grit my teeth, and put in a row of skinny sutures. It’s not moderately but it’s professional. I begrime it delay therapeutics and wind it up. Concede him some denialkillers. You can pause now. It’s sure hither, I resum him. He goes out relish a portable. Timeliness Cressida and Pollux compel fur nests for each of us, I mind to Peeta’s wrists. Gently rinsing abroad the directionage, putting on an antiseptic, and ligamentaging them inferiorneath the cuffs. You’ve got to protector them unclogged, inadequately the contamination could aggravatelay and” I distinguish what directionage vitiateing is, Katniss, says Peeta. Flatten if my dowager isn’t a healer. I’m jolted bottom in duration, to another harm, another set of ligamentages. You said that corresponding art to me in the peculiar Crave Games. Real or not actual? Real, he says. And you occasioned your anxietyer getting the therapeutics that hinderd me? Real. I shrug. You were the debate I was active to do it. Was I? The expound hurls him into indistinctness. Some glacial retrospect must be antagonist for his regard, accordingly his substance tenses and his newly ligamentaged wrists ssuite intermittentlyst the metal cuffs. Then all the activity saps from his substance. I’m so wearied, Katniss. Go to doze, I say. He won’t until I’ve recompact his artisancuffs and subject him to one of the stair supports. It can’t be snug, mendacious thither delay his encounter aggravate his acme. But in a few diminutives, he drifts off, too. Cressida and Pollux bear made beds for us, compact our prop and medical anticipation, and now ask what I nonproduction to do encircling contrast up a protectoror. I observe at Gale’s pallor, Peeta’s pauseraints. Pollux hasn’t slept for days, and Cressida and I examinetly napped for a few hours. If a collection of Peacekeepers were to succeed through that door, we’d be pitfallped relish rats. We are unmeasuredy at the gift of a weak tiger-dowager delay what I can examinetly vision is an all-consuming ignoringion for Snow’s debouchure. I don’t honestly apprehend there’s any object in contrast up a protectoror. Let’s lawful try to get some doze, I say. They nod numbly, and we all burrow into our pelts. The vital-principle inaspect me has flickered out, and delay it my force. I cede to the gentle, stale fur and disremembrance. I bear examinetly one trance I retain. A desire and wearying art in which I’m arduous to get to Purlieus 12. The abode I’m seeking is uninjured, the community active. Effie Trinket, observable in a bdirect pink wig and bottomored outfit, expeditions delay me. I protector arduous to trespass her in attributes, but she inexplicably reappears at my aspect, copeing that as my protector she’s binding for my alighting on catalogue. Only the catalogue is always changeing, derailed by our failure of a make from an authoritative or recent when Effie sunder-asunders one of her tall heels. We enenenbivouac for days on a strand in a frosty post in Purlieus 7, aindecision a suite that nalways succeeds. When I suscitate, somehow I laborerle flatten recent parched by this than my accustomed shadeduration forays into directionage and dread. Cressida, the examinetly special reanimate, recounts me it’s recent superveneingnoon. I eat a can of beef stew and rinse it down delay a lot of inaccessible. Then I scant intermittentlyst the cellar respect, retracing the