Academic paper

 To do this assignment you may bear a appear at the earlier Nursing essays ( milestone 1 through 4) I earn append all the earlier Nursing essays so bear a appear at them. I earn add my vote the strength subject-matter when you conclude it. Basically all what you bear to do is, grounded on the counsel that are in Nursing essay 1 through 4 you earn embrace them in this assignment. This assignment has 2 parts; a strength subject-matter the has a analysis and then a account instrument that has all the details. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully:    * Final Project Rubric: Guidelines for Submission: Your multimedia offer (10 slides partiality) delay audio elements must be accompanied by 6 to 8 pages of orator notes.  The notes should be submitted in a Account instrument delay 12-subject-matter Times New Roman font, wrap spacing, and one-inch margins.  The extension of this offer (including all audio elements) should be 8 to 12 minutes. Embrace a partiality of three pertinent media and call them according to  MLA phraseology.  Your offer should be courteous unembarrassed, produce attraction grounded solutions and bear sequential stream. Please see annotations for over trodden definitions at the end of this instrument.