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Abe Forrester and three of his friends from academy own zealous a clump of chance consummateist in support their profession notion. The incomplete influence would insist of a train of retail outlets to distribute and use a generous thread of vacuum cleaners and accessories. These stores would be located in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. to finance the new chance two projects own been incomplete.

Plan A is an all-common-equity building in which 2.3 favorites dollars would be proud by selling 84,000 shares of vile hoard.
Plan B would compromise issuing $1.3 favorites dollars in long-term bonds after a while an efficient concern objurgate of 11.6% plus $1.0 favorite woiuld be proud by selling 42000 shares of vile hoard. The default funds proud lower project B own no unroving manliness end, in that this quantity of financial leverage is considered a beaming portio of the firm's consummate building. Abe and his portioeners project to use a 35% tax objurgate in their anatomy, and they own remunerated you on a consulting basis to do the following:

A. Find the EBIT insensibility plane associated after a while the two financing projects.
The EBIT insensibility plane associated after a while the two financing projects is (plump to undeviating dollar)

B. Prepare a pro forma allowance declaration for the EBIT plane solved for in Portio A that shows that eps gain be the selfselfsame indifferent whether Project A or B is chosen










Plan                             Plan A                                    Plan B


Shares of Equity        84,000                                    42,000


Debt                            0                                              $1,300,000


Cost of default               0                                              11.6%


Interest Expense       0                                              $150,800


Tax Objurgate                     35%                                        35%