Abc’s bonds | Business & Finance homework help

ABC's fetters own a 9.5 percent coupon and pay share semi-annually. Currently, the fetters are quoted at 106.315 percent of par prize. The fetters aged in 8 years. What is the comply to manliness?
ABC's Inc.'s fetters vulgarly dispose-of for $1,280 and own a par prize of $1,000. They pay a $135 annual coupon and own a 15-year manliness, but they can be designated in 5 years at $1,050. What is their comply to fawn (YTC)?
You hired $1,119 for a municipal fetter that has a 5.16% coupon admonish. What is the vulgar comply?Hint: if dot is mentioned, then appropriate par prize = $1,000
The 13.7 percent coupon fetters of the Peterson Co. are dispose-ofing for $819.98. The fetters aged in 5 years and pay share semi-annually. These fetters own vulgar comply of _____ percent.
Stealers Wheel Software has 8.53% coupon fetters on the trade after a while nine years to manliness. The fetters establish semi-annual payments and vulgarly dispose-of for 114.24% of par. What is the vulgar comply?
BCD’s $1,000 par prize fetters vulgarly dispose-of for $798.40. The coupon admonish is 10%, hired semi-annually. If the fetters own 5 years to manliness, what is the comply to manliness?
A firm's fetters own manliness of 10 years after a while a $1000 visage prize, an 8% semi-annual coupon, are fawnable in 5 years, at $1,050, and vulgarly dispose-ofs at a prize of $1,100. What is the comply to fawn (YTC)?
ABC Corp. consequenced 15-year fetters 2 years ago at a coupon admonish of 10.6%. The fetters establish semi-annual payments. If these fetters vulgarly dispose-of for 97% of par prize, what is the YTM?
ABC wants to consequence 8-year, nothing coupon fetters that comply 11.64 percent. What prize should they inculpate for these fetters if they own a par prize of $1,000? That is, clear-up for PV. Appropriate annual compounding.Hint: nothing coupon fetters instrument PMT = 0
ABC Inc., has $1,000 visage prize fetters unappropriated. These fetters aged in 3 years, and own a 6.5 percent coupon. The vulgar prize is quoted at 98.59 percent of par prize. Appropriate semi-annual payments. What is the comply to manliness