(a) Referring to Table 2.11, what proportion of firms are in the category of having had an averag

(a) Referring to Table 2.11, what relation of firms are in the nature of having had an middle of at last 3.0 injuries per thousand worker-hours? (b) What percentage or firms were at or beneath an middle of 2.0 injuries per thousand worker-hours?Table 2.11 Relative Frequencies and Cumulative Proportions for Middle Estimate of InjuriesAverage estimate of injuriesper thousand worker-hoursNumber of firms(a) Relative quantity(b) Cumulative relation1.5–1.730.060.061.8–2.0120.240.302.1–2.3140.280.582.4–2.690.180.762.7–2.970.140.903.0–3.2550.101.00 Total50Total1.00