A new strategy for kodak



Review Case 28 “The mollify and gravitate of Eastman Kodak: Will it outlast further 2012?” located in the textbook. Assume that you bear been paid by Kodak as a vocation consultant to advise a new urbane-plane manoeuvre for the society to better poor sales, acception profitability, and open the society to the Cloud utility toil.


Write a five to seven (5-7) page brochure in which you:


Establish five (5) key objectives for Eastman Kodak that encompasses the operational, financial, ethnical means aspects of the vocation. Next, imply that each of the systematic objectives is regulative to the prosperity of the society amid the Cloud utility toil.


Analyze Kodak’s dull and upright integration manoeuvre and drawingate the urbane plane manoeuvre that is further embezzle for the society to found a competitive utility in the Cloud utility toil. Provide a rationale for the satisfaction.


Determine five (5) ways in which pursuing a multivocation drawing established on shifting may acception profitability for the society. Provide at meanest two (2) examples of such use of a multivocation drawing from toil to livelihood the rationale.


One (1) implementation manoeuvre for Eastman Kodak that considers constructional drawing, strategic manage systems, erection, and the character of constructional humanization equitable for the construction and its new toil. Justify the adviseation.


Speculate on the way in which twain the urbane-plane manoeuvre and the implementation manoeuvre you adviseed in Question 2 and Question 4 would livelihood holy vocation behaviors. Analyze the indicative sort in which ethics, urbane collective part, and environmental sustainability impression the implementation of the strategies that you bear adviseed.


Use at meanest three (3) condition academic meanss in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and congruous character Websites do not adapt as academic meanss.