A Narrative Inquiry on the Life History of Betty Siegel

Known for her unappropriated good-fortune in arrangeal plan, Dr. Betty Lentz Siegel was the longest serving feminine rulerator at Kennesaw Particularize University. In 1981, she productive the posture at Kennesaw Particularize University, which then was a four-year nursery company after a while 4,000 wards and 15 baccalaureate limit programs. Subordinate her training, Kennesaw Particularize University achieved its university standing after a while aggravate than 18,000 ward enrollees and 55 subordinategraduate and graduate limit programs (online Golden Key Interdiplomatic Honour Company International). It was her prospect and specimen that brought the arrangeal company to its popular university standing focusing on teameffect through the romance of solid partal teams and assemblage interaction. After a while her manage, the company implemented divergent commencements and excellent produce activities that created opportunities and recollection of the company in the topical and featureize communities. In the quantity Searching for Academic Excellence: Twenty Colleges and Universities on the Move and their Leaders, Dr. Siegel was in a limelight in her exploit for Kennesaw Particularize University (online Golden Key Interdiplomatic Honour Company International). In her 25 years of employment in the company, Kennesaw Particularize University ordinary turbid recollection and awards for its unappropriated good-fortunes (online Golden Key Interdiplomatic Honour Company International). Its awards are as follows: • 1987, selected as one of the top three nursery nurserys and universities in its saybroad two-of-a-trade focusing on “The Moderator and the Public” by the Council of Advancement and Support of Arrange (CASE) • 1989 – 1991, Kennesaw Particularize so caught niggardly notice as the US News and Globe Report acknowledges Kennesaw State’s conspicuous programs in boy refreshment and resistance, specimen programs for gratuity, staff, administrators and wards, and interdiplomatic commencements. US News and Globe Report distinguishes Kennesaw Particularize as the country’s “up and concluders” and “rising stars” in the South’s regional companys. • 2003, KSU ordinary recollection to grace one of twelve founding company comprised in the program entitled Foundation of Brilliance in the Highest Nursery Year of the American Association of Particularize Colleges and Universities. In segregation, this recollection so gave KSU the insufficiencyed funding to follow the projects of the RTM Institute for Leadership, Ethics Characters, which Dr. Siegel is the Endowed Chair. • 2006, US News and Globe Report ranked KSU as sum one disordinary the 25 arrangeal company known for their amelioration arrange programs. In segregation, the repository excellentlights the school’s highest year novelman trial program. Academic Background Rearwards the unappropriated exploit of KSU is Dr. Siegel’s greatest specimen, piety, and commitment to arrange. Dr. Siegel’s academic areas of expertise grasp slip psychology and council. Her unappropriated academic good-fortune so marks her commitment for true amelioration. She ordinary her Ph. D from Florida Particularize University, A Masters in Arrange from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a B. A. n English and Truth from Wake Forest University and an Associate of Arts from Cumberland College. She so has ordinary her two-year post-doctoral consider in Clinical Slip Psychology at Indiana University. She trusts nominal doctorates from Cumberland Nursery in Kentucky, Miami University in Ohio, Eastern Kentucky University, Lynchburg College, Morehead Particularize University, and Southern Connecticut Particularize University. Professional exploits Dr. Siegel had been an refined arrangeal administrator equal antecedently hereafter to Kennesaw State. She effecting as a gratuity component for divergent universities such as Indiana University and Lenoir-Rhyne College. And in 1967, she taught at the University of Florida. In 1971, she became the highest mother Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Arrange at the University of Florida. She moved to Western Carolina University in the School of Arrange and Psychology in 1976 and was so the highest mother to trust the posture of academic dean for the University. In 1981, she came to Kennesaw Particularize where she has effecting divergent programs and succeeding became the highest feminine rulerator. Dr. Siegel was so co-founded and co-directed a non-profit structure chartered in North Carolina gone 1982. She effected after a while an esteemed helper Dr. William Purkey in establishing Interdiplomatic Coalition for Invitational Education. The structure popularly has aggravate than 12,000 components of divergent partals from aggravate twelve countries, who trace to allot the concepts of invitational arrange to their indivisible and partal lives (online Interdiplomatic Coalition of Invitational Education). In 1999, the Center for Invitational Specimen was created to gait the mould of invitational arrange by oblation opportunities for partal to bear-a-share in specimen outaugmentation programs. Its sidearm is to “to improve existencelong amelioration, to excite aggravatebearing qualify in structures, to refine the indivisible and partal augmentation and remuneration of educators and congenial partals, and to enhance the lives of civilized men-folks, indivisiblely and partally. ” (online Radford University’s Center for Invitation Leadership). Moreover, after a while the excellent-regards to the exploits of Dr. Siegel, she has delivered keynote haranguees at hundreds of exoteric, regional, and featureize conferences throughout United States, Puerto Rico and ten other outlandish countries and has lectured for aggravate 120 nurserys and universities environing the globe. She is an interdiplomaticly- and exotericly-known lecturer and motivational debater on specimen, arrangeal issues, and the solicitudes of women. She has so confutationd as a consultant to a broad rove of callinges such as arrangeal companys, callinges, non-profit structures, health-care employments, council and socio-civic assemblages (online Golden Key Interdiplomatic Honour Company International). Public Employment Dr. Siegel has so effected in arrange amendment programs of the council. In 1997, Governor Zell Miller appointed Dr. Siegel to personate the Particularize of Georgia on the Southern Augmentation Policies Board’s 1998 Comsidearm on the Future of the South. Prior to that, she so personateed Governor Miller at the Presidents’ Summit of America’s Future held at Philadelphia in 1997. Currently, she has been appointed as to confutation as component of Governor Perdue’s Comsidearm for a New Georgia. Her effect in the comsidearm was easily niggardlyized as she was the driving fibre rearwards the art of the Cobb Arrange Consortium. The Cobb Arrange Consortium was created to produce a collaborative structure disordinary the niggardly arrangeal company “to merge the resources, energies, and volume of the component companys to harangue areas of niggardly solicitude in affecting niggardly arrange in Cobb Country from its popular equalize of brilliance to the conspicuous equalize which succeed be insufficiencyed to equip wards to grace chargecogent on leaders, prefercogent effecters, and well-rounded civilized men-folks. ” (online Cobb Arrange Consortium) In segregation, she so confutationd as a chair of subcommittee on post-secondary options for the Georgia P-16 commencement. The commencement gift to a compendious and collaborative featureizebroad endeavor aimed at preferment expectations and ensuring ward achievement from pre-school through post-secondary arrange. The commencement is divergent than other arrangeal reproduce endeavors owing it impacts the solid arrangeal spectrum—not true the volume. (online University System of Georgia) Lastly, she prepared the Northwest Crescent Coalition betwixt the three special nurserys and three niggardly companys. The coalition was produceed to unfold programs of collaboration in economic outgrowth, amendment of the arts, the care of Southern/Appalachian amelioration and truth, and the outaugmentation and elevation of arrange specimen. (online Northwest Crescent Specimen Alliance) Publications Dr. Siegel has of-late co-published after a while Dr. Purkey entitled Behereafter an Invitational Leader. The quantity offers a novel and innovative mould naturalized on a solitary hypothetical framework. It errs from the unwritten manage and prevalence mould of specimen to one that focuses on regularity, cooperation and despatch. This mould has been adopted in the Interdiplomatic Coalition for Invitational Arrange and had been applied in turbid fields including council, calling, nursing, dentistry, counseling, and other professions. Aim of the Consider Successful and well-established educator on specimen, Dr. Siegel’s existence truth has been a mould for sundry eager leaders. She not solely teaches environing specimen, but she has symbolical what she has taught. Her achievement has led to sundry discoveryers to ponder what specimen in-truth is. Indeed, sundry bear published existence-stories and lessons on superintendence’s specimen, but sundry bear contemplateed into it in lens aftercited the hypothetical frameeffect of industrial superintendence. The aim of the consider is to ponder the perceptions of commonalty embracing the specimen during the avocation of Dr. Siegel at Kennesaw Particularize University. We succeed contemplateed at what commonalty gard after a whilein and delayout Kennesaw Particularize University’s explicit augmentation in narration to Dr. Siegel’s specimen. By examining the perceptions of Dr. Siegel in her avocation at Kennesaw Particularize University, trends may evene touching specimen attitudes and/or specimen name. In project this consider using truth question, we desire to confutation the aftercited questions: 1. What are equalts and influences that produceed Dr. Siegel’s supernatural mould and invitational specimen speculation? 2. What are the occurrenceors attracted and the perceptions wards and alumni after a while Dr. Siegel’s specimen? 3. What is the esteem and subsidy of Dr. Siegel to the soundness of specimen? Reintention of Related Literature In the quantity Telling Women’s Lives: Truth Inquiries in the truth of Women’s Education, Weiler and Middleton (1999) explored the broader questions of gender and rule through arrange. They bear in discussing the stories of women as educators conclude over on topics of arrange bureaucracies, symbolical declare of women educators, and the ways concepts of gender and sexuality bear shaped trials of men and women in the arrangeal featureize. Indeed, women had not been fairly personateed in the specimen of arrangeal company. Dr. Siegel has been an separation and as our aim is to comprehend the achievement of Dr. Siegel’s, we contemplateed at it in a divergent lens of specimen framework. We embark this consider using truth question to comprehend exalt the specimen mould of Dr. Siegel. General Presupposture on Truth Question Stories bear constantly been a way to ignoring on legend and truth of a say. Commonalty affection to publish and hear to stories. It is way we disclavish and aggravate essentially a way we comprehend commonalty and equalts. Hardy (1986) has picturesquely truth as a basic rule of design, and Brunner (1986) picturesquely it as a way of organizing enlightenment. Cultures are created and legends are communicated from era to era through truths. It is through truths that men-folks and company expresses their globe eagerions and cater moulds of convertibility and performance to their components (Brunner 1996). Truth question differs from aggravate unwritten uses of truth arrange, that is, from directive and strategic uses of truth. Conle et al. (2000) argues that truth question retains these qualities in two areas: (1) for discovery, and (2) for partal outgrowth. Truth in Research Polkinghorne (1988) defined truth as the system that civilizeds use to constitute soundness of their trials. It is through the impression of dialect and indivisible reflecting that commonalty are cogent to continuously erect and reerect suggestive equalts in their existence and shape a deeper insight of their trials. Atkinson (1998) argues that commonalty arrove their trials in a sequence that constitute soundness of the equalts and places the seemingly disarranged globe in a complete arrange. Thus, truths are the system by which commonalty constitute purport of their own trials. Denzin (1989) depicts truths as merely stories. Polkinghorne (1988) suggests that these stories remove the structureal batch used to constitute purport out of trials. Very resembling to any truth, truths are thematically arranged environing a mediate batch. It in the discourse, structure, and the personate of dialect of truth that purport and enlightenment is enticen out. That is, we collect and shape insights in the laical narrational species of the author’s reinterpretation of equalts (Polkinghorne 1995). Narratives remove an soundness of environsupernatural and interindivisible tenor, laical following, and affective inclosure of the truth. Polkinghorne (1995) offered the undesigning specimen of the sentence: “The czar died; the expense cried. ” Taken in self-containedness, each adequately depicts an equalt. Understood as a truth truth, after a while a laical narrationship and tenor, these two sentences depict a son’s tally to the detriment of his senior. They remove passion and excite empathy. Conle (2000) depicts the two aims of truths: (1) to remove purport to others from not allied equalts into a thematic truth (Polkinghorne 1995), and (2) to remove norms and esteems to newcomers on a cultural or arrange equalize (Mattingly 1991). Narratives, for-this-reason, are twain the system of erecting and reconstructing equalts into arranged batchs and the upshoting that removes the batch (Polkinghorne 1988). Further, Polkinghorne (1988) illustrates that truths can be used to either depict or illustrate an equalt. Descriptive truth question reports and deciphers true truths. Descriptive truth discovery depicts what subordinatelies the esteems and assumptions of commonalty after a whilein a arrange by examining divergent truths for resemblingities and discourses. Explanatory truths trace to illustrate why star happened or to illustrate an equalt. It, thus, contemplates truth accounts for concatenations betwixt equalts and exercises that led to a feature event. To put it aggravate succinctly, it contemplates for incidental concatenation betwixt antecedents and equalts. Truth discovery uses linguistic grounds in try to comprehend experihyperphysical truth from the perspective of the publisher. It uses the upshoting truth to comprehend the structureal batch the publisher used to constitute soundness of his or her globe. In truth discovery, then, it is not solely the full of the truth that helps in soundness the trial, but the way the truth is erected that reveals aggravate environing the trial. It for-this-debate contemplates at the consider of ways civilizeds trial the globe (Connelly and Clandinin 1990). Thus, truth discovery begins after a while the narrator’s truth, but moves the discovery internal solution. Denzin (1989) suggests that solution allows discoveryers to contemplate for and connects patterns of purport and trial in the respondent’s truths. Bloom (1998) exalts this discourse by asserting that by connecting patterns and purport and trials of respondents, the discoveryer are cogent to entice from a broad place of theories to set forth his/her solution. Furthermore, Atkinson (1998) advises discoveryers to ponder the respondent’s truths for arrangeing of equalts. Tenor is inspired by soundness the passions and esteems removeed in the truth. However, Feldman et al. (1990) sparing discoveryers on the insufficiency to search-into the respondent’s use of images, quiz, and other animated devices as it may upshot to problem. It is for-this-reason, essential to comprehend and shape insight into the supernatural featureize of the respondent in arrange to abundantly decipher the truth. Aggravate essentially, the end upshot should be a representation of divergent stories into one thematic truth. Interest in the use of truth discovery has solid precedents in other fields such as in Psychology, Anthropology, and Educational Research. They use truth as a average of grounds personateation and as a superintend in the outaugmentation of methodologies, if they did not scantiness to lavish the laical power and tenorual element of what they were considering (Fenstermacher 1994). They eagerion truths as a image for civilized inaugurate (Sarbin 1986). Narrative, thus, did not cling blindly-devoted to grounds personateation, but became an solid rule of question where grounds segregation and latest documents did not bear to desert their truth power. Dewey’s effect on space, trial, and clanship had been mediate for truth question, which consists of experiential stories that merge the gregarious and the indivisible (Dewey 1904). It is these experiential stories after a whileout resigning the feature, the tenorual, and the many-sided equalts that the question trys to communicate say to tacitly held indivisible enlightenment of the respondents (Polanyi 1966; Schwab 1970). This indivisible enlightenment has trained part or confutations as an record in arrange for the discoveryer to evaluate and illustrate previously secure outcomes on the subject’s deliberations, intuitive decisions, daily exercise and analogous discernment. Truth question, for-this-debate effects best in getting such ‘trained enlightenment’. In occurrence, MacIntyre (1981) excites truths for the consider of practices, of lives and of legends. The methodology allows the discoveryer to recaggravate the analogous qualities of all aspects of the subject’s synchronous lives, qualities that he sees as trainedly and hypothetically obsolete. Micheal Connelly’s concept of indivisible, trained enlightenment (Connelly and Diennes 1982) merged Polanyi’s soundness of the indivisible after a while Schwab’s sentiment of the trained and MacIntyre’s analogous eager. Connelly succeeding saw the erection of truth accounts of trials as the impeccable average for the consider of indivisible trained enlightenment (Connelly and Clandinin 1982). Benefits Truth Question Conle (1997) notes that the most essential subsidy that truth question is a dialect that implicitly fibres the issues of open-ended purports and of the ‘constitutedness’ of identities, twain ethnic and narrator’s identities. Narratives are environing laical equalts and publish us where and when star happens, in which tenors, who said what to whom, after a while which feelings and in what temper, and subordinate which analogous constraints. Such tenorualization on the manner seems to remove occurrences, but it so hypothetically subjuntivizes these ‘facts’. If generalization do not observe the favorings, truth tenorualization limits the occurrenceual to the ‘once solely’ and to the relipower of study made by a favoring witness at one feature space. If the laical power of truth question is heeded, the tentativeness of conclusions and the open-endedness of stories succeed be-in-force. These are much-needed qualities in pluralist societies. It is the open-endedness that allows readers the power to exalt decipher and comprehend the tenorual frameeffect of such exercises (Conle 2000). Nonetheless, Berstein (1992) sparing that it is together sharp for a truth question not to tend to the rank relativism, in-particular aggravate analogous relativism and should not err athwart debate. Such relativism can refer the instrusupernatural lucidity of the discovery and can above the power to entice insights in-particular in intercultural settings.