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A Look at a future teachers classroom

This article is adherent to analyze and to call how I brainstorm my approaching classroom. In this cardboard I will try to call how I see myself alive with accouchement and ambidextrous with classroom administration in the future.

In my opinion, the alone way to accomplish the apple a bigger abode is through apprenticeship of children, who are to become the ones cardinal the apple tomorrow. So far, what I’ve apparent alive with accouchement is that agents are faced with altered problems every day and it is acutely important for them to be able advanced to be able to accord with them. In my opinion, the best important affair for accouchement to apprentice a assignment is to try and accomplish them see their mistakes for themselves and acclimation them if bare in such a address that wouldn’t aching their feelings, while still authoritative them understand. We accept to amusement alternative bodies in the way we appetite to be advised ourselves and accouchement are no exception, so it is important to accept that they deserve the bigger bulk of action one can accord them. Compassionate that, we can alpha talking about the practicalities of my approaching classroom. (Descriptive Statement/Philosophy of Clasroom Management)

The article is based on the advice from advance work, studies, and in-class observations to actualize a classroom administration plan that I feel will be best effective


To alpha off this essay, I charge to allocution about my own accomplishments and experiences. Teaching for sustainability was not the case aback I was still a apprentice and all the advice I got about acceptable development was alone in my afterwards years and out of my own interest. So, apprenticeship for sustainability is a rather new accountable aback at home alone implemented in cases in university in abstruse or agronomical sciences.

On the alternative hand, Sweden is an absolutely contrary, sustainability is one of the best important issues in classroom and circadian activity. It could be apparent that all the circadian activities are including a little bit of apprenticeship for acceptable development. My acquaintance in the International Academy in Malmo could appearance it absolute properly. Agents allocution about food: processing and alteration it, breadth it comes from, how it is grown, etc. And again all the classroom activities, like reading, autograph and others are developing about the affair expressed.

Although Lithuanian schools nowadays try to acquaint teaching for sustainability in their curricula, but the absolute austere anatomy and teaching methods do not acquiesce able interdisciplinary captivation and a added attainable attitude appear sustainability. Autonomous issues are alien on a absolute low akin as able-bodied as teaching for democracy. The teacher-student advice is still absolute vertical, not acceptance absolute abundant action from acceptance and aloof befitting up with the civic curriculum.

Swedish schools accept a abundant freer and attainable attitude appear pupils and teacher-student communication. Autonomous ethics are included in every aspect of academy life, acceptance are accustomed to accession questions, advance nice and affable ambience about them with abecedary as an equal, not a superior.

Lithuanian schools are overbrimmed with the bulk of advice acceptance accept to apprentice and no accent for developing relationships amid acceptance and agents and aggravating to acquisition consensus, authoritative academy a bigger abode to be. Agents are loaded with paperwork and over afraid about the actuality if they administer to accord all capacity bare during the academy year. Knowing that, it’s barefaced that agents accept no time for absolutely attractive into children’s needs and aggravating to body an according accord and apparatus autonomous values.

The academy action in Lithuania is absolute austere and structured from the absolute beginning. Alike absolute adolescent accouchement accept to sit agilely adverse blackboard and are not accustomed to allocution and cooperate. Every attending at alternative child’s anthology ability be advised as artful and punished. It is absolute appropriate and bodies accept to assignment on their own with alone rear possibilities to cooperate. I could see an exact adverse in Sweden, breadth accouchement sit in groups and accumulate talking and allowance anniversary alternative throughout the day, they can move and roam freely, which would be advised awful inappropriate in Lithuanian academy and a abecedary acceptance that would apparently additionally be looked at as acting wrong.

So Swedish acquaintance was a absolutely altered one from my home country and from what I’m acclimated to as a teacher-student or student-student communication. Sports and alfresco activities are additionally encouraged in Sweden abundant added than in Lithuania. Although sports classes accept been added from 2 to 3 per week, the acquaint are additionally absolute academic and burden is put on accouchement to ability assertive goals, abrogation the beneath able in the margins. Spending time alfresco is rearly an advantage in Lithuanian schools, in some it is alike banned to leave the architecture for “safety reasons”, acceptation that accouchement are apparent to bad behaviour, traffic, etc. The capital proble in this case is no able schoolyards and bad and old infrastructure.

AS you can see, we are still action through a absolute big alteration as 20 years out of Soviet Union is not abundant to body a autonomous society. So, my article of me actuality a approaching abecedary ability not accommodate a lot of things we’ve advised during the course, but I approved to acclimate it to Lithuanian ambience and to try to appearance you how I could do best to be as autonomous as possible, afterwards bridge the attenuate band into actuality a agitation maker and afield afar teacher.

Classroom arrangement

According to Debbie Cluff (Debbie Cluff is the buyer of Links for Learning,, an online apprenticeship and burning appointment advice site), the bureaucracy of a classroom is absolute important to how a classroom is actuality managed. She argues, that the abecedary needs to accomplish abiding his/her classroom is abiding for the acceptance to be productive. (

Famous classroom administration theorist Fred Jones believes that the optimal allowance adjustment allows abecedary to get from any apprentice to any alternative apprentice with the atomic accomplish and increases the adventitious of acknowledged acquirements and teaching (2005: 8).

The methodical guidelines in how to align a classroom amplitude was alien by Jon Saphier and Robert Gower (1987):

“materials acclimated by acceptance should be stored in a arresting and attainable place;

there should be no asleep amplitude which promotes accidental or adulterine activity;

arrange the allowance so that the abecedary can adviser bound and calmly (no dark spots);

use vertical amplitude for affectation and acquirements enrichments;

keep alive areas audibly abstracted from quiet spaces;

keep two alive areas audibly abstracted to abstain aberration and interference;

have bright and safe cartage paths no bulk how your allowance is arranged.”

So, according to the aloft mentioned basal a classroom agreement guidelines, I acquaint my approaching classroom adjustment model.

The desks in my classroom will be set up so that all of them will face the blackboard, the accouchement would sit in pairs. It is important that all the accouchement will be able to see me teaching, so I would move the desks in a way that they don’t overlap anniversary other. The teacher’s, i.e. my own, board will be amid in the advanced of the classroom, abreast the windows. By accepting the board amid in the advanced of the classroom I’ll accept abounding afterimage of the absolute classroom at all times. (Friedman, 2000)

I would like to acquaint some array of “centres” in my classroom too; such places should reinforce accouchement acquirements afar as able-bodied as in the group. The account centre, would be one of those and I would like it to accept a big carpet, four chairs, a table and abounding books. This breadth will accommodate a “home” action and advice the acceptance feel airy aback they are in this area. The books in the account centre could be brought in by kids as able-bodied as by myself. As it would be accustomed to booty books home, accouchement should apperceive the rules of demography affliction of the books advanced and it is important for them to accept that it is their albatross to chase those rules. The account centre would be accessible for acceptance chief to absorb their time aloof and there should be no book curtailment at all times as account should be accepted at all times in my classroom. (Friedman, 2000)

The alert centre and computer base will be placed at the bend of the classroom. The centres will be adverse the walls because the acceptance will be alternating to the assorted centres aural the classroom. Plus, while acceptance are at their centres they will charge to be able to apply on their work.

Classroom Management

„There is no ‘best method’ of ambidextrous with conduct in the classroom; rather there are abounding altered methods for altered accouchement in altered circumstances”. Fred Jones (

“Once a abecedary loses ascendancy of their classroom, it becomes added added difficult for them to achieve that control”. (Moskowitz & Hayman, 1976: 283)

Most important things in classroom administration are motivation, conduct and respect. Despite that, there are a array of methodologies to be called from and abounding agents altercate about the appropriate approach, which can depend mostly on the behavior one has on educational psychology. Behaviour modification is the capital access of acceptable classroom management, but best of the agents nowadays see that use of behavioural access alone is too simple for the circuitous accustomed action in school. It is absolutely important for agents to set up rules in the absolute alpha of the academy year. (Classroom management)

My approaching classroom adjustment archetypal is alien below.

The best important abstraction I accept of administration a classroom is that a abecedary has to access them in a firm, fair, and constant manner. I accept that the bigger attention a abecedary has to accept for their acceptance is students’ efficiency. While acceptance are concentrated on the assignment they are doing, they accept abundant beneath of a adventitious to act in an inappropriate manner, afflict others or leave their job unfinished. In best cases, a apprentice that is able to break focused and fulfil assignments, that apprentice will accomplish in my classroom. (Karaska, 1999) The administration of my approaching classroom consists from: the classroom rules and the classroom procedures.

Classroom Rules

The best important thing, aback starting a classroom administration plan is to set basal classroom rules. Specific classroom rules are the absolute guidelines, standards, and expectations for assignment and behaviour in the classroom. (Charles, 2005: 59). In my classroom, the basal accepted rules would be mostly ample concepts acclimated everywhere, some of them would accommodate alleviative alternative bodies and acreage with account and accomplishing your best. Such rules accept to be set up with all the accouchement accommodating in the action of authoritative them. It is capital that accouchement participate in authoritative of the basal accepted rules as it makes it easier for them to acclimate to them aback they feel some array of ownership. The action of discussing and authoritative those rules are of abundant advice for accouchement to accept what affectionate of ambiance they appetite and what is capital from them and as such it can assignment as a addition for acting up to those rules created.

Specific rules are of no beneath of importance. Such rules can be brought about in two ways. There will be advice from accouchement to accomplish allotment of the specific rules, breadth they will altercate and adjudge what should and should not be done by a student. Afterwards a account will be fabricated of things that acceptance should and would do and this account will be of abundant accent aback ambience up specific rules. Alternative rules from the specific allotment will be fabricated by teacher, but nonetheless, the acceptance will accept the appropriate to accept a altercation about them. Specific rules should be absolute practical, like do your appointment and accompany it on time, obey hallway, bathroom, and classroom routine, and do the assignment in classroom. The acceptance may appear up with the account like: accept to the teacher, do your homework, and abstraction for assessments. (

Classroom procedures

Classroom procedures are additionally acutely important. There will be a bassinet of completed assignment by teacher’s board for the acceptance to about-face in their work. The bassinet can not alone be acclimated for homework, but additionally for the assignment done during the day. Such convenance of acceptance axis in their assignment by themselves would be a cut on administration problems, as there would be no distractions for accouchement aggravating to accomplishment up their works as there won’t be addition aggravating to get their assignment too aboriginal additional there won’t be accusations of artful someone’s work. Personal angle on axis in accomplished assignment can additionally advice to abbreviate added interactions amid children, which can be a account of problems at times. As anon as they accept accomplished their work, the acceptance will accept to put it in the bassinet with no altercation and move to abutting job they are to do. The bassinet has to be put in such a abode breadth everybody could see and ability it afterwards a problem. Such administration should assignment for all brand levels. (Classroom Behaviour Management)

There will be a account of affairs bare to be done by pupils every anniversary and with circling applied, anniversary adolescent will get an befalling to be a allotment of it. There can be a few means to accept the rotation, but the best accepted and calmly activated would be to do it in alphabetical order. With added apprentice accord in activities and jobs about the classroom, there will be a abate adventitious for conduct problems to arise, as accouchement will be complex in allusive activities. (Charles, 2005: 25)

Pupils crave acutely set rules for all the in-class activities because, “without clear, specific class-running routines, these activities can absorb a cogent allotment of the academy day,” (Mignano Jr. & Weinstein, 2003: 65). In this context, appearance will accept to be taken at the time in the morning, aback acceptance are active with accomplishing their tasks. One apprentice could be assigned a job of demography the appearance after-effects to the office. This is a abundant advice for classroom administration as acceptance will be occupied, while the abecedary is demography appearance and that will abate the bulk of agitation acquired by acceptance while actuality unoccupied. It is additionally a absolute affair as acceptance will be already built-in aback the abecedary will be demography appearance and appropriately it will be abundant easier to see who is in and who is not. The abecedary should adapt appearance area and basement plan, so it is all absolute quick and acceptable for her to analysis breadth anybody is declared to be. Such administration should assignment for all brand levels, afar that the youngest acceptance shouldn’t be demography the after-effects to the office. (Classroom Behaviour Management)

Type of learning

Before the every distinct assignment in my approaching classroom I will:

check in with capital account of the unit;

articulate ability objectives for myself afterwards digging acutely into content;

decide how to acquaint objectives to the students;

decide what affirmation would authenticate ability of this assignment objective;

analyse affirmation about antecedent apprentice acquirements (perhaps yesterday’s quiz or homework) so they apperceive breadth to focus;

plan pacing and sub-grouping;

pick materials, models, examples, stories, and cases to use;

anticipate confusions, abnormally accent and cant meanings, and analyze requisite above-mentioned ability acceptance ability not have;

design and use acquirements experiences;

check that acquirements adventures are logically affiliated to the advised learning;

decide how to aggregate affirmation of acquirements during or absolute this lesson;

plan how acceptance will accomplish their cerebration arresting and public;

plan how to get apprentice summarize.

(Saphier, Haley-Speca and Robert Gower, 2008: 395-396)

Besides, there are affluence of account and autograph activities that can be acclimated in the classroom. One of those activities would be an action called “This Day In History”, which would be captivated in the mornings. In the advance of this action acceptance will accept to carbon argument from the blackboard about actual contest that happened on that day. The contest could be cogent accepted or aloof for the bounded community, appropriately authoritative accouchement accept their abode in the world. The sections of argument from this action will accept to be accounting in a accurate anthology and kept at school. Another action accompanying to the antecedent one will be accounting in the aforementioned anthology would be “Problem Of The Day”. Acceptance will accept to archetype the argument from the blackboard into their notebooks and will accept to break it until a accurate set time of the day. Afterwards, there can be a altercation in the classroom about both capacity and their relatedness. (Karaska, 1999)

After advertence some autograph activities, I would like to allocution about some account advisory strategies. One of them is “Drop Everything and Read” or D.E.A.R., during which abecedary and accouchement apprehend a book of their best silently for a assertive aeon of time. In my opinion, invoking this thirty-minute connected account time is casual an important bulletin for accouchement and the abecedary that account should be enjoyed every day. (Karaska, 1999)


Being a abecedary is never an accessible assignment and abnormally for bodies apparent to altered possibilities and options and again actuality aback to antecedent place, which does not acquiesce so abundant abandon and interaction. The accouchement charge to apprentice account not alone for anniversary alternative but additionally for teachers, which is alone attainable if agents apprentice account for their pupils. I achievement to apparatus these ethics and never balloon that there is consistently a abode for change.

By introducing compassionate of the world, of anniversary other, history and alternative accepted things, I can little by little acquaint apprenticeship for acceptable development and I accept it would be absolute abundant bare as accouchement are so attainable for a change and article new, article better. By allowance anniversary alternative they can accept that there are means to advice others and the Earth itself.

There is alone achievement lying for us in the approaching and I achievement abutting ancestors can apprentice to be bigger than the antecedent ones and accept the change they charge to accomplish and the mistakes done that should not be repeated. Alone apprenticeship is able of advice these issues to accouchement and agents are the ones ambidextrous with it face to face. Although in some cases agents are not larboard abundant abandon to chose it, they are still the capital actors of apprenticeship scene.


Charles, C. M., Senter G. W. (2005) Architecture Classroom Discipline. 8th ed. San Francisco: Pearson Education, Inc.

Mignano, A., Weinstein C. (2003) Elementary Classroom Management. Boston: McGraw.

Saphier J., Gower R. (1987) The accomplished abecedary – Architecture your teaching skills. Carlisle, Massachusetts: Research for Bigger Teaching.

Saphier J., Haley-Speca M. A., Gower R. (2008) The skillfull teacher. Architecture your teching skills. 6th edition. Carlisle, Massachusetts: Research for Bigger Teaching.

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