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A Literature Review Of Travel Behavior Tourism Essay

Krobeber 1996, cited from Zhong, Zhang, Yang and Guo 2007 develops a accompanying adaptation authoritative model. Aural this model, he claims that the day-tripper behaviour is bent by three elements: biking perception, biking attitude and biking motivation. He added suggests that there are two akin influences. The aboriginal akin access of Krobeber (1996, cited from Zhong, Zhang, Yang and Guo 2007) can be afflicted from centralized factors such as claimed cerebral bureau and the additional akin access comes from alien amusing factors such as ancestors accomplishments or accumulation influence.

The capital contributions apropos action is the Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs archetypal (Maslow 1970), the escape or seek archetypal (Iso-Ahola 1982; Ross and Iso-Ahola 1991) and the advance and cull adjustment (Crompton 1979). Mill and Morrison (1985) argues that biking motivations fit into Maslow’s hierarchical needs – namely, physiological, safety, belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization. Additionally they articular two alternative needs: aesthetics and knowledge. The animal needs physiological, safety/security and belonging/love were categorized as tension-reducing, while the self-esteem, self-actualization, accepting ability and artful as anterior – arousal-seeking motives (Figure 2.1)

Motivation is one of variables that can explain day-tripper behavior; it is admired as one of the best important variables (Baloglu and Uysal 1996). There are abounding of researches assure that biking adaptation authoritative is best explained and predicted by the advance and cull access accommodate Backman, Backman, Uysal and Sunshine 1995; Baloglu and Uysal 1996; Ercan, Uysal and Yoshioka 2003. Crompton (1979) explains that action is a all-important and important force abaft all behavior.

People biking because they are pushed and pulled to do so by motivational factors (Baloglu and Uysal 1996). Advance action is accompanying to the decision, whether to go, and cull action addresses the catechism of breadth to go (Klenosky 2002). Crompton (1979) acclimated baggy all-embracing interviews and explored advance action and cull motivation, he summarizes that advance is socio-psychological motives that actuate bodies to biking and cull is cultural motives that allure bodies to a authentic destination. Traditionally, the advance motivations accept been anticipation advantageous for answer the admiration for biking while the cull motivations accept been anticipation advantageous for answer the absolute destination best (Crompton 1979). According to Ross and Iso-Ahola (1991), advance action can be advised as cerebral bureau and cull action is concrete factor. These two factors can access biking decisions and leisure engagements. Jang and Cai (2002) point that advance refers to the centralized factors that drive individuals to biking and cull is anxious about the alien factors that actuate where, when, and how they travel. Kim (2008) addresses that the advance bureau can be advised as to biking by abstract factors such as escape, relax, exploration) and cull bureau is to adjudge destinations by actual factors such as attractions, facilities.

Motivation as one of the best important theories, it is accustomed the key of the success of biking market. Iso-Ahola (1982) observes that bodies booty allotment in assorted leisure and biking activities due to their own need. Day-tripper action is associated with individuals’ desires for accomplishing assorted purposes through biking (Kim and Beck 2009). Furthermore, studies of day-tripper action can abetment destination managers to accept “how able-bodied the destination characteristics fit the needs of the travelers” (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2006) and architecture tourism articles and casework absolute day-tripper needs.

Destination best and selection

2.3.1 Affecting factors to accomplish tourism decision

Once the adaptation fabricated to alpha tourism, the adaptation maker is in advanced of abounding questions, such like breadth to travel, whom to biking with and how to travel. In general, this is a action to collect, adapt and appraise the advice (Liu, 2008). Ecology perception

Environment acumen refers to the tourism advice abiding in mind, the old advice and calm information. In general, this is the accomplished consequence for the travelling. The abeyant tourists would be afflicted by the ambiance perception. Admitting there ability be some actual cogent day-tripper destinations, the tourists will not go the acclaimed places that accept no consequence in their apperception and perception. That is what we alleged ecology perception.

Environmental acumen mainly accommodate first, the acceptance of tourist, which is the aboriginal consequence of the tourism destination, the day-tripper will carelessness alternative aforementioned destinations; additional is tourism distance, the affecting bureau to the adaptation is the abstract distance, not the absolute ambit of the destination. The abstract ambit is fabricated of aerial distance, and time cost, money cost, and energy. Principle of best benefit

Principle of best account refers to the tourists will get the best amusement aural assertive account during the tourism. Tourists will anticipate it over afore authoritative a adaptation to travel. The capital attempt of best account are:

The minimum time on tourism, it bureau that the adaptation to biking will be fabricated according to time spending on it, if the time spending is beneath than a level, again the adaptation will be made. Tourists are in favor of beneath time spending on the travelling.

Second is the acceptance of tourism destination. The tourism destinations with college acceptance are added attractive, and tourists accept acquired added advice admitting tourism. Meanwhile, the tourism destination, which has altered culture, will agitate the absorption for tourism.

Beside the two factors, there are alternative affecting factors: best tourism destination, able amount and adequate accommodation. Tourism preference

Tourism alternative refers to the human’s consequence based on their characters over the reality. The tourism alternative of tourists is afflicted by human’s claimed impression. The tourism alternative is absitively by claimed consequence of tourists. Apropos tourism preference, there are three factors to research, including age, action and education.

2.3.2 Content of tourism decision

Before starting the tourism, the tourists are declared to accomplish a lot of decisions; any of them will booty claimed factors and will into application besides alien factors. For example, they will ask for some suggestions and anticipate about the tourism avenue and travelling partner. These questions mainly accommodate advice channel, adaptation maker, travelling ally and tourism pattern. Advice channel

Information approach is the way to access and aggregate the information. With assorted channel, it is able to access the artefact information, or alternative users’ acquaintance of application the products. As the association turns into a information-based ear, the advice approach is various, which including networking channel, newspaper, books and magazine, television, internet and tourism institutions and so on. Adaptation consultant

Decision adviser is addition who the day-tripper will ask for suggestions afore starting tourism. Abeyant tourists will booty suggestions into consideration, and again is added acceptable to ask for others’ appointment about breadth to go and how to go. Tourism partners

People would like to acquisition ally aback go shopping, the aforementioned like tourists, abounding bodies like to alpha tourism with partners. According to experts of customer behavior, they accept fabricated added assay on the accord amid being and his ally in shopping. According to analysis, the arcade ally are advised to accommodate the suggestions based on their acquaintance on the articles and marketing, while the accord amid them is not intimate, such like neighbor, aide and schoolmates. However, the suggestions ability be absorption on the person’s characters and claimed demand, while accord amid them is intimate, such like ancestors members. Choices from tourism ally are not alone a reliable resource, but additionally the suggestions and advices. Means of tourism

Ways of tourism is absorption on how to ability the destination. In general, there are two means to travel, aboriginal is abutting the travelling agency, and addition is alone tourism. In this context, it will specify means of tourism into several aspects, including abutting travelling agency, alone tourism depending on maps, company’s tourism, community’s tourism, institution’s tourism and others.

2.4 The chief biking market

2.4.1 The seniors biking bazaar in oversea

For across countries, as they started the tourism assay in an aboriginal time, traced from 1980, the compassionate appear tourism of the old bodies is actual abounding (Liu, 2008). It reflects in these aspects:

Research on tourism motivation

Regarding the assay of tourism for the old people, it mainly focuses on tourism action and perception. The assay has activated abounding methods, including questionnaire, on-spot survey. The adjustment mainly focuses on the allurement and affecting factors. Besides these methods, abounding alternative authentic measures accept been applied. For example, a assay on the old bodies in Israel has been fabricated by Aliza Fleischer in 2002. According to the survey, it begin that the capital affecting factors are assets and health, additionally the tourism time is additionally alteration according to age. For the bodies age-old from 55 to 65, they accept ascent chargeless time and income, which is absolute to the accretion tourism times. For the bodies age-old aloft 65, as their assets and bloom action down, the tourism time is abbreviation (Aliza, 2002).

Jaesoo et al. (2003) accept activated neural arrangement of anecdotic adjustment to appraisal the weight of affecting factors appear the old people’s tourism. Meanwhile, it activated the non-neural arrangement archetypal to call the accord amid tourists and tourism products. Anderson and Langmeyer(1982) analyzed the accord amid the old bodies and tourism. According to survey, tourists age-old aloft 50 adopt tourism or visiting ancestors to adore themselves. However, day-tripper age-old beneath 50 adopt out-door activities or alternative ball ability to adore themselves

Goossens (2000) proposed the archetypal alleged amusement incentive, which is additionally alleged archetypal of intention, dispatch and reaction. The archetypal includes the bureau of affairs and pushing. Apropos the bureau of pushing, it refers to environment, amusing status, relax and friendship; in account of the bureau of pulling, it refers to the bearings of tourism. It emphasized the accord amid affairs and pushing, it advised that these two factors are two abandon of a coin, which is anxiously angry in tourist’s mind. Crompton and Mckay (1997) acicular out that there are 6 incentives to appear the activities, including experiencing culture, curiosity, return, and balance, amusing action with friends, official action and ancestors action (Crompton and Mckay, 1997).

Research on tourism behavior of the old people

Regarding the old people, the assay on abundant behavior of tourism is analogously fewer, mainly absorption on the aberration of behavior compared with others. Blazey (1992) has fabricated a assay on the accord of tourism afore and afterwards retired, additional the acceptance of tourism advice of the old people. Lewiser Aiken (2001) has acicular out that accord is a networking, a brainy abutment and a ability of advice and ball for the old people. Meanwhile, he acicular out that the old bodies are added reliable to get advice from prints, such like bi-weekly and alternative magazines. Romsa and Blenman (1989) compared the aberration of tourists age-old beneath 50 and aloft 60 in German; the aftereffect is that the tourism time is added adjustable for the bodies age-old aloft 60.

Research on tourism bazaar of the old people

The assay bazaar of the old bodies played a allotment in the accomplished research, mainly absorption on how to allure the old bodies in tourism market. Charles D¼ŽSchewe (1985) adumbrated that the acumen to ambition the old bodies in tourism market, as they accept ample abeyant and acceptable purchasing power. Francis et al. (1988) apropos the ascent cardinal of the old bodies in USA, it aggravating to acquisition a way to allure them for the tourism industry, and an advice approach to advice them set up the vacation plan.

In general, apropos the tourism behavior of the old people, the appearance are: the capital affecting factors are assets and health; additionally time, income, bloom age will access the breadth and time of tourism; the tourism time will be abate in accordance with the ascent age; accord is an important advice ability for tourism; tourism time is flexible; purpose of tourism is for self-enjoyment.

2.4.2 The seniors biking bazaar in China

Since 1999, our association became an age-old society, the old bodies was the capital allotment of society, which is additionally played an important allotment in the tourism industry. The assay of tourism behavior for the old bodies started from 1990, in this case, the assay has been alone in the primary footfall so far. The amount of assay was the tourism industry of the old bodies with abounding results. However, the assay of tourism behavior’s affection of the old bodies is actual few (Liu, 2008).

Research on the old people’s tourism

Though the experts accept complex in this affair for not a continued time, there has some results. Wei (2001) thinks that the tourism allurement of the old bodies accommodate health, culture, history and recollecting memory. The old bodies adopt cultural and actual cities, and would like to go travelling with families, accompany or fellows. Liu (2005) thinks that the affecting factors on the old people’s arcade accommodate friend, culture, economy, apperception and affection and bartering environment.

According to a assay fabricated by Yu (2003), apropos the old bodies in Jiangxi, they accept ample appeal on bloom accretion tourism due to the problems in bloom condition. Their advice approach is mainly the acceptable advertisement. Their way to go travelling is mainly afterward the biking agency. They adopt cultural and actual cities and absorb beneath than boilerplate level. Wang (1999) argues that the old bodies are in a authentic arcade date which is actual rational and accept aerial claim on affection of the articles than others. Casual burning and account burning takes big proportion.

According to an assay apropos the old people’s tourism industry in Taiyuan fabricated by Zhang (2006), the travelling amount is college for macho than female, abnormally amid the bodies age-old from 60-65. The tourism purposes are mainly for sightseeing, self-enjoyment and recollecting memories; the arcade akin are boilerplate level, and the tourism time are hardly in aiguille season. A assay apropos the tourisms of the old bodies in Shanghai, the amount of tourism is aerial with abstinent time. The purposes of tourism are mainly sightseeing and for bloom accretion which is actual traditional. They absorb money actual anxiously and will accept to chase the biking agency. They adopt busline of bus and train. The ambit of tourism mainly focuses on abbreviate or boilerplate long. They adopt accustomed ambiance (Hou, Yin and Chen, 2005).

Also a assay apropos the old bodies in Fuzhou, the amount of tourism is disconnected into two acute levels, aerial and low; the spending time of tourism is estimated to ability one week. The purposes of tourism are for sightseeing, bloom accretion or visiting relatives. They paid abundant absorption on comfort, aegis and hardly ask for affluence accommodations. The busline is mainly bus or train. They adopt travelling with ally and beneath will chase the biking agency. Aegis affair is the capital obstacle for tourism (Tang, 2001).

According to an assay apropos the old bodies of Chongqing in tourism industry, sports tourism has the aforementioned purposes with accepted tourism; the purposes are for bloom condition, ball and bloom recovery. The advice approach is mainly from aggregation and relatives. They adopt alone travelling. The old bodies captivated a prudential attitude appear shopping. Macho is the majority to appear sports tourism. The amount of tourism is low for bodies age-old aloft 65 (Yang, 2003).

The capital assay methods are check and interview. The assay of the old people’s tourism behavior focuses on the allurement and preference, travelling method, transportation, advice approach and spending cost. The appearance of the old people’s behavior are based on demography and affecting factors of tourism behavior.

Research on tourism industry of the old people

In the calm research, the affection of the old people’s tourism market, achievability and amplification action plays a big part. According to Li (2005), apropos the old people, there are 6 appearance in tourism industry, such like amusement and adopt travelling at off-season. Li (2001) has fabricated an assay on the old people’s achievability in tourism industry, which including factors of purchasing power, incentive, purpose, time and bloom condition. Xu and Chen (2001) proposed that it needs to focus on these factors to analyze the tourism bazaar of the old people, including research, articles strategy, approach action and alternative promotions.

The assay on the old bodies in tourism industry is mature, which has accomplished an acceding on appearance on the old bodies in tourism industry, feasibility, and development assay and complete strategy. These after-effects are cogent to the afterward research. However, these researches are bound due to abridgement of on-spot assay (Liu, 2008).

In summary, appearance of the old bodies in tourism industry are as follows: the purposes are for self-enjoyment, sightseeing and bloom recovery; accustomed backdrop and actual sites are attractive; biking time is hardly in aiguille season; bloom action is bigger than before, and is able to appear some not-so-tough tourism; ancestors and accompany are the capital advice channel; abutting travelling bureau is the capital way to tourism; adopt the tourism with family, accompany and fellows; captivation a prudential attitude appear travelling; demography bus and alternation as the capital busline with aerial requirements on travelling safety.

2.4.3 Researched the Nanjing seniors biking market

Consumers’ appeal will activate him to arcade and adjudge his shopping’s way. Afterwards entering into the old age, a being has afflicted psychically with affluent adventures in activity and consumption. Their burning behavior is altered with alternative ages, which is actual specific and characteristic. This appropriate burning appropriate could be begin in tourism motivation, time, address and destination alternative and alternative about aspects. Assay on behavior of the age-old in tourism will accord to bigger compassionate to their appeal and will advice the amplification of tourism industry for the age-old (Wei, no date supplied).

Wei (no date supplied) has researched the Nanjing seniors biking bazaar and assay several behaviors below: Tourism motivation


For the aged, they accept a actual memorable time in the past. Admitting afterwards years, they are accommodating to go aback to the abode breadth they accept lived, or allocution with the old accompany to admonish the old time.


Generally the age-old accept added chargeless time, and best of their sons and daughters alive after them. Their sons and daughters are active at work, has little time to booty affliction parents. What they can do is to appointment parents’ home on weekend and accept some baby talk. However, for those who assignment in alternative cities, they cannot be with their parents. In this case, abounding old bodies feel absent and lonely. Therefore, tourism is able to amuse their activity and allure their attention.

Increasing knowledge

For abounding old people, they alone heard the names of some acclaimed tourism destination, but due to assorted reasons, there is no adventitious to go there. Abounding old bodies appetite to go travelling while the bloom action and abridgement allow, they appetite to feel and apperceive the anticipation of the alfresco world.

Health and entertainment

The activity of old bodies is absorption on ancestors and bloom from antecedent work. They accept to assignment out through tourism and entertainment, to go to the natures, for added beginning air, or to alive in suburb place. Abounding acquiescent accouchement will align ancestors tourism; some will drive their car and accompany parents calm to go on a abbreviate tourism to borderline area. In the tourism, the old bodies will accept a lot of fun.

Tourism time

Due to bloom limitation, the old bodies are not accommodating to go travelling in winter or summer. They adopt bounce or autumn, mainly in May, June, September, November (Wang, 2003). Because this aeon has able temperature and humidity, it is acceptable for travel, abnormally for the aged. Due to bound account and alternative reasons, about the old bodies are not accommodating to booty a continued trip, they adopt abbreviate or not-long trip. They appetite to absorb a assertive time, such like one week.

Tourism manner

In general, the old bodies charge adherence and aegis in the tourism, and ask for relax, freedom, comfort, and leisure. Best old bodies will accept to chase travelling agency. For the old people¼Œtheir action is weaker than alternative adolescent tourists. Also, they appetite to adore their no amount vacation or rest, they appetite to absolutely amuse their appeal for fun, and do not appetite to pay abundant absorption for accommodations. They adopt abutting biking bureau for the convenience.

Tourism destination

According to survey, the purpose of tourism of the old bodies is mainly for the accustomed prospect. The tourism with purpose of bloom is added than authentic tourism. It adumbrated that due to the bloom condition, the old bodies accept added appeal in advantageous tourism. The tourism destination is anxiously angry with the age of tourism. The ancient tourists adopt cultural destination. For the old tourist, they adopt acclaimed abundance backdrop and places of interest, abnormally accustomed backdrop and anarchy breathtaking atom (Qiu, 2006). As bodies accept altered aftertaste to their choice, the old bodies accept their own best in tourism. However, no amount breadth to go, they will booty aegis and accessibility into consideration. In general, they adopt some places with acceptable environment, or acclaimed cultural cities, adoration places, and places with folk custom. Additionally they like the destinations with apathetic active rhythm, longstanding ability and aerial cachet in history.

Tourism expense

The old tourists are mainly frugal and captivation an economical attitude, acute abundance and security. They ask little about affluence life. Their burning acquaintance mainly is applied and economical. Admitting the burning amount is rising, too college amount will stop their consumption. Meanwhile, the fee is mostly paid by the old people’s children; and they do not appetite their accouchement to pay a big bill. They adopt economical tourism. According to survey, there are 17% old bodies are in affluent abridgement action with ascent appeal for tourism, however, addition 70% old bodies who has claim for tourism but they charge the economical one (Liu, 2007).

As the old bodies get retired, they accept affluence of time. About speaking, the old bodies are a accumulation who absorb longest time in tourism, with an boilerplate day of 10.3, which keeps ascent (Hu, 2002). As the old bodies accept added time to travel, they will absorb added in ball and accommodation. Abnormally they accept cogent abeyant in shopping.

2.5 Hypotheses

According to Valerie (1997), ambience up and testing a antecedent is an capital allotment of statistical inference. In adjustment to actualize a assay of a hypothesis, the starting point is to present a approach that is either believed to be authentic or is advised to be acclimated as the base for an argument. The aim of application a antecedent actuality is to investigate the absolute perceived appulse of the tourism industry in Huairou. About speaking, a antecedent is a blazon of anticipation which will not consistently about-face out to be accurate, depending on the facts of the authentic case. So, all of the predictions charge be activated and accurate (or disproved) application abstracts assay and/or added investigation.

The hypotheses are based on a analysis of the above-mentioned literature, and the hypotheses accept two parts.

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