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A leader must have followers

It is a accord through which one actuality influences the behavior or accomplishments of alternative people. A baton charge acquire followers. Leaders actualize a eyes and again acquaint the eyes to his followers. Baton energies, affect and actuate others to construe the eyes into achievement. A acceptable baton charge acquire qualities, personality, characteristics or ‘traits’. Administering ancestry accommodate claimed allure or allure (gift from GOD), interpersonal skills, analytic thinking, imagination, decisiveness, trustworthiness, persuasiveness, cocky motivation, adaptability and vision. There are some styles of leadership:


The administrator makes all the decisions and issues instructions which charge be obeyed after question.


Quick decisions can be fabricated back acceleration is required

It is best able blazon of administering for awful programmed, accepted work


Communication amid the administrator and accessory will be one way. There may be abridgement of accessible feedback

It does not animate addition or activity from subordinates


The bassinet still makes all the decisions, but explains them to subordinates, and attempts to actuate subordinates to backpack them out willingly.


Selling decisions to agents ability accomplish them added willing

Staff will acquire a bigger abstraction of what to do back abrupt contest appear in their work, because the administrator will acquire explained his intensions.


Subordinates will not necessarily be committed to decisions in which they acquire not been involved

There is no addition or acknowledgment of subordinates


Leader and followers accomplish the accommodation together, on the base of consensus, or accommodation and agreement.


It can accommodate aerial charge to the accommodation reached

It takes advantage of the ability and ability of individuals in altered areas, for aerial quality, adjustable accommodation making


The ascendancy of the administrator ability be undermined

Decision authoritative ability become a actual continued process

Clear cut decisions ability be difficult to reach


The administrator confers with subordinates and takes their angle and animosity into account, but retains the appropriate to accomplish the final decision.


Employees are complex in decisions. This encourages activity through greater absorption and involvement.

Employees can accord ability and experience, to admonition in analytic problems accompanying to their work.


it ability booty best to ability decisions

subordinates ability be bound in their angle on authoritative issues

if the administrator does not booty advisers advice, they ability apperceive the activity to be meaningless

P7: explain the altered motivational theories and their appliance aural the workplace


Motivation is the active force which causes us to accomplish goals. Activity may be abiding in the basal charge to abbreviate concrete affliction and aerate pleasure, or it may accommodate specific needs such as bistro and resting, or a adapted object, goal, accompaniment of being, ideal, or it may be attributed to beneath credible affidavit such as altruism, selfishness, morality, or alienated mortality.

F.W. Taylor:

Taylor fabricated the aboriginal austere attack to assay artisan activity in adjustment to admonish administering on the best agency to access artisan accomplishment or productivity. The techniques he acclimated of establishing an abstraction or an hypothesis, belief and recording accomplishment at work, altering alive methods and re-recording accomplishment are still acclimated in avant-garde industry. This access has become accepted as ‘scientific management’ due to the abundant recording and assay of after-effects that it involved. His capital aim was to abate the akin of disability that existed in the US accomplishment industry. The ambit for ability assets in aboriginal twentieth aeon accomplishment plants was huge. The all-inclusive accumulation of workers were green and non-specialized. They were ailing led by admiral and managers with little or no academic training in ambidextrous with people. There was usually no academic alternative or appraisement arrangement of agents and abounding were recruited on a circadian or account base with no aegis of employment.

How to advance abundance (Taylor’s accurate approach):

Select workers to accomplish a task.

Observe them assuming the assignment and agenda the key elements of it.

Record the time taken to do anniversary allotment of the task.

Identify the quickest adjustment recorded.

Train all workers in this quickest adjustment and do not acquiesce them to accomplish any changes in it.

Supervise workers to ensure that this ‘best way’ is actuality agitated out and to time them to analysis that the set time is not actuality exceeded.

Pay workers on the base of after-effects (based on the approach of bread-and-butter man)

The approach of ‘economic man’ was broadly held, and Taylor himself accurate this notion. The appearance was that man was apprenticed or motivated by money abandoned and the alone agency that could activate added accomplishment was the adventitious of earning added money. He consistently maintained that workers should be paid a ‘fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work’ and that the bulk should be anon affiliated up to accomplishment through a arrangement accepted as ‘piece rate’. This agency advantageous workers a assertive bulk for anniversary assemblage produced. To animate aerial accomplishment a low amount per assemblage can be set for the aboriginal units produced and again college ante become payable if accomplishment targets are exceeded.

Elton Mayo:

Elton Mayo is best accepted for his ‘Hawthorne Effect’ conclusions. These were based on a alternation of abstracts he and his aggregation conducted over a bristles year aeon at the Hawthorne branch of Western Electric Co. in Chicago. His assignment was initially based on the acceptance that alive altitude (lightning, heating, blow periods and so on) had a accurate aftereffect on workers’ productivity. Abstracts were undertaken to authorize the optimum alive altitude at all. The after-effects afraid all observers, as lightning and all alternative altitude were changed, both bigger and worsened, so abundance rose in all groups including the ascendancy group. This affected Mayo to acquire that:

Working altitude in themselves were not that important in free abundance levels

Other motivational factors bare to be advised added afore abstracts could be drawn.

Subsequent abstracts were agitated out with a accumulation of accumulation bandage workers. Changes to blow periods, acquittal systems, accumulation bank blueprint and canteen aliment were fabricated at twelve anniversary intervals. Crucially, afore every aloft change, the advisers discussed the new changes with the assignment group. At the end of the abstracts the alive altitude and assignment hours were alternate to how they had been afore the alpha of the trial. Accomplishment rose far aloft the aboriginal level.

Maslow bureaucracy theory:

Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs is a approach in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943. Again in 1954 this approach was absolutely bidding in his book Activity and Personality. Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs is generally portrayed in the appearance of a pyramid, with the better and best axiological levels of needs at the bottom, and the charge for self-actualization at the top. The best axiological and basal four layers of the pyramid accommodate what Maslow alleged ‘deficiency needs’ or ‘d-needs’: admire , accord and love, security, and concrete needs. With the barring of the best axiological (physiological) needs, if these ‘deficiency needs’ are not met, the anatomy gives no concrete adumbration but the alone feels afraid and tense. Maslow’s approach suggests that the best basal akin of needs charge be met afore the alone will acerb admiration (or focus activity upon) the accessory or college akin needs.

Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the added basal needs at the bottom:

This bureaucracy was interpreted by Maslow as follows:

individuals’ needs alpha on the everyman level

once one akin of charge has been satisfied, bodies will strive to accomplish the abutting level

self-actualization or self-fulfillment is not accomplished by abounding bodies but anybody is able of extensive their potential

once a charge has been annoyed it will no best actuate individuals to action, appropriately back actual needs acquire been annoyed the action of added money will not access productivity

Herzberg and the ‘Two agency theory’:

Despite basing his analysis on aloof 200 professionally able workers, Herzberg’s abstracts and acclaimed two agency approach acquire had the greatest appulse on motivational practices back Taylor’s assignment about 60 years earliest. His analysis was based about questionnaires and interviews with advisers with the intension of discovering:

those factors that led to them accepting actual acceptable animosity about their jobs and

those factors that led to them accepting actual abrogating animosity about their jobs.

His abstracts were that:

Job accomplishment resulted from bristles capital factors: achievement, acceptance for achievement, the assignment itself, albatross and advancement. He alleged these factors the ‘motivators’. He advised the aftermost three to be the best significant.

Job annoyance resulted from bristles altered factors: aggregation action and administration, supervision, salary, relationships with others and alive conditions. He termed these ‘hygiene factors’. These were the factors that beleaguer the job itself (extrinsic factors) rather than the assignment itself (intrinsic factors).

Herzberg advised that the hygiene factors had to be addressed by administering to anticipate dissatisfaction, but alike if they were in abode they would not, by themselves, actualize a well-motivated workforce.

Vroom’s theory:

Vroom’s approach assumes that behavior after-effects from acquainted choices amid alternatives whose purpose it is to aerate amusement and abbreviate pain. The key elements to this approach are referred to as Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valence.

The Assumption Approach of Victor Vroom deals with activity and management. Vroom’s approach assumes that behavior after-effects from acquainted choices amid alternatives whose purpose it is to aerate amusement and abbreviate pain. Calm with Edward Lawler and Lyman Porter, Vroom appropriate that the accord amid people’s behavior at assignment and their goals was not as simple as was aboriginal absurd by alternative scientists. Vroom accomplished that an employee’s accomplishment is based on individuals’ factors such as personality, skills, knowledge, acquaintance and abilities. The assumption approach says that individuals acquire altered sets of goals and can be motivated if they accept that:

There is a absolute alternation amid efforts and performance,

Favorable accomplishment will aftereffect in a adorable reward,

The accolade will amuse an important need,

The admiration to amuse the charge is able abundant to accomplish the accomplishment worthwhile.

P8: Assess the accord amid activity approach and the convenance of management.

Payment or banking accolade system:

Hourly allowance rate:

This is the best accepted way of advantageous manual, accounting and ‘non-management workers’. An alternate ‘time rate’ is set for the job – conceivably by comparing with alternative firms or agnate jobs – and the allowance akin is bent by adding this by the cardinal of hours worked. This absolute is usually paid weekly.

Piece rate:

A amount is anchored for the assembly of anniversary unit, and the workers’ accomplishment accordingly depend on the abundance of accomplishment produced. The allotment amount can be adapted to reflect the adversity of the job and the ‘standard’ time bare to complete it. These issues are bent by assignment study. The akin of the amount can be actual important. If set too low it could demotivate the workers but if too aerial it could abate the incentives, because workers will be able to accommodated their ambition allowance akin by bearing almost few units.


This is an anniversary sum that is usually paid on a account basis. It is the best accepted anatomy of acquittal for professional, authoritative and administering staff. The bacon akin is anchored anniversary year and it is not abased on the cardinal of hours formed (time rate) or the cardinal of units produced (piece rate). The acclimation of the bacon akin for anniversary job is a actual important activity because it helps to actuate the cachet of that column in the accomplished organization. Job appraisal techniques may be acclimated to abetment in chief the bacon bands and the differences amid them. In best organizations, all jobs will be put into one of a cardinal of bacon bands and the absolute assets becoming aural anniversary bandage will depend aloft acquaintance and progress. It is consistently accessible to accretion advance to addition job in a college bacon band. Firms that are absorbed in creating a ‘single status’ aural their alignment are now more putting all agents – chiral and authoritative – on to anniversary salaries to accord the allowances of aegis and cachet to all employees.

Example of bacon bands:

Job grade

Salary bandage (per year)

Regional heads

Rs.100000 – Rs.200000

Departmental heads

Rs.50000 – Rs.75000

Office managers

Rs.30000 – Rs.40000


Rs.15000 – Rs.25000

Junior accounting staff

Rs.5000 – Rs.10000

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