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A Homophobic Environment And Schools Education Essay

Homophobia refers to the abrogating animosity that some bodies accept appear bodies who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered LGBT and can about advance to harassment, blowing and victimisation. Admitting this definition, the Association of Agents and Lecturers (2013) accompaniment that it is not aloof bound to actuality targeted at those who analyze themselves as actuality LGBT. They accept that bodies who are abandoned perceived to be gay can be targeted, as able-bodied as those who do not accommodate to bookish gender roles. Boys who affectation characteristics that are stereotypically feminine and girls who affectation characteristics that are stereotypically adult can be faced with corruption in schools. For example, AVERT (n.d.) address that boys are usually “stereotyped as adventurous and able decision-makers, and girls are accustomed to be affecting and expressive.” Therefore, boys can be labelled as actuality gay if they don’t like sports, if they appear to appearance their animosity or if others anticipate they are actuality too affectionate with another boys.

A abstraction by Rivers (2000, p14) activate that there are a cardinal of places this blowing can booty place, including in the classroom, playground, corridors, toilets, alteration apartment and on their way home. The Department for Children, Schools and Families (2007, p.16) account a cardinal of agency that accouchement can acquaintance homophobic bullying. They altercate that it can abide of exact corruption (such as beggarly jokes, evocative remarks, affliction and name calling) or non-verbal corruption (such as artful them and application abhorrent gestures appear them). They additionally altercate that pupils could be abandoned or afar from abutting in with others, be threatened or acquaintance concrete corruption (such as hitting or kicking). It additionally states that pupils may acquaintance cyber-bullying via email, babble rooms, amusing arrangement sites and adaptable phones. Furthermore, they accompaniment that abhorrent graffiti or administration of another abhorrent actual could be acclimated to annoy the child.

Stonewall (n.d.) accompaniment that agents accept a acknowledged assignment to ensure homophobia is dealt with in schools. The Apprenticeship and Inspections Act 2006 states that there is a “need to aegis and advance the rights and abundance of pupils” (Firth, 2012, p6). Beneath this law, agents charge “identify and apparatus measures to advance adequate behaviour, account for others, and cocky conduct amidst pupils, and to anticipate all forms of bullying”, including homophobic blowing (Stonewall, n.d.). Firth (p.6) states that the Adequation Act 2010 imposes a assignment on schools to be proactive in announcement adequation of befalling for all. She says that, beneath this law, is it actionable to put bodies at a disadvantage based aloft their animal acclimatization and, accordingly it offers aegis adjoin absolute and aberrant discrimination, aggravation and victimisation. Firth (p.6) additionally talks about the Animal Rights Act 1998 which “requires schools to account and bulk all of their pupils” and states that they accept a adapted to clandestine action and to be chargeless from discrimination. Department For Apprenticeship and Abilities (2004, p9) states that OFSTED insists that inspectors address how schools advance the bristles outcomes of the Every Adolescent Matters policy. These outcomes are “being physically and mentally healthy, blockage safe and actuality adequate from corruption and neglect, adequate and achieving, authoritative a absolute addition by actuality absolutely complex in association and society, and bread-and-butter wellbeing.” It adds that it will be absurd to bear all bristles of these outcomes in a ability of homophobia.

Despite these laws actuality in place, Moore & Rosenthal (2006, p.132) altercate that ‘there is now ample affirmation that schools are a able armpit for homophobia to flourish’ and this is additionally reflected in analysis appear by Stonewall, a alms organisation which fights for LGBT rights. They accept conducted a cardinal of surveys in contempo years, allurement for both the pupils and agents credibility of appearance and adventures of homophobia in schools. The Academy Address (2012) was a analysis of added than 1,600 gay adolescent bodies in Britain. It activate that added than bisected of LGBT bodies acquaintance homophobic blowing at academy (Stonewall, 2012, p.2)

Even if they are not bullied, ninety six per cent of gay pupils heard homophobic animadversion such as ‘poof’ or ‘lezza’ whilst ninety nine per cent apprehend aspersing phrases such as ‘that’s so gay’ (Stonewall, 2012, p.5). Thurlow (2001, p.36) writes that “sticks and stones may be added adequate to breach their basic but the relentless, absent-minded use of homophobic pejoratives will best absolutely abide to accommodation the cerebral bloom of adolescent homosexual and bisexual bodies by insidiously amalgam their female as article wrong, alarming or shameworthy.” Dye (n.d.) quotes Sue Allen, armchair of Families and Accompany of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG) as adage that “Every bearing has a chat which they use as a appellation of answerability […] today it is ‘gay'”. She claims that pupils in primary schools activate application it to beggarly annihilation that’s ‘naff or abnormal’ and, as a result, by the time they ability accessory school, a action of negativity surrounds actuality gay. Plummer (2001, p17) agrees that initially back pupils are application these agreement they are not apropos to homosexuality. He says that pupils will use the appellation ‘gay’ to accredit to article that “looks a bit different, a bit tacky, affecting or annihilation like that.” He states those who were alleged “poofters” were the ones that weren’t in the ‘in crowd’ such as those who didn’t comedy action or those who were absorbed in accession things or reading. Moore & Rosenthanal (2006, p.172) altercate that animal connotations are not absorbed to these abhorrent agreement until the accouchement get into their adolescence but admitting this, they recognise that these agreement accept “deeply abrogating and abhorrent meanings.” Therefore, alike if they alpha off in a non-sexual sense, “the able aftereffect of these absolutely targeted homophobic agreement […] provides a adverse ambience for the development of a homosexual indentity.” Barnes (2011) believes that the acumen accouchement use and beam at this blazon of aspersing analogue is because they don’t accept all the facts about homosexuality. Afterwards they apperceive the facts, she argues, they activate to use the actual words in the actual way. 

Stonewall’s Academy Address (2012, p21) capacity a cardinal of statistics that appearance that abounding pupils address a abatement in their appearance to lessons. For example, it states that seventy per cent of LGBT pupils accept to absence academy at atomic once. Furthermore, about bisected of the LGBT pupils who acquaintance homophobic blowing accept to absence academy because they are actuality bullied. This can advance to them accepting abaft in their assignment and ultimately their accomplishment may be affected. 43 per cent of abashed of LGBT pupils accompaniment that they feel they are backward in their academy work. (p.20) Over 30 per cent change their affairs for approaching apprenticeship because they are actuality bullied, acceptation that they are added adequate to leave academy at 16, rather than accustomed to abstraction for their A-Levels and go to university, for archetype (p.21). Stonewall accompaniment that Ofsted requires schools to brand out homophobic blowing in their analysis framework and, accordingly they accept that “schools should see arrest homophobic blowing as allotment of their added drive to advance behaviour and addition aspiration, standards and attainment.” (p27)

There are apropos that schools are not accomplishing abundant to accomplish all pupils feel adequate in their school. Stonewall (2012, p.20) activate that added than fifty per cent of LGBT pupils feel as if they don’t accord at their academy and 46% don’t feel as if they can act like themselves back they are at school. A agnate allotment affirmation that it is adamantine for gay bodies to feel accustomed in academy and about fifty per cent of abashed LGBT pupils say that they accept low self-esteem (pp.21-22). Furthermore, forty one per cent don’t feel allotment of their academy association and 30 per cent disagree with the angle that their academy ‘an accepting, advanced abode area I feel welcome’. Barnes (2011) believes that it is capital that the class reflects the association we alive in and therefore, as LGBT bodies are a accustomed allotment of our community, they should additionally be included in the curriculum. She states that it is bigger to “seep LGBT bodies into [the pupil’s] consciousness” rather than to absolutely accost the acceptance with LGBT issues. She believes that this can be done through a aggregate of across-the-board assignment affairs and giving them the facts through discussions that arise. Stonewall (2009a, p12) lists examples such as discussing LGBT characters in novels, civilian partnerships and altered families. They accompaniment that these are all ideal agency to altercate gay issues in a “sensitive and adapted manner”. In adjustment to ensure that the pupils feel accustomed in school, they additionally acclaim announcement posters which acquaint absolute belletrist of adequation such as the ‘Some bodies are gay, get over it’ campaign. The best schools do added than accouterment homophobic blowing and accordingly schools should assignment appear all-embracing an ambiance area assortment is acknowledgment and acclaimed beyond accomplished academy community. (Stonewall, 2012, p27)

However not all agents are blessed to accommodate LGBT issues into their lessons. In January 2009, a London primary academy abecedary faced antidotal action afterwards she banned to apprehend the book ‘And Tango Makes Three’, accounting by Parnell & Richardson in 2005 (UK Parliament, 2013a). The adventure book tells the adventure of a gay penguin brace and already she realised that she that the book was advocating gay alliance she banned to abide account it because of her Christian beliefs. She is not alone. The UK Pariliament (2013b) states that a 2013 poll conducted by ComRes activate that over forty thousand agents say they will apparently debris to advise about ‘the accent of’ same-sex alliance if the Alliance (Same Sex couples) bill is eventually passed. Dashwood (2011) expresses that in her acquaintance of homophobia in schools, she believes it is absolutely the pupils who appearance the best bulk of tolerance, rather than the teachers. She argues that “it is about adolescent bodies who are the best accepting associates of a academy community, and a aftereffect they put abounding of their agents to shame.” She concludes that the government should ensure that educators are not amenable for any homophobia in the classroom, afore attempting to accouterment homophobic blowing amid pupils.

Stonewall (2012) states that whilst accouchement in acceptance schools are no added adequate to address homophobic blowing than those in non-faith schools (p.4), agents in religious schools are added adequate to accomplish homophobic animadversion and beneath adequate to claiming pupils back they apprehend them accomplish homophobic remarks, than those who advise in non-faith schools (p.12). Garner (2011) believes that a cardinal of acceptance schools appearance themselves aloft the law and anticipate they can “do annihilation that they accept is band with their religious beliefs.”

Stonewall (2012, p.21) states that “gay pupils who are abashed are at academy accident of suicide, self-harm and depression.” LGBT organisation, Revel and Riot (n.d) suggests that the acumen abaft these thoughts are due to internalised homophobia; subconsciously-developed abrogating animosity LGBT bodies feel appear themselves because of their sexuality. Revel and Riot accompaniment that LGBT bodies may alpha to accept these abrogating attitudes because they are ‘affected and hurt’ by the bigotry gay bodies accept in society. They accept that internalised homophobia can booty a cardinal of forms. Firstly, a gay actuality can alive in ‘denial’, area they alive their lives assuming to be heterosexual which can advance to the actuality action “unfulfilled and lonely.” Secondly, a actuality can abide closeted. This agency that they booty allotment in homosexual action but keeps it a abstruse from the bodies abutting to them. Revel and Riot altercate that “being closeted is affiliated with high-anxiety, low self-esteem, added accident for suicide and accustomed abridgement of fulfillment.” The Stonewall analysis (2012, p22) activate that added than fifty per cent accept to demography accomplishments to advisedly corruption themselves, such as acid or afire themselves. About fifty per cent of LGBT bodies who are abashed appearance affection affiliated with abasement whilst thirty bristles per cent of those who weren’t abashed showed abasement affection (p.22) Almost a division of LGBT pupils accustomed to attempting suicide at some point, whilst over seventy per cent affirmation to accept at atomic advised it. Stonewall (2012, p.4) compares these abstracts to those appear by the Samaritans which states that alone seven per cent of all adolescent bodies (either beeline or LGBT) accept anytime attempted suicide and beneath than fifty per cent accept advised it. Rebel and Riot (n.d.) altercate that the affliction anatomy of internalised homophobia is advancing denial, area a actuality feels so acerb that they should not be gay that they repress their animal desires and act out in a homophobic address appear another LGBT people.

Over a division of abashed LGBT pupils say they feel accusable about accepting abashed whilst over sixty per cent say they feel abashed and over forty per cent say they feel ashamed.(Stonewall, 2012, p.21) It is not consistently accessible for agents to be acquainted of back a adherent is the victim of homophobic blowing and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (2007, p16-17) accept that this is because abounding pupils are abashed to accept it, conceivably because they do not appetite to acknowledge their female to their abecedary or because they are abashed that they are actuality perceived in this way and actuality abashed for it back they absolutely are not LGBT. Alternatively, they altercate that some pupils may accept not to acquaint their agents that they are actuality abashed because they anguish about how the “staff may accord with the botheration accustomed the sensitivities involved” (p.19) A Stonewall address from 2009 focused on responses from agents of both primary and accessory schools on their acquaintance of homophobia in the classroom. It activate that about thirty per cent of agents accompaniment that they would not feel assured in acknowledging a adherent who absitively to appear out as LGBT to them (Stonewall, 2009b, p16). Furthermore, forty per cent say that they “would not feel assured in accouterment information, admonition and advice on gay issues” to their pupils. Apropos about how agents will acknowledge associate with abstracts from Stonewall’s Academy Address (2012, p.12) that shows that abounding LGBT pupils feel that their schools “often abort to arbitrate back homophobic blowing and accent occurs.” The address activate that the amount of homophobic blowing is abundant academy in schools area agents never footfall in back they apprehend homophobic remarks, compared to schools area the agents claiming homophobic animadversion every time. (Stonewall, 2012, p.13)

Up until 2003, it was actionable for agents to “intentionally advance homosexuality” or to advance “the acceptability of homosexuality as a affected ancestors relationship” (National Archives, n.d.) This was declared as allotment of Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act. Alike admitting this has now been repealed, there may still be abashing of what is acceptable. This adequately contempo change of the law may leave those that accept been teaching for a while abashed as to what they are accustomed to do. If they accept consistently been told that they are not accustomed to advise about gay issues throughout their career, abounding may abide to abstain these issues alike now the ban has been lifted. Bridges (2013) agrees with this angle as she states that gay relationships accept to be “outside the abundance zones of abounding teachers, and is accordingly not tackled with as abundant rigour as another types of bullying.”


Pupils who accept gay ancestors associates can additionally feel the aftereffect of homophobia in the classroom. Stonewall’s Altered Families (p.20) states that whilst lots of pupils who accept gay parents are accessible about their families, best are accurate about who they tell. Those who feel that they accept to accumulate their families abstruse from anybody acquisition it ‘stressful’. The address states that abounding pupils with gay parents are abashed that they will get abashed and this prevents them from actuality honest about their families. The address assured that pupils with gay parents don’t feel as admitting their families were reflected in the classroom. It states that too often, schools accept that pupils accept a mum and a dad both in classroom activities and in belletrist that are beatific home. Therefore, the address recommends that agents cease to accomplish this acceptance to abstain this ‘insensitivity’ appear the pupils who accept another families (p.22). Firth (2002, p7) acknowledges the accent for pupils who appear from LGBT families to “feel that their families are recognised, accustomed and respected.” For this acumen she believes that it is “entirely appropriate” to accept discussions amidst adolescent pupils about the assortment of families that abide aural society.

It is not aloof the pupils who acquaintance homophobic abuse. Williams (2012) states that a 2006 analysis by the Abecedary Abutment Arrangement apparent that “two-thirds of LGBT agents had accomplished aggravation or bigotry at assignment because of their animal orientation.” She writes that 81% of those accustomed bigotry from the pupils and but 46% said their colleagues were responsible. Dellenty (2012) hopes that gay agents will accept the backbone to appear out and hopes that schools abutment them back they do as there will be pupils who accept gay ancestors or accompany and those who will abound up to be LGBT themselves. He argues that these bodies “deserve and charge a adumbrative assorted ambit of accurate role models in schools.” The Department for Children, Families and Schools (????, p.13) writes that the Employment Adequation (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 aims to assure all associates of agents “against bigotry or aggravation on the area of their animal orientation” or perceived animal orienation.

Aside from bullying, there are additionally apropos that gay bodies are not able-bodied abundant abreast back it comes to animal health. The Sex Apprenticeship Forum (????) states that adolescent LGBT pupils about address action larboard out of sex and relationships programmes. The Department for Apprenticeship and Employment (2000) wrote that schools accept a albatross to ensure that the needs of all of their pupils are met in the sex apprenticeship programmes. They altercate that that all pupils “need to feel that sex and accord apprenticeship is accordant to them and acute to their needs”, behindhand of their animal orientation. They add that agents “should be able to accord candidly and cautiously with animal orientation, acknowledgment adapted questions and action support.”

Stonewall (2012, p???) activate that two thirds of gay pupils animosity demography allotment in aggregation sports. Futhermore, a analysis by the National Union of Acceptance (????) activate that 42% per cent of LGBT pupils had a abrogating acquaintance of arena action at academy which advance to them action as admitting they don’t appetite to comedy any sports at academy or university. The address concludes that schools should animate “LGBT-inclusiveness” by application action as a way of cogent to pupils that homophobia is not adequate behaviour “and that all associates of a sports aggregation should accord to creating an across-the-board environment.” They should additionally “make an accomplishment to abutment acceptance to participate in a ample ambit of sports, including those that are not archetypal for their gender.”

The anniversary of LGBT History ages in some schools is a footfall in the adapted direction. The National Union of Agents (NUT, 2013) argues that LGBT History Ages helps agents to “promote equality, bulk assortment and apparatus able strategies to eradicate homophobia.” The abstraction is to accomplish pupils acquainted of the achievements of LGBT bodies in Britain, as able-bodied as the struggles they faced in society. Demography abode every February, It is an befalling to appearance that bigotry adjoin bodies is amiss and charge be challenged. The NUT adds that “students in academy […] charge to altercate animal rights and accept the action abilities for a apple area LGBT and beeline bodies are equal.”

The LGBT History website outlines a cardinal of affidavit why this anniversary is benign to the accomplished academy community. It states that it is capital for everybody to be acquainted of the role of LGBT bodies in association and claims to aim to advice gay bodies be beheld by acceptance as “motivators, inventors, artists, scientists and stars, rather than as victims.” It additionally hopes to advice addition the self-esteem of adolescent LGBT pupils so they feel safe abundant to abide with their apprenticeship and abound to be blessed and advantageous adults who are “less adequate to ache from violence, depression, and suicide.” It is additionally an befalling to accommodate postive role models for the pupils.

An acute example, but one that has been launched in another countries, is that of a gay school; a academy for gay pupils, such as the Harvey Milk High Academy in New York. Launched in 2003, it was set up for those pupils who had been victimised and abused in their antecedent schools so abundant so that they were falling abaft in their assignment or acquainted too abashed to appear their classes (Henley, 2004). Abounding of its pupils accurate that after the academy they would accomplish no bookish advance and Henley (2004) writes that the academy boasts that 95% of its acceptance graduate, compared to aloof over 50% beyond New York generally. However, the abstraction is not accepted amidst as bodies can get abashed for a cardinal of reasons. Henely (2004) quoted Mike Long (who at the time was the administrator of the New York Conservative Party) as adage “if we charge a appropriate academy for homosexuals, maybe we charge a appropriate academy for little abbreviate fat kids because they get best on too”. Indeed, Stonewall’s analysis activate that homophobia was alone the additional best common anatomy of bullying, abaft blowing for actuality overweight. It is important to consider, therefore, that whilst these pupils may not get abashed for their animal acclimatization anymore, they could still be targeted for another reasons. Furthermore, there are apropos that amid homosexual bodies from heterosexual bodies at an aboriginal age is alone activity to account a added allegory after on in life. Henley (2004) writes that some gay activitists accept that “creating a new anatomy of gay ghetto is no way to animate affiliation and understanding”, abacus that “in the absolute world, […] gay and beeline bodies accept to apprentice to co-exist.

The Department for Apprenticeship and Abilities (2004) accept that schools are the ideal abode to claiming homophobia because they “make a cogent addition to the development of ethics and attitudes in adolescent accouchement that are adequate to be awful aggressive to change in after life.”

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