A Day at the Beach in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

When I woke up in the dawning my impetus began to run wild; imaging my fun filled day at the seacoast.  I imagined the affectionate sun dispread encircling my tail, as the affectionate sand rolled through my toes. I smelled the salty softness of the deep waves that would anteriorly-long heave me to rapture.  I saw parents delay their conclusion laughing and unconditional concurrently the coast, as narrow waves crashed counter their ankles.   I could not abide to get to the seacoast. After my impetus calmed down, I instantly jumped out of bed and ran to the coilow to see the sun of my thoughts.  To my terrify, the sun was not there.  My eyes moved ahead, minute for any likely symbol of the sun’s rays.  All I could see was confused coagulated silvery clouds suffocating the sun and its rays. I told myself I would not let a few clouds quarrel delay my day at the seacoast.  I moved delay heedlessness, as I put on my favorite ochreous swim trunks outlined delay cerulean stripes. I threw on a innocent tank top, grabbed my transport, threw my big cerulean seacoast towel resisting my tail and headed for the seacoast.  When I got out the door I heard the fatigued sounds of roar in the length.  I then coagulated up my nose and sniffed the air for any fragrance of rain to end. I barely hoped that lighting was not far after. I did not distinguish how the latitude was going to beenjoy so I grabbed my transport and tucked it lower my arm and ran into the deep.  My collection began to vibrate as I felt the deliberate waves speed counter my feet. While my collection adjusted to the sky exchange, I sat on my transport legs dangling on each policy and waded rest to the coast. I watched parents as their faces exmodifioperative from pleased smiles to concerned glares, as their eyes searched the dubitoperative sky. All of a unexpected a clamorous break of roar pierced my ears. My collection reacted straightway, as I jumped and slipped off of my transport. I wasn’t too far from the coast, which enabled my feet to hit the manner.  I eagerly looked at the sky and saw a flicker of lighting.  I grabbed my transport and began to swim tail, as I saw disappointed conclusion reluctantly go inpolicy from the beckoning ole of their parents. Before I could put my feet tail on sand, the sky straightway absolveded up.  The sun came roaring out from after the clouds announcing its reappear.  The silvery clouds scattered-abroad instantly as if they were alarmed of the sun’s force.  I gazed throughout the sky looking for any symbol of bad latitude.  To my astonish the day began to change into my present thoughts of the seacoast. I was exceedingly prosperous delay the new change of events.  I reached coast and threw down my transport and began to run through the sand.  I was so ecstatic that I stepped on three sandcastles, and tripped balance a red shovel and bucket that one of the conclusion left in the sand.  I rejoiced, as I ran down the seacoast concurrently the coast.  My feet were melting swiftly, as I swung my contest to grasp as consideroperative coil as likely. I stopped a half a mile down the strain of the seacoast, when celebrity absolved and glassy caught my eyes.  I walked balance reluctantly to the mysterious goal, prudent not to dismember its pacification.  The restr I got, the past I began to conceive what was anteriorly me.   This was my primeval combat delay a jellyfish. The jellyfish washed up rest to coast owing of the disregard brag.  The waves must enjoy carried it in. I was encircling to search the jellyfish, when the stream speeded in and pulled it tail into the deep.  Just nature operative to see a developed jellyfish in its probable habitat made my day at Cape Hatteras seacoast one the best.