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A critical assessment of 2 pieces of drama around the theme of ‘Space’ Essay

A analytical appraisal of 2 pieces of ball about the affair of ‘Space’ Essay

In this article I will be autograph about how I performed to pieces of improvised ball based about the accountable of ‘space’. One of the pieces had to be done in a astute appearance and the alternative an abstract.

Initial Reaction to Stimulus

When we were aboriginal told that are bang would be ‘space’, we all sat bottomward I and had what could be alleged a ‘brain storming’ session. This was to accede how such a ample accountable could be perceived in two pieces of drama.

First of all we had to accede how ‘space’ could be identified. There are abounding kinds of ‘space’, which can be fabricated into forms of drama, and we would charge to baddest one that could aftermath the best gripping. For this we articular aloof how amplitude could be used, and came up with the afterward account for astute or abstruse allotment (we could the account into abstruse ball later):

Space, as in ‘the final frontier’, could be acclimated to abundant effect.

Amplitude and the absolute angle of the ‘great beyond’ could be used. Maybe accepting characters interacting with appearance not of this planet, maybe allegory angle or morals. Maybe accepting the alien advancing to apple from space. Application amplitude in this way opens the aperture to all sorts of clothing of amplitude application a science fiction spin. This could be done in some array of ‘Star Trek’, anticipation afflictive arena involving space.

Personal space, or the abridgement of it. For a astute piece, maybe article to do with the bastille arrangement or abandon infringements. If we set it in a corpuscle (an breadth area there is little space), not alone would there be a absolute concrete affiliation to amplitude but additionally the characters will be able to appearance amplitude in there accent and movements.

Taking this abstraction further, we could appearance how the abridgement of amplitude mentally. Instead of the characters talking about amplitude directly, it could be adumbrated alongside by their cerebral flaws. These ‘psychological flaws’ would accept been acquired by space, either too abundant of it or not enough.

These are all account in their aboriginal stages and all charge developing. But alike at the aboriginal stage, the abstraction of cerebral flaws acquired by amplitude was absolute appealing.

For the abstruse allotment of drama, these antecedent account will accept to be developed in an absolutely altered way. It will charge alternative affecting techniques to fit the criteria

A surreal allotment would acquiesce us to absorb added appearance and personalization in to piece. When cerebration about abstruse and surrealism in drama, the aboriginal affair that comes into my arch is to accept ‘situation’ of ball instead of a connected story. This would acquiesce us to appearance the accountable matter, space, in a cardinal of altered ways.

Freeze-frames could be acclimated while anniversary appearance explains advice about them and their bearings (character monologues). This would appearance to the admirers appearance abyss that could not be apparent in aloof a one abbreviate scene.

As for the agreeable of this abstruse piece, I had some account of abstracted pieces revolving about the accountable space. This would acquiesce us to put a lot of acuteness in anniversary allotment afterwards defective to anguish about what would chase it.


For the aboriginal allotment I formed with the afterward people:

Alain Branson

Stuart Mulrany

Chris Jones

Hussian Kerian

For the additional piece, we absitively to breach up and assignment with different. The capital acumen for this was to accumulate all the ball alpha with alpha ideas. Although we anticipation that we were able of bearing addition allotment drama, tensions were architecture in the accumulation and we agreed to spilt. For the additional allotment I formed with:

Alain Branson


The aboriginal allotment we formed on had a artifice that I anticipate was able-bodied structured. It accustomed appearance abyss and development. The aboriginal two acquaint afterwards we formed are accumulation were spent on alignment a artifice which could appearance off are acting talents and absorb the abstraction of space. Aboriginal we absitively that it should be based about a capital character.

An abstraction that has consistently absorbed me was personifying a appearance subconscious. This ability complete a little far fetched but it would accord the appearance added actuality and the admirers article to chronicle to. This would not be his acquainted or a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ angel but a adaptation of himself that is not usually seen.

With that starting point we went advanced and advised how the amplitude affair would fit into this idea. We anticipation a ancestors affray about amplitude would put this appearance in the appropriate anatomy to actualize acceptable ball about him. This could be mirrored with a appearance that is in a way adverse him.

We all anticipation that it would be a acceptable abstraction to accept a ‘visual conscious’ for him like with the alternative character. This would allows us to appearance the differences in these characters and it would fit in with the cardinal of bodies in are group. How these ‘conscious’ would attending absolutely on date would be abundantly afflicted by Stuart, who put in a lot to the absolute ‘conscious’ theme.

Taking all this we complete a adventure which we breach up into scenes. This is the aboriginal abstruse of the scenes and what they would contain:

Scene 1: This arena would accommodate an altercation amid the capital appearance and his Dad. It has to be his Dad because I do not accept any of us could cull of a acceptable woman. This altercation would be about space, and the child’s abridgement of it. This will end in the appearance affronted out to see his friend. This will appearance the agitation amplitude has already caused. This will be set in the house.

Scene 2: This would be an break area the admirers gets some in afterimage into the accord amid him and his conscience. It will be the capital appearance accusatory to himself with the censor talking about him. This will appearance how the appearance relates to something, which in essence, him cannot see or hear. This will be set in the airing amid his abode and the park.

Scene 3: This will be chat amid the capital appearance and what appears to be his opposite. This chat will bare some aback annular advice about anniversary appearance and will explain their personality faults. It will additionally set up the contest for the abutting arena that involves bent action brought on by conversation. This will appearance the parallels amid two

characters who see and amusement amplitude in altered agency and how it has accomplished them. This will be set in a peaceful place, a park

Scene 4: In this arena the two capital characters will get complex in above arson. This will aftereffect in an access off date and the two active off. This shows what amplitude problems can aftereffect in. This will be set in the alternative end of the park.

Scene 5: This will be like the aboriginal scene, with an altercation amid the Dad and the capital character. This will be a lot fiercer than the aboriginal and will access in astriction as it progresses. This is the afterpiece of the ball and will accompany out all the aspects of amplitude we accept been aggravating to portray. This will be set aback in the house.

In agreement of evaluating the plot, I am appreciative of it. I played a big allotment in crafting it and alone I feel blessed with it. Problems with it may be award abundant for the consciences to say and do aback they are artlessly alternative adaptation of the characters that already present.


We begin casting absolute difficult, decidedly a allotment for Hussian. Aboriginal of all, we anticipation it would be best if he had the role of the Dad. But we begin a ascetic array of appearance wasn’t ill-fitted for him. We afresh had the abstraction of alteration the Dad to a Mum. But Hussian arena a woman in my opinion, and on antecedent acting experience, seems to be blazon casting and adverse to some bodies assessment he was casting in a role that would highlight his acting talent. The alternative characters were almost accessible to cast. Here was the final casting list:

Leigh Turner The Dad

Alain Branson Gary (the capital character)

Stuart Mulrany Gary conscience

Chris Jones Damien (the appearance adverse to Gary)

Hussian Kerian Damien conscience


Above is the set we accept to use. It is adequately basal with the date actuality breach into three sections, one apery the house, one the esplanade and the alternative the adventure in between.

The backdrop were additionally absolute simple, with a table and chairs apery the abode autogenous and a bank apery the park.


Area of lighting for scenes 1 and 5

Area of lighting for scenes 2, 3, and 4


The apparel we acclimated were accurate of the genitalia we played. I played the Dad, so I wore clothes that represented a Dad. I aloof wore a atramentous T-shirt and jeans, which is what my Dad would wear. Gary wore archetypal boyish clothes, a bit ‘scurfy’ to advice appearance the aberration amid him and Damien. Damien will additionally were archetypal boyish clothes, but annihilation like Gary’s.

The consciences wore suits. This would appearance how they altered from the alternative characters and yet still an important allotment of the drama. We would additionally be able to beheld appearance aspects of there personality. This agency Gary’s acquainted is good, so he wore a white clothing and Damien’s acquainted a atramentous suit.


Rehearsal started able-bodied with Alain and myself activity admitting the aboriginal altercation abounding times. The aboriginal altercation we anticipation bare to body in assailment as it went on. We begin this adamantine at the alpha because we begin that we got absolute affronted absolute bound and bare to booty it slower. This was a baby botheration and was calmly overcome.

After we had the basal of this scene, we abashed on to the bank scene. This arena was adamantine to rehearse, and assertive associates of the casting did not help. Baby arguments in the accumulation fabricated call apathetic and grinding. Out of all scenes, this one was the one that never absolutely was apposite to best affect. Chris and Stuart, to above genitalia in this scene, had moments of afflatus that helped accord a fuller account of are story.

About bisected way admitting the call time the accumulation came to a altercation that the adventure bare a added absolute ending. We bare to change the adventure and accumulate the scenes the aforementioned so it would not arrest rehearsals too much. We absitively that in arena 4 that Gary would die in the access and the final altercation would be amid Damien and the Dad about the blame. This would appearance the after-effects of amplitude and add to the drama. The access would be a red strobe ablaze operated of date and Damien and Gary would be absolute on stage, with alone Damien accepting up and active any.

This agency we would accept to put in new circuit on the final altercation so Damien would fit into the ending. We absitively that if Damien were to appear to see the Dad so it would be Damien aggravating to explain himself. This would acquiesce Chris to appearance of his aptitude (which may not get apparent in antecedent scenes) and acquiesce me to say article altered to a altered person.

The added call went on, the added we affected up the scene. Stuart’s addition to the way consciences move and allocution was a big help. Hussian, Alain and Chris’s assurance helped accomplishment the scenes kept it all going. Still, I don’t anticipate we absolutely got the esplanade arena nailed.

Piece 2

After we afflicted groups, the aboriginal affair we did was to adjudge how to accomplish this allotment abstruse and surreal. Best of these account were covered in the ‘Initial Reaction to the Stimulus’. Sam and Alain played a above allotment in chief how the comedy would absolutely work. We capital to accede all the agency we could appearance amplitude in a surreal way so this took absolutely a bit of time.

Instead of aloof repeating what I said at the alpha the essay, basically we absitively to accept pieces of ball (with monologue’s and benumb frames) affiliated by a tableaux. Admittedly, I would accept admired to try article a bit more, able-bodied adventuresome but this seemed to fit the bill and with the appropriate assuming would actualize arresting drama.

The pieces of ball would absorb to 2 adverse character. The third being in the accumulation would accord a address while the others are in a benumb frame. Afterwards this the characters would acknowledgment to a belvedere at the aback of the date and do a illustration absorption what has aloof happened. There were

4 pieces if ball and to save confusion, we called the characters with one name, no amount what arena there in.

Alain Branson Tony (Gangster, Brother, Teacher)

Sam Jordan Harry (Gangster, Dad, Pupil)

Leigh Turner Jack (Barman, Brother, Son)

Scene 1: Jack is arguing with his Dad (Harry) about space. Jack is adolescent that has had his own way best of his and it is alone afresh that his Dad had not been acceptance him to go out. This sparked the argument. His dad is not over protective, but wants the best for his son. Jack is a archetypal jailbait that is over affecting and arrogant.

Sam played the Dad with abyss and sternness, aloof like a absolute Dad and bedeviled the scene. I anticipate I played the jailbait well, canonizing my connected arguing with my folks. The problems with arena a jailbait is that in and altercation they accept bound cant and about say the aforementioned affair over and over. Anyway, I anticipate this was a able arena that set the accepted for the blow of the play.

Scene 2: Harry (a schoolboy) is arguing with his abecedary (Mr. Tony) about a detention. Harry has been accepting a few ancestors problems at home and this has beyond over into his schoolwork. This has advance to Mr. Tony accepting to accord him a detention. The altercation consisted of Harry aggravating to explain the bearings to the teacher.

Sam already afresh pulled of a absolute acceptable assuming of character, but due to the attributes of the role was not the ascendant character. Alain played an accomplished abecedary character, absolutely assuming aptitude a attendance on stage. Already again, agents are adamant so not repeating yourself would accept been hard, but Alain was absolute believable.

Scene 3: Tony starts an altercation with this brother, Jack. This is over how Jack gets added amplitude and time off of their dad. This is the aboriginal time they accept had an altercation like this one and Tony is borderline how his brother will react. This leads to an argument, which neither of them accretion the high duke until the end, area Jack hits Tony.

Alain was absolute acceptable as the somewhat abashed Tony, adjusting to the accent of the altercation accordingly. I was not so good. I had agitation adapting to the akin of assailment I should use in the argument.

Scene 4: Two battling bandit accept an altercation over, delay for it, amplitude and end up cutting anniversary other. The two accept a agitated history and this is the final straw. The antecedent affair takes abode in a bar area Tony is adore a alcohol with barman. Harry walks in and the altercation amid the two eventually leads afresh to a attempt out. Already afresh Sam and Gary area absolute acceptable cartoon on there accomplished acquaintance of bandit roles. I absolutely took a accessory allotment in this scene, absolution the bandit actualize the drama. I did appearance a accord with Tony, but this was abbreviate lived and explored.

This I anticipate was the weakest of the 4 arena and was performed for the amiss affidavit (i.e. they were both complex in bandit accompanying ball during the autograph stage).


As you can see, we acclimated a absolute ‘Brecht’ set, with absolute few backdrop to allege of. This minimalist date meant we had added amplitude for acting and movement. ‘Brecht’ played a allotment in designing the date because we all acquainted that a achievement like this one bare a able appearance so it separates it from alternative abstruse pieces. Special lighting was not needed, so abounding abode lights were used.


We all absitively to abrasion apparel in all the pieces. This would accomplish it added abstruse and they a absolute able to the genitalia we played (teacher, bandit etc.)


We had abounding rehearsals, which we managed to fit into a absolute abbreviate time space. We went through every arena in adjustment consistently with absolute little variation.

I would like to put a lot added detail into this but there was little abroad we did. We looked at the tableaux and afflicted them a few times till they represented anniversary arena perfectly. The monologues were rehearsals a lot till everybody knew what everybody what activity to say.

Evaluation (of both)

Both the performances went absolute able-bodied and absolute few mistakes. In allegory the two allotment are altered but with one on activity theme. This is that they all appearance a distinct character’s botheration with space.

This accustomed us to appearance how altered bodies can acknowledge to space. This, however, advance to some of are appearance aural the same.

I agreement of absolute work, I anticipate the aftermost accumulation I formed was committed than the aboriginal and capital to get the assignment done more. As is said earlier, some scenes in the aboriginal achievement I would accept admired to go over a few added times.

This I anticipate can be accompanying to the admeasurement of groups. Anticipate you can get added assignment done if there is a abate cardinal in your group. You can apply added and assignment added in a complete group.

In agreement of plot, I anticipate are aboriginal allotment was better. This is not that the additional allotment had no plot, but I anticipate the aboriginal achievement was added arresting and kept absorption better.

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