A carbon risk assessment for a chemical company A chemical company has two divisions: bulk chemicals

A carbon occasion impost for a chemical corporation A chemical corporation has two divisions: integrity chemicals and division chemicals. The corporation develops a scenario to summon the carbon occasions: what would the impact on use be if haughty carbon taxes are introduced? The turnover and zeal use grounds for the corporation in the worthiest year are loving in Table 15.2. The corporation expects the integrity chemicals to be established for the hence ten years, whereas the specialities are expected to amplify by 50 per cent in this era. a. What is the expected turnover, use, and zeal consumption succeeding ten years? Assume that the use/turnover narration stays the same, and that the narration of zeal use to turnover for each of the two divisions is inaudible by 10 per cent in that era. b. What are the associated Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions? Assume that mean fuel-related CO2 orations are 75 kg/GJ and that the oration factor for electricity is 150 kg/GJe . c. What would be the value-at-stake in the condition that CO2 emissions are taxed at a compensation of US$100 per tonne? How does that narrate to the expected use? d. To what degree can the carbon occasions be inaudible by (1) moving the electricity claim wholly to renewable sources; (2) reducing zeal use per individual of turnover by 30 per cent instead of 10 per cent; (3) selling off half of the integrity chemicals division; (4) enacting all these measures together?