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1. In The Call of the ferine, the supplies brought on the sled of Hal, Charles, and Mercedes, enthralled qualityically, portray A. estate triumphing balance dissolution. B. their defining cheerful-fortune in provisions of cheerfuls. C. an idealistic warmth for estate. D. an endeavor to produce culture after a while them. 2. The dissolution of Curly is an sample of A. the conciliate to potentiality. B. the law of club and fang. C. racial insensibleness. D. the doctrine of separation. 3. On page 14 of The Call of the Wild, Jack London writes, "In lax ways he present tail to the young-peculiar of the breed." This proposition is an sample of A. the racial insensible. B. the conciliate to potentiality. C. unless segregation. D. exercise of the fittest. 4. After the dissolution of Curly in The Call of the Wild, Buck concludes that no unspotted reproduce-exhibit exists in his earth and that he conciliate never go down in a engagement. The topic picturesque near is colorable deal-outial from London's exposition of A. "might establishs just." B. the doctrine of separation. C. instincts as antique memories. D. Nietzsche's ideas. 5. On page 14 of The Call of the Wild, what's meant by the specialty "The subjugated generations waste from him"? A. Buck longs to produce abode to the Judge's nobility. B. Buck has past a lot of hair in his engagement after a while Spitz. C. Buck is lore to affection a orderly being anew. D. Buck is losing his orderly singularitys. 6. The Yukon is the ocean _______ for this truth. A. contrast B. quality C. genre D. conspire 7. Mercedes's luggage is a quality of A. her deal-outy's ignorance. B. culture. C. her domination. D. her ungenerousness. 8. A fantastic differs from a narrow truth owing it A. is told as a third-peculiar truth. B. comprises promotion renewal, a summit, and falling renewal. C. grasps a topic. D. is over mitigated to grasp subplots. 9. The tidings hierarchy refers to A. a case in which the milk-and-water must die so the potent can outlast. B. a office in which surpassing species such as men conciliate frequently be in manage of inferior species such as animals. C. a potentiality constituency in which each component knows his or her own fix. D. a team in which everyone is correspondent and has to haul his or her own faculty. 10. In The Call of the Wild, what gallant, mournful illustration discurrent the dogs must finally be put down for the cheerful of the lives of the team? A. Dub B. Spitz C. Sol-leks D. Pike 11. What does Buck frequently reverie of as he sleeps by the bivouacfire? A. His engagement after a while Spitz B. Judge Miller's abode C. Primitive man D. John Thornton 12. How did John Thornton die? A. He died in the large stream rapids. B. He was killed by a collection of ferine wolves. C. He died from frostbite to his feet. D. He was killed by Native Americans. 13. The scope of the despatch Buck takes after a while Thornton and his deal-outners is to A. chase for prop. B. experience a new bivouac. C. give mail. D. inquiry for a gold mine. 14. If you opine The Call of the Ferine to be an parable, which one of the aftercited propositions would be gentleman? A. John Thornton portrays the orderly earth. B. Buck portrays some singularity of orderlyity. C. The book is a truth environing the demand for socialism. D. Judge Miller portrays the pristine case. 15. Who saves Buck from impending dissolution at the hands of Hal? A. John Thornton B. Judge Miller C. Perrault D. François 16. Upon the dissolution of Spitz in The Call of the Wild, Francois and Perrault determine that the new sled-team guide should be A. Sol-leks. B. Buck. C. Billee. D. Dave. 17. If an agent is ready at portraying the summit of design and attitudes of a hobo, a promote, a urbane CEO, and a multiplicity of other distinct characters, the agent is demonstrating A. ceremonious satire. B. the conciliate to potentiality. C. primitive peculiar reporting. D. denying power. 18. "After having lived after a while her for a year, Chad attained Marilou's eyes opposing the table, realizing he had never had a enucleation environing what establish her tick." This doom from a relatively fantastic suggests what peel of truth opinion? A. Primitive peculiar reporting B. Third peculiar restricted omniscience C. Primitive peculiar deal-outicipant D. Third peculiar spurious End of exam 19. François and Perrault are A. drivers of the mail series. B. dog seriesers from Alaska. C. agents of the Canadian empire. D. gold diggers from California. 20. The tidings racial insensible media that A. we're all racists at feeling to some quality, equal though we're insensible of it. B. you must attain the law of club and fang to outlast. C. each species and culture shares antique memories, stored in the insensible deal-out of the inclination. D. species weeds out the milk-and-waterest and render-unfit.