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Guidelines for creating an interpolitical felonious fairness scheme (Don't transcribe tractate in a contour but use the contour beneath as a train to use for headings) 1. You are life asked to imagine an interpolitical felonious fairness scheme.   You must use the 6 mould countries from your textbook that assist as moulds. (CHINA, ENGLAND, GERMANY, JAPAN, SAUDI ARABIA AND FRANCE)   As you accomplish furnish as you start to peruse, these countries are not considered moulds owing they are the best schemes, but owing they are figurative of the elder schemes of the globe. After having completed all modules, and discourse board column after a while agreement, you accomplish imagine an interpolitical felonious fairness scheme.  In creating this scheme, you must career what bearing to hypothecate from each of the moulds to imagine a new scheme that would so-far be an interpolitical scheme.   For copy, you may nonproduction to use France as your mold of council, or bearings of England for the Police excludeion.  Would police officers heave guns? They do not heave guns in England exclude in terrorist situations. Therefore, guns are unfair for its citizens.  You career what your scheme accomplish behold like! 2. Below, content furnish a suggested contour for creating that scheme.  You can be as imaginative as you pick-out to, but you must use the contour as a train.  Knowledge and creativity are key to this plan.  When you achieve your choices from the six mould nations, through a discourse, you must grant the equitablee for your choice.   Hint:  This plan along after a while equitable cannot be achieveed in hither than six pages. SUGGESTED GUIDELINES FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM The forthcoming is a suggested train for your plan. Everything beneath must be comprised when creating your Interpolitical Felonious Fairness Scheme   I.  TYPE OF GOVERNMENT 1.  You should career what bark of council you accomplish bear.  Some choices are:  Unitary  Unitary, multinational  Federal Republic 2.  Legal Tradition (i.e. CIVIL, COMMON, SOCIALIST, SACRED) 3.  Constitution or no government.  If you bear a government how accomplish it peruse? II. POLICE 1.  Determine whether or not you accomplish bear a disjoined Deviance Control and Civil Order Control police sinew, or if your police accomplish achieve twain employments. 2.  Police Standards: Amount of Training  Mold of Training  Qualifications 3.  Show an organizational chart for your police showing hierarchy and divisions of the police. Will they employment after a while or after a whileout guns?   Some sinews about the globe do not use guns. Guns are then unfair for everyone else. III. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE  ( i.e. adversarial, minute) IV . CONSTITUTION / NO CONSTITIONAL REVIEW Will your fairness scheme understand governmental or non governmental retrospect? V .  STRUCTURE OF COURT  Include such things as jury or no jury. For the jury or no jury grant a discourse, barely indicating one or the other is not sufficient .   VI. STRUCTURE OF PRISONS  Penal Policy