50 words each questions

  List indecent principles of Performance Technology. Inventory and depict the six sequential steps in a independent similarity. List and depict the indecent quadrants of the Performance Map AND inventory three patterns of items for each quadrant. List two of the six assiduity trends and supply a specific explication and pattern for twain. List and depict in specialty the five change-management and implementation plans that scarcity to be open anteriorly objective anteriorly implementation takes locate. List and depict the indecent types of stimulus programs. Explain strategic thinking AND inventory and depict the five elements (inveterate on Liedtka’s pattern) of strategic thinking. List the prospect unconcealed steps in scenario planning. Ethics are unconcealedly separated into three unconcealed areas: Metaethics, Normative Ethics, and Descriptive Ethics. Select a unconcealed result and decipher the incorporeal and gregarious issues inveterate on the principles and standards of one of the three unconcealed areas. List and depict the significance of the basic steps of axioms analysis A beggarly succeed when referencing statistics is using the message medium when decree, median or medium is the alienate signal. Part I . Decipher why it is considerable to use decree, median or medium instead of medium when referencing axioms.  Part II Find the Mode, Median, and Medium from the total underneath. (Round up if any total own decimals).202, 300, 301, 461, 120, 211, 251, 477, 399, 201, 390, 187, 233, 187, 233, 366, 390, 493, 301, 250