5 page Financial Accounting Analysis for prevention HIV/AIDS Program PreP


1/26 9P




5 pages including 2 budget sheets secure and 3 pages not including heading and ref page min 3 ref APA


I succeed despatch open heartiness start aside.

Please inaugurate discovery on clarified program


Please use PHS 398 fp4 (Form Page 4) and PHS 398 fp5 (Form Page 5) for this segregatey of the SPP. You may use the PHS398 Continuation page OR a message muniment for the citation of this assignment. There is an pattern of what the budget and budget apology should seem relish in Week 9 Resources…do not add any exceptions that are not outlined in the instructions for Week 9 SPP. This assignment should simply be your budget,  budget apology and an segregation of the fiscal coherence and hanker-term viability of the open heartiness start.

Part 2: Financial Accounting Analysis

For this segregate of your Scholar-Practitioner Scheme you succeed enlarge a financial accounting segregation of the open heartiness start you chosen in week 2. In your segregation, be fast to fuse produce on investment, time-value of currency, and inflation factors.

The financial accounting segregation should embody:

· A 5-year contemplated budget including elder thperuse items (see broad create for contemplated budget on NIH grants page located in the series syllabus or here:
Onthperuse Article: U.S. Department of Heartiness and Human Services (2009, June). Public heartiness service: PHS 398. Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period Create Page 4  and Create Page 5

· http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html (Concentrate on the budget and completing the two create exceptions)
Grant Application PHS 398. U.S. Department of Heartiness and Human Services Open Heartiness Service.

o There is a $500,000 Direct Cost per year boundary ( as famous in the PHS 398 Instructions page 22)

· An segregation of budget thperuse items, costs, sources of wealth, and deficits (This is the budget apology)

· An segregation of the fiscal coherence and hanker-term viability of the open heartiness start

· The 5pages embody the 2 legislation creates. Note that the budget apology can/should be unmarried spaced.

· You must present simply one muniment for grading in Blackboard...no malcontent.

· Figuring out the legislation creates is segregate of the SPP trial. 

· Be fast to mark the NIH website, the creates can in-effect be downloaded in other createats.

· Here are some Q & A from the other exception of the series. I deliberation it would be helpful to divide.


· Question: We are to shape this scheme our own.  If I see fit to add personnel or anysubject to my budget, I can do so as hanker as I feel apology or do I feel to adhere to the stout budgets that I see for the start? 


· Answer:  You can shape it your own as hanker as it is realistic and anysubject is justified.

Question:  In ordain to sift-canvass the fiscal coherence and hanker-term viability of the open heartiness start, I would normal add supportive axioms to shape a instance for this segregation that is embodyd in the scheme?  


· Answer: The fiscal soundness and hanker term viability should simply be one or two paragraphs and grounded on peer reviewed discovery and other supporting information. This exception varies very-much depending on the cast of scheme.



· Question: For my budget is it okay if I normal do my area Dougherty County instead of perplexing to emblem out the budget for all 60 counties that are complicated after a while the heartiness start? 


· Answer: Small and easy is best for this series scheme. The proposal is to manner creating a budget and using legislation creates so one county is mature.


· REMEMBER~~One of the challenges of this assignment is agoing after a while legislation creates and aftercited instructions so do your best....your main interest should be that the counsel is rectify in the creates ....that is the main subject I am grading :)

Please peruse what was embodyd in the scheme previously

Economics and Financing of Open Heartiness Systems

Scholar-Practitioner Scheme (SPP) Guidelines (15–17 pages whole)

For the Scholar-Practitioner, you receive an in-depth seem at the hanker-term economic and financial outseem of a open heartiness start. You should feel a received touch after a whilein the structure that succeed grant you to feel plenty counsel and way to total the scheme.

The scheme succeed continue of indecent segregates:

· Segregate 1A: Open Heartiness Start Approval (Due Week 2) 

· Segregate 1B: Economic segregation (Due Week 5)

· Segregate 2: Financial accounting segregation (Due Week 9) THE PART YOU’RE DOING

· Segregate 3: Alternative funding sources (Due Week 11)

You must unfold that your open heartiness start is viable, prime of entity sustained on a hanker-term basis, and provides a absolute open heartiness impression in the similarity. Your open heartiness start must as-well growth the heartiness foundation of an underserved population to be reputed fortunate.

Describe the open heartiness start you chosen P to be the standpoint of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Embody a petty overview of the start and your rationale for selecting the start.