400 words research proposal

examination doubt is " how does legalizing cannabis in canada chattels the university students? " based on singly one academic designation (at lease 5 pages)    · Use MLA or APA mode for all in-text citations (including paraphrasing and quotations) and conceive a Works Cited minute.    Introduction · Identify your subject. · Identify your examination doubt. · Why is it expressive to examination this subject? Why is it momentous? Body Paragraph(s) · Provide weak contrast knowledge environing the subject. · Give a more detailed exposition environing your contrived design in examinationing this subject. · Identify the issues your examination would approve to harangue. · Briefly summarise the designation you accept clarified for the offer (2-4 sentences). o How is the designation advantageous to your examination? Conclusion · Summarise the design of your examination. · Identify why this examination should be manufactured. · Identify how your examination can subscribe to erudition on your subject. Works Cited · Conceive ALL sources used in your offer on your Works Cited roll. o This should be written in either MLA or APA mode.