400 word about the film director Elia Kazan

400 word about the film director Elia Kazan

I have a group wiki paper assignment about the film director (Elia Kazan) born in September 7, 1909. My part from the group wiki paper will ansower only two questions from the four questions in the assignment . I need 200 word about (Who is the director?) with one sources (No Wikipedia and no IMDB). And 200 word about (Why is the director considered to be an important director?) with one sources different form the first one (No Wikipedia and no IMDB). I need every question in a separate page. I want to have Zero Plagiarism.


Group Assignment:

First, you must go to the Group Button on Blackboard and sign up for a director. Each group is limited to five people and once five people are signed in, you will not be able to sign up for that director. It is imperative that you sign up, because you will use the group page to complete the assignment.

As a group, you will write a wiki paper about your director. Each wiki should be approximately 750 – 1000 words. It should contain at least three images, one of them being a picture of the director. It should also utilize at least one source per person in the group. (No Wikipedia and no IMDB). The paper should tell us 1. Who is the director? 2. What are part of his/her body of work? 3. What contributions did the director make to the film industry? 4. Why is the director considered to be an important director?

You will complete this on your group’s wiki.

How this paper will be evaluated:

25% The paper observes the rules of mechanics. Punctuation is properly used. There are few errors in grammar and spelling. Proper capitalization and italicization are used. This is the shared element of the grade. Everyone is responsible for making sure that this element is correct.

50% Individual contribution to the paper. I will be able to run a comparison showing your individual effort to the paper. Each person is expected to complete a portion of the paper. An individual not contributing at all to the paper will automatically receive a 0. Each person must put their own contribution into the wiki. (Do not have one person put all of the information into the wiki.)

25% Research contribution. All of the sources are listed at the end of the paper and are also cited internally. As a group you must agree as to whether to use APA style or MLA style. You may use whichever you choose, but it must be consistent throughout the paper.

The paper is due no later than February 20, 2017. As of 11:59 PM that night, I will turn off access to the wiki and begin grading the papers. There are no extensions available and none will be given. Groups not completing a paper will receive a 0. (Note: Since I will be looking at the individual contributions to the Wiki, if the paper falls below the minimum standards for the paper, I will grade each individual contribution as if it did. Meaning, if you are in a group and you are the only person who contributes to the paper, you will be the only one who receives points and I will grade it based upon the merits of the information that you included. This is to prevent a person who acts in good faith in completing the paper from being negatively affected by a group that doesn’t complete the work.

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