400-500 word discusion board Human resource management

  You are the Human Resources supervisor for liberal dispensation footing. Your modern employee theory scrutinize implied that overall, employees felt that this was a good-natured-natured fix to achievement. However, modern downturns in the dispensation feel resulted in the forfeiture of liberal contracts, which granted a forcible lot of the corporation’s fruits. One of the impacts from this forfeiture in fruits is that the corporation get be feeble to supply annual COLA or goodness increases for the primitive period in further than 15 years. You feel heard rumors from employees arrest to you that there is talk about efforts to unionize. What guidelines get you enunciate for supervisors to successfully suit to employee questions about unionization? What can your supervisors say or do that is legally right in this place?    You get acquiesce a continuity of 400-500 words in reply to the granted quick for each forum. The continuity must include a Scripture regard and at lowest 2 knowing sources, plus the text—all in exoteric APA format.