4. Program Evaluation

4. Program Evaluation

a. Discuss how data will be evaluated, including:

· Schedule of observation: how often will the behaviors be assessed?

· What factors will be considered when evaluating the data?

· How will the data be evaluated?

· Visual Analysis

· Calculations

b. Discuss how you will use data to determine effectiveness of the intervention.

· How will you conclude that your intervention is effective?

c. Describe the steps to be taken based on the effectiveness of the intervention.

· Include a discussion of the variables that could impact the success of the intervention.

Your Assignment should follow APA formatting and citation style and include:

· Title Page

· Reference Page

· Main body of the evaluative paper should be 6–8 pages and double-spaced

· Included APA headings that are: left aligned, bold face, and contain upper case and lower case letter for each section of your plan

· At least three academic references (including your course text)

· The essay should be written using standard paragraph structure and 12 point Times New Roman font.

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