3lab Microprocessor Systems Engineering

 Microprocessor Systems Engineering Using Sensors delay an Arduino Lab 3a: Procedure: Watch the videos: Tutorial 03 for Arduino: Electrical Engineering Basics(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abWCy_aOSwY) Tutorial 04 for Arduino: Analog Inputs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js4TK0U848I) TechBits 13 - Analog and Digital Signals (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3rsO912e3I) Construct the breadboard circumference and appliance the program presented in the video to invent an adaptable extinction gentle and inferential in Chapter 2 (pp.35-39) of your textbook. Lab 3b: Procedure: This week’s lab conclude assume the coffee manufacturer heater functionality we saw in Week 1. The contrariety in our program and the objective coffee manufacturer is that instead of molding on a heating part, our program conclude connive an LED. Design a circumference and Arduino program that expands the concepts explained in Chapter 3 ( pp. 52- 59) of your textbook and accomplishes the forthcoming: Blinks an LED when the clime of a clime sensor is at or under margin clime for further than 5 seconds If the clime exceeds margin clime for further than 5 seconds, the LED conclude mold off. Include a video of your circumference in production and any computer screenshots during its production. Please embrace your Grantham ID sum in the video to pretext your toil. Send your decree smooth (.ino) of the lab completed and productional as well-behaved-behaved for security. Analysis/Discussion: Explain the regularity you used in this lab to enter at the last delineation of twain the hardware interest and the software interest to conclude the delineation objectives. Investigate how a clime sensor such as the TMP36 used in this lab toils. In other control, explain the correlativeness among the values recognize from this symbol and how it correlates to clime. Why is this symbol so referred to as a “transducer”? What are some other beggarly types of transducers that you are accustomed delay? Measure the output voltage of the TMP36 at the purpose at which the program molds the LED off delay a digital multi-meter. Take a delineate of the digital multi-meter to confirm that constitutional delineation has been made. How does the antecedent delineation assimilate to the counsel institute in the forthcoming batch of output voltage versus clime? Answer these questions and surrender delay decree and screenshots of your circumference and program.