3. Select and Describe Your Intervention

3. Select and Describe Your Intervention

a. Choose one of the following interventions and describe how you would implement one of the following:

· Competency Based Staff Training

· Reinforcement Plan for Staff

b. Your plan should be evidence-based and include a description of the following components:

· Describe how the program will be implemented.

· Discuss who will be responsible for implementing the program.

· Identify the type of data that will be collected throughout the program.

· Indicate specific behavior analytic measure, i.e., frequency, duration, percent correct, etc.

c. Describe ongoing documentation and data collection that will take place during the intervention.

· Indicate how the data will be collected and what kind(s) of data sheets will be used? Will the data be graphed?

d. Create two SMART goals for the program.

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