3. Research Paper on a Curriculum Topic or Issue

Title of Paper: Classroom Management: The Underlying Problem in Early Childhood Education Your discovery Nursing Dissertation should enjoy almost 6 - 8 sources cited. This is an love. Length of the Nursing Dissertation and sources earn be unshaken by theme excerption and helpful discovery but should be almost 5-6 pages. Follow APA, 6th Edition (embrace stay on the APA website or Purdue Online Writing Lab for success).  Research Paper Grading Rubric - 15% of Grade    30 pts - Current Research - 2007 - Present;   Unless research is a classic study; See Portfolio Description for this.    30 pts - Sources, 6 - 8 cited; APA 6th Edition 30 pts - Organization of Paper    Introduction, Main Focus, Conclusion or Summary; Professionally worded,    appropriate writing style Absence of Grammatical and Mechanical Errors    Remember that a research paper is not your opinion or beliefs, but the    presentation of research facts and findings and the opinions of authorities in  the field. You will organize this information to make a point or present an idea  or topic.