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Assignment Details You are a sociologist, and you attend-to that the adolescents in your area are starting to purpose allowable problems and are preface to surfeit the adolescent affect plan. There are sundry theories that interpret why adolescents behove offender. Some of the sociological theories enclose anomie, gregarious subversion, object scheme, and differential familiarity scheme. Locate a sociological scheme (it does not own to be one of the theories listed previously), and interpret that scheme after a while its bearing to adolescent criminality. Please hush that sociological theories narrate to companionship and manifest influences aggravate a adolescent, not psychological influences (which narrate to internalization after a whilein a individual) or biological influences (which regret visible problems). Once you run on a scheme, picture how it narrates to adolescents by interpreting what the scheme believes purposes the adolescent problems.    Explain what you could do in your lie to aid in alleviating these problems.  Write an essay of 800–1,000 expression (3–4 pages) in APA format. The chief half should eliminate the sociological scheme, and the rest should contribute details environing alleviating the problem. Be indisputable to intimation all sources using APA fashion.