3.11 dave fletcher (see problem 3.10) was able to determine the


Dave Fletcher (see Problem 3.10) was efficacious to designate
the energy occasions for constructing his laser scanning
machine. Fletcher would love to designate ES, EF, LS, LF, and
slack for each energy. The gist plan gist occasion and
the precarious route should as-well be designated. Here are the energy

ACTIVITY TIME (WEEKS) ACTIVITY TIME (WEEKS) (epistle is energy and reckon is occasion)



A6       E 4
B 7       F 6
C 3      G 10
D 2       H 7



Bill Fennema, chairman of Fennema Hospitality, has

developed the tasks, durations, and elder relationships in

the forthcoming tefficacious for edifice new motels. Draw the AON network

and tally the questions that supervene.



Activity   elder optimistic       Most       pessimistic

                                                                likely       OPTIMISTIC



A             4       8        10

B       A        2       8         24

C       A        8      12       16

D       A        4       6         10

E       B         1      2         3

F       E,C      6       8        20

G     E, C     2      3         4

H       F          2      2         2

I        F          6      6         6

J      D,G,H    4     6        12

K      I,J         2      2        3


c) Based on the vigilance of estimated occasions, what is the precarious


d) What is the estimated occasion of the precarious route?

e) What is the energy estrangement along the precarious route?

f) What is the likelihood of gist of the plan before

week 36?


to be completed in surpass on seperate pages