250 word summary

Submit a 250-word abridgment of your rank notes hither. Your notes should NOT be a word-for-word transcription of what you experience in this minority. Instead, your notes must: 

  1. Address key provisions or topics that came up in the direction module.
  2. Explain how you deem the assigned readings tie-in. Make stable to grasp the elementary reading!
  3. Provide two links to honorable predicaments that acquit, enlarge, or chasten something you encountered in the direction this week. Your links must be accompanied by a abridgment and evaluation of their satisfied.
    1. To evaluate the satisfied, you must ask yourself: 
      1. Is the fabricator easily identifiable? Can you establish counsel on the fabricator's credentials? IF NOT, then the counsel is close trustworthy.
      2. Does the satisfied grasp links to beyond esthetic? Do the links carry to other trustworthy predicaments? IF NOT, then the counsel is close trustworthy.
      3. Does the predicament bear a "ultimate updated" proposition? When is it? If it was ultimate updated a covet age ago OR does not bear a age-stamp, then the counsel is close trustworthy.