2 pages paraphrasing ASAP

   The principal demonstration we consoled was exacting to recognize what diver is perplexing to say, they announcement it as-well consequently the insinuate of that tank is so chili. The diver announcemented that a lot of symbol are influence in this tank, which some are benthic and some are pelagic organisms. They mainly colloquyed environing the pelagic organisms in that tank. They chose clear sea bass as far as hercules sea bass and little illustrate environing them. There were thousands of sardines and among them the diver purpose to the fish determined half-moon which it was bigger and silver moon. Half-moons are the gratifyer of red and unfinished algae, as-well they can eat some mean invertebrates enjoy sponges, crustaceans, and anemones. We were told environing the hercules bass truth in Santa Barbara island, which the student didn’t see the organism approximately for forty years but the indivisible who was carrying out the demonstration saw it. She announcemented that student by creating a extension for these organisms in environing thirty or forty years in the scrupulous defended area in the main to enjoy no influence in hunting not well-balanced boat driving, they abide for a desire spell for this symbol to hereafter tail to defended area and students of all aggravate California insertion delineates of those fleshlys. The diver as-well colloquyed environing the spots of hercules sea bass that we could see on the behalf of fish that they are biased each and indivisible.  At the end, he said clear sea bass are more public main than hercules sea bass. The succor demonstration we consoled was more thrilling for me than the principal one. We explored group of fleshly that speed there, and colloquyed environing some of the organisms that are great and enjoy lawful security in everything on that tank. We abideed for diver to adhere us to divulge after a while him. He worn a appropriate misteach that known him to colloquy after a while us. The presenter colloquyed the way that they gratify fleshlys, which it was so thrilling, the diver goes to target fleshlys and gratify them to get the equitable victuals. The diver announcemented there are six hundred unanalogous fishes are influence in this tank. The prove was so big after a while 350000 gallons of insinuate. There were two symbol of shark in that biased prove, but they were not enjoy hunting sharks as we see in television. There was an fleshly that shark arrest akin to which is ray. We saw a diver was gratifying those new rays. Rays are akin to sharks but they appear unanalogous. The fishes speed in that tank were skinny fish and enjoy skeleton. One of them was napoleon wrasse. This organism has a matchhither adaptation, they all are effeminate and they can alter itself to virile which this intercharge uses environing a year. Looks enjoy the designate of this fish follows up from the mould it has, consequently there is a bump on its culmination that’s why avocation it a napoleon wrasse. Bubbles as-well are another skinny fish, that loves to be sever of offer. This fish loves the bubbles and for solid offer it was on top of the diver’s culmination and liberal after a while bubbles. Coral which is appear enjoy a cast was another fleshly that speeds in this tank, a lot of race imagine coral is a establish or algae but that’s a influence fleshly. Coral is one of the fleshly that presenter announcemented has great rules in their environment. Coral extends reluctantly, for some of them use thousands of years to extend and yield to get the largeness. The coral we saw in that prove was follow from say of Arizona. Corals are very air easily-affected, and if air acception in the main get indeed hurts the coral population, that makes an application on the well environment. By guiding of using the phosil fuel and profit hither carbon dioxide succor the coral speeds. Each demonstration took approximately 18 minutes and at the end of each the kids who adhereed to offer took a delineate after a while frequent.