2 page HIV SPSS Project (Literature Review, Hypothesis, and Significance)

 DUE 10/7/17 8 P.M EST APA FORMAT ATTACHED IS THE INSTRUCTORS FEEDBACK FROM THE 1ST PART OF THE PAPER. This is the 2nd distribute and I've moderate the 1st paper With your Final Project ailment (HIV), contemplate other kindred studies in the reading, contemplate on how to amplify a fancy and contemplate the recognition of the children you are exploring for your Final Project. The Assignment: (2PAGES) Provide a abstract of other studies that undeviatingly detail to your attested ailment. Be positive to relate end to the sources used for your annotated bibliography in week 4. Considering the feedend you common on your week 4 assignment, restate your “Statement of the Problem” (or investigation doubt). Identify twain your vain and alternative/investigation fancy. Provide a dirty patronymic of the recognition of why this children is influential for testimony. **Please comprise the subjoined header on this Assignment** One primal assertion for each. This helps you and the educator repress trace of what you are attempting. (THIS IS ALREADY IN THE ATTACHED PAPER (USE THAT) RQ: Dependent Variable: Independent Variable(s): Null Hypothesis: Alternate Hypothesis: Statistical Test: