Posted: October 27th, 2022

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The Indigenous View 

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A. Watch the TED talk by an Amazonian indigenous man about his experience inreconciling hiscontact with the Western world.

B. Watch the video about the Lakota people

After watching the two videos of the native experience, what conclusions can you draw in regards to: 

1) Systems View: How can these perspectives add toyour understanding of a more wholistic view of living systems? (cf. the Forest article)?

2) Meaning of language and culture: What do these indigenous stories add to your understanding of diversity and inclusion of peoples of all kinds? Why is it important for you as a human and as a student of history and business?

The Silk Roads – Dr Guez

Watch the Silk Roads video lecture by Elizabeth Guez

1. Answer the following questions:

· 1.  What was the most important thing from the Northern Steppes that affected the development of the Silk Routes?

· 2.  What brought up the demise of the Silk Routes?

2. What questions do you have for Ms Guez (by )?

· Think of at least 1-2 questions you’d like to ask her!

Watch video about Marco Polo and respond to the questions

1. What were the signs of globalization during this period?

2. What items were valued highly at this time?

3. What made Marco Polo valuable to the Emperor?

4. What awaited Marco Polo when he came back to Venice?

5. What kinds of biases affected Marco Polo’s reputation (and the reception of his book)?

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