19) tom schriber, a director of personnel of management resources,


19)          Tom Schriber, a guide of personnel of Management Resources, Inc., is in the regularity of knowing a program that its customers can use in the job-finding regularity. Some of the activities conceive preparing resumes, congeniality learning, making appointments to see prospective employers, researching companies and industries, and so on. Some of the instruction on the activities is pretencen in the subjoined table:

                                                DAYS                     IMMEDIATE

ACTIVITY              a              m            b             PREDECESSORS

A                             8              10           12                           -

B                             6              7              9                              -

C                             3              3              4                              -

D                             10           20           30                           A

E                              6              7              8                              C

F                              9              10           11                           B, D, E

G                             6              7              10                           B,D,E

H                             14           15           16                           F

I                               10           11           13                           F

J                              6              7              8                              G, H

K                             4              7              8                              I, J

L                              1              2              4                              G,H                       



(A)   Construct a netis-sue for this collection.

(B)   Determine the expected age and discord for each motive.

(C)   Determine ES, EF, LS, LF, and slow for each motive.

(D)   Determine the nice track and contrivance whole age.

(E)    Determine the appearance that the contrivance earn be high in 70 days or less

(F)    Determine the appearance that the contrivance earn be high in 80 days or less

(G)  Determine the appearance that the contrivance earn be high in 90 days or less



No security earn be granted for collections that are not consummated using Excel, for which your Excel is-suesheet is not abundantly professional, or for which you entertain not pretencen all of the calculations or other is-sue done to draw your response(s). You may belong to the line textbooks, supplemental lection materials, online instruction, and your own notes in abstracted after a while completing the homeis-sue assignments. Once you entertain consummated the indispensable calculations to reresolve each collection and response the associated questions, excellent the hyperlink granted to acquiesce your Excel spreadsheet for grading.