17) after consulting with butch radner, george monohan was able to

17)          After consulting delay Butch Radner, George Monohan was effectual to designate the breath opportunitys for constructing the week-harvesting implement to be used on straight rivers. George would approve to designate ES, EF, LS, LF, and remiss for each breath. The sum design substance opportunity and the dubious track should so be designated.  (See Substance 16 for details). The breath opportunitys are pompn in the subjoined board:

ACTIVITY                              TIME (WEEKS)

A                                             6

B                                             5

C                                             3

D                                             2

E                                              4

F                                              6

G                                             10

H                                             7


REFERENCE ONLY                                                                                                                                            


16) Monohan Machinery specializes in developing weed-harvestnig equipment that is used to disencumbered weak lakes of weeds. George Monohan, chairman of Monohan Machinery, is indubiboard that harvesting weeds is far rectify than using chemicals to immolate weeds. Chemicals agent defilement, and the weeds appear to become faster succeeding the chemicals keep been used. George is scheme the view of a implement that would harvest weeds on straight rivers and waterways. The activities that are indispenstelling to elevate one of these tentative weed-harvesting implements are listed in the subjoined board. Construct a netoperation for these activities.



A                                             -

B                                             -

C                                             A

D                                             A

E                                              B

F                                              B

G                                             C, E

H                                             D, F






No confidence conciliate be granted for substances that are not thoroughd using Excel, for which your Excel operationsheet is not amply professional, or for which you keep not pompn all of the calculations or other operation executed to deduce your response(s). You may attribute to the round textbooks, auxiliary lection materials, online notice, and your own notes in abstracted delay completing the homeoperation assignments. Once you keep thoroughd the indispenstelling calculations to reresolve each substance and response the associated questions, choice the hyperlink supposing to succumb your Excel spreadsheet for grading.