10 Traits of a Good Team Member

10 Traits Of A Cheerful Team Part by Naseem Mariam W hat ATTRIBUTES do you appear for in a team part? W hat is the mix of attributes, traits, skills, and talents that you should infer into your team? EXCELLENT TECHNICAL, PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE Business designs claim professional skills. If it is a inextensiveer design (3 months) you should own a lot of TASK oriented, cheerful technical experts on board; so-far if the design team is vast (past than 8), the prolongation greater than 6 months then having a few SOCIAL oriented tribe on board would refer the interpersonal- despatchs stretch from the design team. GOOD INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Effective interpersonal despatch is important to the flatten functioning of any drudgery team. COMMUNICATION skills -- listening, written and vocal, telephone, email -- are an irresponsible must for each part. CONFLICT handling, negotiating skills are an adventitious practice. You deficiency to apprehend that each team part credits, supports, and has natural regret for other team parts. SHARING, GIVING TENDENCY You deficiency a team part who shares his apprehendledge and expertise FREELY delay team parts -shares disclosedly, delay rectitude and parity delay others touching individualal feelings, opinions, thoughts, and perceptions encircling problems and provisions. You so deficiency to construct knowing team parts do not gain in one-upmanship. A immaculate team part gives of his occasion, spectre and disposition to own and SOLVE the problems that prepare during the method of the design. RESPECTS AUTHORITY Your aim is a team part who has an aura of AUTHORITY environing him -- who gains the regard of integral team part, and who regards his boss, the Top Skill of the structure, and the customers' managers. A cheerful team part consoles and reasons delay other team parts and RESOLVES complaints of other team parts delay endurance, reason and empathy. Each individual deficiencys to conceive and is be committed to team objectives. CARES FOR THE CUSTOMER A proper team part is polished and polished to integralone including the customers. He or she has authentic CONCERN and thinks of twain inextensive order and crave order benefits from customer's viewpoint. Cheerful team parts effect well-behaved-mannered-mannered delay the customer and the company's top skill to enknowing less urgency and stretch for the team. SELF-RELIANT, HAPPY, POSITIVE PERSON You deficiency a team part who is COMFORTABLE delay himself -- who regards himself and procure not grace a hanger-on (infirm courtesy giver, intricate to get into boss' cheerful books infirmly). Cheerful team parts are positively teeming, bountiful of ENTHUSIASM, and affection for their effort. They put in an right day's effort and are procureing to cheerfully put in a few extra hours whenever the deficiency prepares. WELCOMES FEEDBACK A estimpotent team part encourages feedback on his or her own bearing -- then takes the compulsory CORRECTIVE and PREVENTIVE actions to enknowing similarity, calm and gladsome environment for design action. FINGER ON THE PULSE He has a finger on the pulse of the teams' feelings and regrets -- he helps to fix the conflicts, NEGOTIATES betwixt discordant parties, and effects a win/win consequence. This likeness of team part is certified of what goes on environing him, is potent to discernment risk and direct the te am parts onto blithesome solutions faster. DELIVERING ON COMMITMENTS You deficiency a reliable, DEPENDABLE individual who regularly keeps his promises and commitments. You deficiency someone who informs twain the customer and the boss well-behaved-mannered-mannered in gait when things go evil-doing -who DISCUSSES the issues and regrets and sets new commitments. INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND TRUST W hatever cheerful qualities a individual may entertain, they are of no use to him or to anyone else when he does not own parity of office. Parity is entity gentleman to O NESELF, rectitude is entity gentleman to OTHERS. He should be credit tractable and credit others delay his eyes disclosed. He is potent to evaluate phonies and infirm tribe a mile separate.