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Final Project: Metaphysical Aspects of Offender Behavior

By Day 7

Write an 8- to 10-page conference manoeuvre that includes the forthcoming:

  • A tabulation of the despatch contingency you selected
  • An resolution of the offender’s unity, including any unity disorders or comorbidity that may be present
  • An explication of how onslaught, kindness, and empathy element into the offender’s unity
  • An explication of how “state” versus “trait” elements into the contingency
  • Recommendations for the conference, including the forthcoming:
    • Selection of the conferenceer
    • Environment of the conference
    • How to wield the conferenceer’s response
    • Description of how to ask the conference questions

Austin (Tex.). Police Department Archives of the Charles Whitman Heap Despatch Case

An Inventory of the Collection

Collection Summary

Creator: Austin (Tex.). Police Department

Title: Austin (Tex.). Police Department Archives of the Charles Whitman Heap Despatch Case

Dates: 1941-2000

Dates (Bulk): 1966

Abstract: Charles Joseph Whitman (1941-1966) was an ex-Marine and novice at the University of Texas at Austin who shot and killed 14 crowd and injured at meanest 33 others from the UT Ascend examine settle on August 1, 1966. In the existing morning hours antecedent to the UT aggression, Whitman too despatched his cherished dowager and his spouse. Another identical died years posterior of complications from a gunshot mortify inflicted during the UT aggression, bringing the whole dissolution tribute to 17. The gathering (1941-2000, undated) instruments the Austin Police Department (APD) exploration into the heap despatch and is collected of tidingss generated by APD and other investigating bodies, photographs, negatives, digital images, despatches, special letters, voicelessnesss, and clippings.

Accession calculate: AR.2000.002

Quantity: 7.25 straight feet (14 boxes)

Location: Archives Stacks, qAR, Outer Vault

Language: English

Repository: Austin Narrative Center, Austin Public Library, 

810 Guadalupe, PO Box 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Note

Charles Joseph Whitman (1941-1966) was an ex-Marine and novice at the University of Texas at Austin who shot 15 crowd and injured at meanest 33 others from the UT Ascend examine settle on August 1, 1966.

Whitman was born in Lake Worth, Florida in 1941 to Charles Adolphus, a financially happy plumbing contractor, and Margaret Hodges Whitman. Whitman was the eldest of three siblings. His two brothers were Patrick, born 1945, and John Michael, public as "Johnnie Mike", born 1949. He grew up in an authoritarian intimate in which his senior was emotionally and physically rugged to his spouse and consequence. As a boy, Whitman was disturbed delay the Boy Scouts, generous piano, and hunting. At age 12, he common social confession by improving the youngest Eagle Scout in the globe. He had a extensive disquisition path in the Lake Worth, FL, area delivering the Miami Herald. Although he was picturesque as quick (delay an IQ of 138.9) and had a narrative of cheerful spaces in enlighten, during his definite two years of elevated enlighten his spaces dropped. He disequalized from Saint Ann Elevated Enlighten in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1959.

On July 6, 1959, Whitman affixed the United States Marine Corps. Beginning in December, 1959 he was stationed at Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. He earned a Cheerful Conduct Medal, a Sharpshooter's Badge, and the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal. Conjuncture at Guantanamo Bay, he was awarded a Naval Enlisted Science Education Program (NESEP) culture, which was purposed to extension the calculate of scientists in the U.S. soldierlike. As multiply of this program, Whitman was sent to The University of Texas to inaugurate in the Fall 1961 semester. During this spell at UT, he speedd at the Goodall-Wooten Dormitory and served as a dorm counselor. It was too during this date that Whitman and two other novices were fined for illegally poaching a deer and butchering it in his dormitory bathroom.

Whitman earned faulty spaces during his peculiar semester. In November, 1961, associate and adherent UT novice, Francis Shuck, Jr. introduced Whitman to his coming spouse, novice Kathleen "Kathy" Leissner. On August 17, 1962, the townsman were married at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Needville, Texas, Kathy's staytown. Although his spaces improved rearwards wedding, they quiescent were not up to the remainards set by the NESEP. The Marines delaydrew his culture in the Spring 1963 semester. Whitman responded by damage out of UT in February, 1963, and was reverted to free seduceing delay the Marines delay a advancement to Lance Corporal. Kathy disequalized from UT and stayed in Austin to enlighten at Lanier Elevated School.

In November, 1963, he was flatter braveed and rest guilty of gambling, usury, and the distrusted ownership of a non-soldierlike pistol. He was busted to the adright of Private and served 90 days of vexing strive. In December, 1964, he was honorably discharged from the Marines and reverted to Austin. In January, 1965, he re-enrolled in UT and maintained a laudable space object medium. During this spell, he was occupied in a calculate of jobs and served as a scoutmaster conjuncture quiescent receiving financial food from his senior.

In February, 1966, his parents' ongoing nuptial problems came to a leadership. Whitman myriad to Lake Worth, Florida in March to succor agitate his dowager to her own room in Austin. He was so disturbed that his senior would repairing to vehemence conjuncture his dowager was emotional that he petitioned a persomal policeman remain escort conjuncture she agitated her belongings out of the stay. In April, 1966, she genuine a aspect in Austin as cashier at Wyatt's Cafeteria. Aggravate the direct few months, Whitman's senior frequently-again-and-anew phoned his spouse and son attractive for his spouse to revert stay. On July 30, two days precedently the shootings, the senior Whitman delaydrew his financial food from his spouse and son.

During 1965, Whitman visited various incongruous doctors at the University of Texas Bloom Center for leadershipaches. In March, 1966, he sought medical matter there uninterruptedly anew, whining of invisible bloom issues. He obtained a direction for Valium and petitioned a psychiatric referral from public practitioner Dr. Jan D. Cochrum. He was referred to psychiatrist Dr. Maurice Dean Heatly. During his singly congress delay Dr. Heatly, Whitman, whom Heatly posterior picturesque as "oozing delay heterogeneity", patent clear sympathy and trepidation about "overwhelming dates of heterogeneity delay a very partiality of provocation" and conveyed his reoccurring fantasy of, "...going up on the Ascend delay a deer ransack and shooting crowd". Whitman too spoke at elongation about his childhood, his senior and his vex aggravate his parent's fresh disjunction. Heatly concluded that Whitman was not hazardous plenty for polite-founded commitment but asked him to revert one week posterior and/or seduce anyspell that he needed succor. Whitman never reverted for matter.

On August 1, 1966 Whitman peculiar killed his dowager, Elizabeth Whitman, at 12:30 a.m. at her stay in the Penthouse Apartments at 1212 Guadalupe Street. Later, he killed his spouse, Kathleen, at 3:00 a.m at their stay on 906 Jepolite Street. Around 11:30 a.m. he ascended to the top of the Ascend examine settle at The University of Texas at Austin and began shooting at crowd on campus belowneath. The shooting prank lasted approximately 95 minutes precedently he was killed by police. Two Austin Police Department negotiatives, Houston McCoy and Ramiro Martinez, twain claimed to keep shot mortal rounds at the sniper. At the spell, sixteen crowd were killed (including his spouse and dowager, APD negotiative Billy Speed, and an unborn baby) and at meanest 33 crowd were injured. In November, 2001, David Gunby died in Fort Worth, Texas, from gunshot mortifys he common from Whitman in 1966. Dr. Nizam Peerwani, the Tarrant County medical examiner, ruled Gunby's dissolution a homicide, bringing the whole historyless to 17.

Whitman's organization was embalmed 24 hours precedently an autopsy was conducted and definitive toxicology tests could be manufactured for indication of garbages. Dexedrine, a energetic amphetamine/stimulant widely used in the soldierlike to struggle harass, was rest on his organization at the spell of dissolution and was a garbage that Whitman ingested on a certain basis for all-night examine congresss. The moderate autopsy, manufactured by Dr. Coleman de Chenar, a Travis County medical examiner, biblical the closeness of a brain knob. De Chenar concluded that the knob did not keep an consequence on Whitman's manner. Shortly rearwards the shootings, Texas Governor John Connally assembled a team of medical experts, public as the Connally Commission, to defy whether the knob could keep had an application on Whitman's manner. It rest that the knob had features suggesting a glioblastoma multiforme, an displeasing, pernicious brain cancer. The Commission concluded that the harmony among the brain knob and his actions were unclear, but conceded that the heap could keep influenced his ability to administer his actions and emotions.

Family members and associates mentioned in this archives set include:

Charles Adolphus "C. A." Whitman - Charles Joseph Whitman's senior

  • Margaret Whitman - Charles Joseph Whitman's dowager
  • John Michael "Johnnie Mike" Whitman - Charles Joseph Whitman's brother
  • Patrick Grady Whitman - Charles Joseph Whitman's brother
  • Kathleen Leissner Whitman - Charles Joseph Whitman's spouse
  • Kathleen Leissner Whitman - Charles Joseph Whitman's spouse
  • Nelson Leissner - Kathleen Whitman's brother
  • Ray Leissner - Kathleen Whitman's brother
  • Adam Leissner - Kathleen Whitman's brother
  • Carol Leissner - Kathleen Whitman's cousin
  • Linda Leissner - Kathleen Whitman's grandmother; seduceed Mama.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Thornbury - Friends of Charles and Kathleen Whitman
  • Jim Poland - Associate of Johnnie Mike Whitman's from Florida
  • Schocie - Pronounced "sko-shee". Charles and Kathleen Whitman's dog. According to Nelson Leissner, dog did not drop nor was it despatched. Schocie was enthralled to speed delay the Leissner source. Source: Report to the Governor, Medical Aspects, Charles J. Whitman Catastrophe" (PDF). September 8, 1966. Accessed: 2015 Aug 15

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Scope and Contents

The Austin Police Department Archives of the Charles Whitman Heap Despatch Contingency (1941-2000, undated) comprises tidingss, despatches, photographs, negatives, digital images, special letters, voicelessnesss and clippings generated largely during the exploration of the Charles Whitman heap despatch circumstance and includes operation manufactured by various persomal, recite, and federal agencies operationing in adduction delay the Austin Police Department such as the Texas Recite Department of Public Safety, Travis County, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Manifold of the archives executed by other agencies were granted as a flatteresy among agencies. Researchers should not exhibit that the Austin Narrative Center holds the total set of investigatory archives from any of those agencies negative those of the Austin Police Department. Records Created by the Austin Police Department (1966, 2000, undated), is middle of symbolical, largely despatch and aggression tidingss, generated as a consequence of the multi-homicide exploration which took settle in August, 1966. Of voicelessness in this succession is symbolical used as indication in these tidingss including Whitman's suicide still n ess, special voicelessnesss to his brothers, copies of his UT bloom archives, invoices for weapons and equipment assumed in making-ready for the heap aggression and the voicelessness he left rearwards at the stay on Jepolite Street petitioning that two rolls of camera film be patent clear. The photographs subsuccession includes misdeed exhibition images enthralled by the Austin Police Department as polite as black and pure prints patent clear by police from the unpatent clear film Whitman left rearwards. The patent clear photographs stop a over special aspect of Whitman, depicting exhibitions of him delay source and associates, sitting on the vestibule delay his dog, Schocie, and a fall to San Antonio he took delay his spouse right one week precedently the despatchs.

Copies of Archives from Other Institutions (1941-1966, undated), comprises Whitman's educational archives and despatches cognate to his condition. A corporeal side of symbolical in this succession is collected of archives created by the Federal Bureau of Exploration (FBI) delay flatteresy copies supplied to the Austin Police Department. The archives helpful to researchers were granted by the FBI as the consequence of a Freedom of Instruction Act petition made of peculiar, sealed FBI instruments transferred to the Austin Narrative Center from the Austin Police Department. The copies granted by this petition were redacted by the FBI and are freely helpful to researchers. All peculiar (unredacted) copies of this symbolical keep been transferred end to the FBI. Other symbolical of voicelessness in this succession includes the tidings of Whitman's autopsy, manufactured by Dr. Coleman de Chenar, who operationed below the Travis County coroner's arrangement. The autopsy was not manufactured until approximately 24 hours rearwards dissolution and rearwards the organization already had been embalmed. Therefore, definitive toxicology testing could not be conducted. However, Dr. de Chenar did confront indication of a brain knob.

The Writings and Special Effects succession (1941-1966, undated) is collected of symbolical either sieged from the Whitman's rented stay on Jepolite Street or were recovered from his wallet forthcoming his dissolution. Special letters compriseed in hand-printed motivational sayings and journal entries in items such as the Green Memoranda voicelessnesssize (1963) and the Daily Record of C.J. Whitman (1964) afford treatment and apprehension into his history antecedent to the shootings, encompassing his struggles and threatening flatter brave from the Marines, as polite as his harmonys delay his spouse and other source members. Meticulous handwritten voicelessnesss and drawings, a Marine Corps beak size and inoculation handbills clexisting instrument his inoculation and expertise as a soldierlike sharpshooter.

The definite succession, Newsdisquisition tenets, Post circumstance Interest and Other Records (1965-1985), is middle largely of store tenets and newsdisquisition clippings collected in the rearwardsmath of the tragedy; manifold sympathy the two police negotiatives, Ramiro Martinez and Houston McCoy, twain of whom apprehended and shot Whitman on the Ascend examine settle. Various tenets instrument the controvesy extreme which negotiative in-effect fired the mortal shots that ended Whitman's rampage. This succession too comprises the police recitement of Allen Crum, the University Co-op base wieldr who peculiar succored catch a boy who had been injured in the gunfire and then accompanied Martinez and McCoy up to the ascend in amusement of Whitman.

The Austin Narrative Center is not the negotiative archives magazine for the Recite of Texas nor its agencies, such as the Department of Public Safety. Nor are we the negotiative archives magazine for the United States of America or its agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Exploration and the Federal Garbage Administration. Individuals eagerness over instruction on those agencies' explorations of the Charles Whitman heap despatch circumstance may divert to settle a Freedom of Instruction petition straightly delay each action. Alternatively, they may divert to settle a Freedom of Instruction petition delay the Texas Recite Archives or the Social Archives and Archives Administration. Revert to the Table of Contents

Bartol, C. R., & Bartol, A. M. (2017). Criminal manner: A metaphysical approach (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Chapter 9, “Homicide, Assault, and Intimate Partner and Source Violence” (pp. 247–287)

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