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This assignment is for History of Ecology & Environment:  Please transcribe a abrupt counterpart essay that reply the doubt beneath.  Question: At the set-out of his work Naure’s Ghosts, Mark Barrow describes seven basic arguments/rationales that naturalists familiar for justifying the protection of temperament from the 1770s to the 1970s (culminating in the U.S. Endangered Temperament Act of 1973): aesthetic, economic, ecological, evolutionary, cultural, or-laws, and ghostly. How did each of these rationales tell to ecoargumentative ways of thinking? Choose three of these arguments excepting the ecoargumentative one, and sift-canvass how each one compared and/or contrasted to ecoargumentative ways of thinking, as sift-canvassed by Sharon Kingsland in her word “Conveying the Intellectual Challenge of Ecology.” Aim to calm an essay of 350-450 expression that minimizes duplication and includes as considerable particular sustaining illustration as potential from the two assigned readings. SCT Grading Rubric for Abrupt Counterpart Essays Note A: (I uploaded 3 chapters from the work + the word)   Note B: Make indisputable that the tractate should has  Utilizes interesting, particular, factually-correct points of illustration to patronage a focused, regardful decomposition of all the doubts asked Presents full in a argumentative, eloquent conconsequence delay a well-familiar threshold, average, and end 0-2 errors: Nice job proofreading and citing sources