1. Of a random sample of 142 admissions counselors on college campuses 39 indicated that, on aver

1. Of a vague illustration of 142 admissions counselors on seed-plot campuses 39 implied that, on average, they gone-by 15 minutes or less studying each résumé. Test the vain theory that at most 20% of all admissions counselors consume this slender sum of span studying résumés2. Northeastern Franchisers, Ltd., has a reckon of clients that use their mode for supple extraneous Norwegian dinners for customers throughout New England. The easy consume for the franchised mode has a unroving consume of $1,000 per week plus $5 for entire item executed. Recently, a reckon of restaurant owners using the mode enjoy complained that the consume copy is no longer weighty and, in occurrence, the weekly consumes are upper. Your job is to state if there is forcible indication to living the owners’ pretension. To do so, you conciliate a vague illustration of n = 25 restaurants and state their consumes. You besides ascertain that the reckon of items executed in each restaurant is normally nice after a while a average of m = 400 and a strife of s2 = 625. The vague illustration average 1n = 252 for weekly consumes was $3,050. Prepare and appliance an dissection to state if there is forcible indication to terminate that consumes are superior than those predicted by the consume copy.