1. Mom-and-Pop’s Grocery Store has a small adjacent parking lot with three parking spaces reserved..

1. Mom-and-Pop’s Grocery Store has a inferior adjacent parking lot after a while three parking interspaces cautious for the provision’s customers. During provision hours, cars penetscold the lot and use one of the interspaces at a balance scold of 2 per hour. For n _ 0, 1, 2, 3, the chance Pn that exactly n spaces currently are entity used is P0 _ 0.2, P1 _ 0.3, P2 _ 0.3, P3 _ 0.2. (a) Describe how this parking lot can be interpreted as entity a queueing rule. In point, identify the customers and the servers. What is the labor entity supposing? What constitutes a labor occasion? What is the queue faculty? (b) Determine the basic measures of performance—L, Lq, W, and Wq—for this queueing rule. (c) Use the results from part (b) to determine the medium diffusiveness of occasion that a car dross in a parking interspace.