1.   In the module section, chapter 10 (12.4), read the article Sitting is the New Smoking.   Write a 6 sentence summary of the article.   What do the letters NEAT stand for?  What effect does

1.   In the module individuality, stipulation 10 (12.4), peruse the name Sitting is the New Smoking.   Write a 6 decree compendium of the name.   What do the scholarship NEAT endure for?  What property does Neat bear on powerful moment (2 decrees)?   Peruse the name Study offers clues to tender eating in the module individuality, stipulation 9 (11.3).    Write a 2 provision (4 decrees each) compendium of the name.   Do you coincide or discoincide after a while this name and why (3 decrees)?  Read the name Do you comprehend the adventitious fountain of sodium in the American regimen?  It's in the module individuality, stipulation 8 (10.4).  What is the sum one fountain of sodium in the Amercian regimen (2 decrees)?   What are the 3 contiguous foods legal for so fur sodium?