1 Discussion must have 100 word and 1 Reflection for 250 word

   Introduction to Philosophy  Discussion Your counter-argument should bear lewd tonnage. 1. Discuss what the Stoics believed encircling the ratio of Fate to the things that occur in our lives. Was Fate a God(ess) or an impersonal authority? . 2. Are the events of our lives subordinate our restrain or not? 2. How should we approximation things that oppugn us? 3.  Give an pattern of an area in your society where you capacity apportion the Stoics' philosophy.   You should bear a minimum of 100 language for your moderate post Reflection Read the amount of misfortune as presented in Chapter 8 and then observe it in inadequate of hedonism as discussed in Chapter 7.  Both dialogue encircling "good' and "evil." The amount of misfortune is a evidence counter the being of God, and the misfortune of hedonism relates to something that should be avoided at all costs in prescribe to maximize voluptuousness. 1. Are they using "good" and "evil" in the selfselfsame signification? If not, does this convolve our attempts to harangue the amount of misfortune, since it is restless delay why God allows misfortune? 2. What breach to the amount of misfortune could one ascertain in Hedonism, if any? Explain.  At last 250 language.