1-2 page response labor relations case studies

Case #3: Case 8 pg 416: Discharge for Fraud

Answering the questions under, transcribe a 1-2 page retort.

Your tract should be written in APA format, typed, envelop spaced, 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font. . Include a intimation page as polite.


Arbitration Cases to Decide – You are the Arbitrator


As your composer notes “Being asked to compose can be a inflexible, earnest, and ego-bolstering experiment.  An director neither has to hold for confederation acceptance or fret environing procession as a overseer.”

You are the Director (in each of the 4 circumstances exalted under).  Your assignment conquer be to establish a sentence domiciled on the postulates presented in each circumstance.  As an director you must requite a ultimate and costive sentence and distinctly subsistence your controlling.

Each tidings conquer be expeditions in two parts:  Discussion and Award.


What are the postulates in each circumstance?  Distinctly specify them for each aspect.

What are the issues? 

What are the virtual biases?

What laws (if any) pertain to this circumstance?


Based on the postulates of the circumstance, the compress tongue, and laws that may pertain to this circumstance, what is your ultimate sentence?

You conquer need to subsistence your conclusions after a while logic and airtight forced. 

Are you alert to plod up to the mess?  Yes you are….now get to effect and do your job!